Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twenty Ten

A month later he emerges. the year is almost to a close.
Thanksgiving came and went gifting himself with a nice lcd flat screen.
Something for the girl friend and him to enjoy watching on evenings
to cold to go out. Christmas flew up and contributed to the final farewell
to the year two thousand nine. That's right, it's that time.
Good bye Spring of two thousand and nine, goodbye.
Farewell Summer of Two thousand and nine, Adios.
A final wave to Autumn of Two thousand and nine, we're fine.
Now it's time for Twenty Ten with a big ass welcoming party when,
the ball drops on the needles. couples spark between lips as they
squeeze together between their hips. Sparkling champagne corks
fly high and everybody says goodbye to two thousand nine.
Two thousand ten, hi. welcome... & Happy New Year to all.
Cars aren't flying like the movies of the future. We dreamed big,
didn't we? And still we buy cars that roll on roads painted with
the blood of the Earth. Thank God for Mother Earth. We got a new
president and yes, He's black :) and one who got hit in the head in Italy.
We had summits for global awareness and attempt to roll back
carbon emissions... quite a mission but not quite done. Still marching
through the recession. Yup, that's still not quite done. No fun.
Now with twenty ten... we've got problems for sure but we're not
pressed and weary for we've got the world to defend. Children of
the Earth... rise up my friends. Let's take back what's ours in Twenty Ten!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kids ask the funnies things...

I have a student in the afternoon that asks me the funniest questions. For a month now he's been asking me every Monday if I'm married yet. It turns out that he thought that someday was Sunday.
The other day he surprised me with a new question.
"Teacher, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To cheery for the swine

Okay, I messed up and should have kept my joy hidden beneath my grin. I just couldn't help it. One entire class cancelled because the parents are taking precautions for the swine flu. I couldn't help but shout out in joy, Horay! Yahoo!
It isn't that I don't care for their health. It's just nice to not have to work straight through the day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Five Days Sober & a Halloween Party

From Monday to Friday I stayed sober. I craved a drink mid week but kept to my goal of not drinking for the week. I knew it would be difficult to get through Halloween weekend without drinking. To tell you the truth, going out for the night without drinking is something I'm not use to. It shouldn't be but it is, boring.
I ended up drinking Friday night with some friends visiting from Seattle. It was nice to see some friendly faces from back home.
When we're back home we really don't seek each other out but having our parents connected to a Korean Community back in the states gives us some milieu to build upon. And so it was or is that when our paths cross in Korea we find reason to cross the bridge that draws us to a night of camaraderie and mayhem. Okay, not so much mayhem but definitely some good times to look back on.
The truth of the matter is that I'm tired of drinking and the drinking culture of Korea. A few drinks would normally be okay. Living here for the few years that I've been here now, it isn't always a few drinks. It's drink till you get blasted and in the end, even when you don't intend it you find yourself the next day trying to recollect the hazy night previous.
I was getting depressed with the direction my life was heading. I want more out of this life. I want hobbies and social interactions that are beyond the social drinking that occurs in Korea. I want more out of this life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu in Korea

It finally effected me personally. Our school has closed the doors for 7 days. A mid Autumn vacation of some sorts. Will be back to work on Wednesday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meaning of Dreams

In my dream my dead wife comes to see me (no, I have never been married). In the dream however, my dead wife comes to see me. I'm hugging her and crying uncontrollibly. She asks me to open my eyes, to look at her. I'm still crying. She asks me to open my eyes.

In my dream I say, "I can't... I'm dreaming".

Any idea's what this could mean? I've had this same or similar dream multiple times.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rent (musical) playing in Korea

The other day a few of us went to watch Rent, the musical. It was great. They are presently doing a world tour and will be playing in Korea till the 20th of September. Yes, --->Rent<--- is playing in Korea! Where you may be asking incase you are visiting Korea or thinking about attending the show as a person presently residing in Korea.

The place is KBS Performing Hall <------ click for a picture of a map. It's back on that island called Yeouido which I may have mentioned in a previous blog.

Rent is a very heart felt story about a few friends who are bonded together through unusual circumstances to form a psuedo-post family.

I enjoyed it and feel a little bit more cultured.

My friend told me that when he was younger his mother use to sneak him in to opera's and musicals during intermissions. It was mothers way of bringing culture into his life. What a sweet mom.

Growing up, I never imagined or fanthomed the idea of going, let alone enjoying a musical. It's my second musical and I'm planning on watching more.

While we were in Yeouido we went to the National Assembly Building. There were a few gaurds at the gate. We were late to enter and walk around. I asked the guard; Does Tae Kwon V really exist under the green dome?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Bottle of Wine and Yeah, I'm From America

This past Sunday I was invited to a baby's first birthday. It was my friends nephew's birthday party. It was nicely laid out with steak and my favorite, salmon. I was nursing a slight hangover from the night previous. It all began along the river walk.

There's a nice river walk called Cheong-gye-chon. In the past it was a road or something but during a previous presidents reign it was changed into what it today.

On Saturday the buddies and I met out that way before the big game. What big game you might be asking. The soccer match between South Korea vs. Australia.

Although we were all in the Cheong-gye-chun area we all ate in different locations due to different proximity to the river walk. We all agreed to meet at the World Cup Stadium.

Korea won 3 to 1. Yeah and yay!

Following the game a few of us headed out to Itaewon the central place for foreigners and expats to hang out. It's where the expats congregate and live.

In Itaewon we first stopped by a bar that was having a wet t-shirt contest. The first I've seen in Korea. The place was mostly filled with U.S. military personnel. Not that it was good or bad just stating the facts. The birthday girl won the contest.

We then floated over to a club called the Hive. It was fun. Needless to say, Saturday was long and filled with much to do in Seoul.

This all proceeded the birthday party.

The best thing about the birthday party was that I won a bottle of wine. They began playing games and trivia to keep the attendee's entertained. The one question that gave me the winning bottle was about the distance of the attendee's who came to the birthday party. Nobody came from as far as I did. Happy Birthday September  babies.

Yeah, I'm from America!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Weekend and Beyond

The last time we left off it was the night of Friday and the beginning of the weekend. Friday was great. Washington didn't quite work out and fell through into the abyss. No worries, the birthday party turned into a great night of dancing before I took off in a taxi. It was back to the house/apartment.

Saturday was spent waiting for the cable installation guy. It didn't take too long. In between Friday and the cable guy is a story all in itself. I'll call it "Awkward Moment, Lady Friend Meets Relatives". Moving on towards beyond...

I took off to Garden 5 in Jangji-Dong which is a neighborhood in Songpa-District.<---Click there--? It's a great part of Seoul. There's the big Lotte World Amusement Park and a big man made lake surrounding it. People say it's a great place to raise kids. I couldn't disagree. There are less places to drink and party in Sonpa-District than there are in other districts of Seoul. I digress...

The lady friend and I were planning on watching a movie at Garden 5. I couldn't find much information online concerning Garden 5 but I can say this... The Garden 5 has the largest roof top garden in Korea. While writing this a friend glanced over and noticed Garden 5 and dropped a bunch of conspiracy about the government concerning Garden 5.

Turns out the time of the movie didn't match our schedule. We decided to walk to a restuarant and eat. It was a nice 20 minute walk. When we finally reached our destination we were overjoyed. We began to smile and cheer right before I screamed. She was confused and looked down at what I was screaming at...

A dead rat.

Moving on... to beyond. Sunday was filled with getting the last of my stuff from my previous residence in Hyehwa-dong. Followed by a movie at COEX. A great fun filled weekend and then back to work... to beyong!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, Birthday and Washington

The title is a shorten version of the origional. Mainly because it got way to long. It's Friday, A Friends' Birthday and Visitors From Washington in Town. Like I said, it's way too long for a title unless I was making a long winded statement.

I've been sticking with the three pronged title. It just seems to work for me.

Today is Friday. That's got to be good news in the big picture of a work week. The week is done and the evening is about to begin.

It's also my friends birthday. He's planning on going to the gym where he does a form of martial arts. Before I meet up with him the plan is to run down to my previous home in Jongro-gu. I've had the opportunity to move out and have been given a place of residence rent free. Usually, English teachers recieve this benefit for entering into a foreign country to teach. Korea is really good to it's teachers. Sure, there are horror stories but for the most part... I digress.

While at home I want to shave. I've got my basic living utilities back there in Jongno-gu. My beard is getting too long. I want to get some underwear that isn't so tight on my waist (yeah, I've been putting on some weight). I've also got to pack up some of the things that still remain at my old flat. If possible get everything out by this weekend and leave the key with my flat mate. She's great by the way and I will definitely miss having such a great room mate like her.

Upon getting that shit taken care of I'll be shooting off to meet some folks I know from Washington. They have been in Korea for a few months down in Busan to teach English. They have just arrived in Seoul and are heading out to visit extended family. I will meet them and take them on a wild night of Seoul weekend living. Part of that journey will lead us to meet up with my friend who's birthday party begins about 9:00 P.M.

It get's crazy in Seoul and you've got to love it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salutations, Time and Work

The one thing that has significantly changed since being employed again is time. There isn't ever enough of it. Between work itself and the sleep needed to attend work the following day we [I] find myself with about 7 hours to spare. There's no science to it, it's flexible and it can get wild when that time needed for rest is disturbed for long periods of time... It's always best to keep a healthy sleep schedule. This will be my goal for the month.

It has also affected how I blog. As could be expected, I really enjoyed the time off from working and all the posts that inspired me to delve more into my surroundings to share those experiences with you colorful images. You are all so intertwined into this portal of the multi-web. 

I love it all. Mainly, this post is to thank you all. You are the color on this grey image.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Korea, Work and My Wonderful Mom

Just when things were beginning to look grim and the humor mustered up was about rumors. At the opportune moment I made my jump from out of depression. It was like being on the verge of depression. Twenty days of looking and rejecting positions fineally led me to my previous employer. They were in an extremely difficult situation.

It wouldn't be proper to discuss it here but to give a general outlook. The new guy they hired to replace the guy who left earlier this week... got canned in two days. He turned out to be unacceptable to the school standards.

They needed somebody quick. I happen to be working a sub teaching position at the school for a week. Another co-worker/friend was back in Canada attending a sister's wedding.

It's a short term contract ending in February. Perfect!

The best part of this week. My mom.

When I was at the point of falling into a spiral of depression she called. She said, "things will be okay" (In Korean, because my mommy still speaks to me in Korean). "I will pray for you".

I love my mom.

For your entertainment. Korean music videos

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rumors about Korea

I've heard some pretty good rumors in Korea. The most common of them being the ever looming war to the North. Most of us living here in Seoul have gotten use to the threats and live life without any visible concern. In the back of our minds, somewhere hidden is the hope that it would never become actualized. Just the other day, as I lay in bed there were drills being performed. There were big sirens that sound and I suppose that's a pre-warning of a strike from the North.

As I lay in bed my hope was simple. This is a drill, not real... I'm still dizzy from last night's drinking. I'm not ready to flee, yet. A few more hours of bed, please.
Turns out it was only a drill. Thank goodness.

I've even heard some funny rumors about random things while here. Here's a list to give you an idea.

1. Kimchi (spicy, fermented cabbage) is a disinfectant.
2. Mutated fish live in the Han River.
3. Korean men blow dry their pubic hair
4. Korean woman are known to blow dry their pubic hair also.
5. Sexually transmitted diseases don't exist in Korea
6. Superman dreams about Chuck Norris
7. There are 10,000 North Korean spies in Seoul and surrounding area.
8. The Korean Marine Corp is the deadliest fighting unit in Asia.
9. In some places of Korea you have to squat to take a shit [very uncomfortable by the way].
10. The rumor about the National Assembly Building...

Yes, The rumor of the National Assembly Building. What is the rumor, you might be asking right about this time... or what is the National Assembly Building. Here's a quick description of the building on wiki  ---> National Assembly Building <---

It's a building with this huge green dome on the top of it. It looks like something from Washington D.C. but not white, it's green. The rumor states that when Korea is in dire need. That if North Korea did actually attack South Korea... drum roll...

The dome of the building will open up as Robot Taekwon V comes out with an army of replica's. This is a picture of what Robot Taekwon V looks like. 

Click here for snapshots.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tattoo's in Korea, Yeouido and The Han River

Yesterday, my buddy and I went to a swimming pool along the Han River in Yeouido. I love swimming in Korea for many reasons. Let's make a list for the fun of it.

1. It's much cooler in the water when the weather is 32 C.
2. Reason #1 is a good enough reason in itself.
3. The women look beautiful.
4. I love seeing bikini's and high heels together.
5. It's a great place to meet people
6. It's relaxing
7. It's exercise
8. Shit, what else is there to do on a hot sunny Sunday?
9. Choice between air conditioned building or swimming pool with half naked woman.
10. woman

Seriously, though... let me tell you about the Han River. The Han River a major river in South Korea that runs west through the center of Seoul. It divides Seoul into North of the River and South of the River. Some parts of the river is over 1 kilometer wide. That's one wide ass river and along the river are many, many, many beautiful bridges. Which could be an interesting project once I get my camera in action. Pictures of bridges expanding the Han River.

Yeouido on the other hand is an island developed more recently by the Korean Government and business investment sector. Prior to the Japanese occupation during the Josen/Chosen dynasty it was a small grass land that barely survived any flooding of the Han River. It literally means "you can have it". That's pretty funny considering it's now a major sector of Seoul and Korea. For your convenience I've linked to wiki.

The main reason for posting today, tattoo's. Korea in the past has shunned tattoo's. They were mainly considered gang affiliations and most people with tattoo's in the past were Korean or Japanese gangsters. I'm not sure if that's the case anymore. There are so many Korean's with tattoo's now. Mainly, the  younger generation and not just little tattoo's but sleeves and back tattoo's of dragons and monsters you'd find on buddhist temples.

It's more strange if you hear the laws concerning tattoo's. They are illegal in Korea. It is illegal for a person to be a tattoo artist. I guess that's relative. What I mean is that it is illegal to give tattoo's in Korea. Where the hell are these people getting their tattoo's? I can tell you. I've gotten a few tattoo's in Korea. They are these hidden dens where these talented artists gather to give tattoo's. Which brings me to my question for the audience of 'grey images'.

What sort of tattoo or tattoo's do you have? If you don't have one and don't want one then what sort of tattoo would you get if you were to get one?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Short Film: The Fix (aka The Rat)

I found this really neat little film on the multi-web. You have to check out this team of film makers. Let me warn you in advance, It's a thriller. Also, when described as short it's literaly approximately six minutes. Enjoy! ---> Short Film: The Fix <---

On other fronts. If you could pick a song to describe how you feel today/this week what would be that song?

Today is a Good Day by Ice Cube

Friday, August 14, 2009

Korea's "Restoration of Light" 광복절

There are 13 public holidays in Korea. August 15th is one of those days. It is Gwangbokjeol which is equivalent to Liberation Day. Japan occupied Korea as part of the Japanese imperial expansion from 1910 - 1945 ending with Japan's surrender to the U.N. Forces in World War II. For 35 years Korea was a territorial expansion of Japan. In Korea the time is remembered as a period of forced occupation. That day is August 15 1945, the day Korea was liberated from the oppressive rule of Japan. Three years later on the same day the Republic of Korea was established. Gwangbok literally means the Restoration of Light.

For more information check out and look it up. That's what I did.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Activity, North Korean Pictures & Language study

Grey Images has been getting a lot of activity this month. It's exciting for me to receive emails expressing fondness to the blog for all that it explores as an expat living in Korea. I have especially been excited about elaborating on more of life in Korea and the idea's have come in waves.

Through the sudden influx of traffic I've discovered other blogs of expats living in Korea and Japan. It's kept me busy cruising the multi-web discovering new insights into the massive qualities of life in Korea and the continent of Asia.

While on one of these web cruising expeditions I came across a collection of well taken photo's of the hermit country of North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea). I've posted a link for your pleasure. ----> Pictures of North Korea <----

Grey Images also would like to thank an affiliate, Korean Class 101.
If you are interested in learning a foreign language and you are particularly caught up in the Korean wave of drama's and t.v. shows, Korean could be the language for you.

What are you waiting for. Check out those pictures.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job Search Frustration (singular)

I try to put in a few hours of job searching every day. Well, most of the weekdays minus Friday because honestly who wants to work/search for a job on Friday. I've had some good responses and had a few positions offered. I'm a little picky though, now that I've been here in Korea for a few years. I can be a little bit more selective about the positions I look into and accept.

Things aren't urgent but having a steady job is also comforting in it's own way. It solidifies my time and days with a proper balance of activities beyond the lounging and hanging out with friends.

Yesterday I sent my CV (resume) to a recruiter who was seeking a teacher for a English Business camp for construction and project managers who will be working out side of Korea. The purpose of the camp was to teach these business employee's how to communicate in English with other foreign nationals in other parts of the world. Sounds like a good gig and it would be good for the resume. Taught a camp for business employees. Right, definitely would look good.

Moving along, this morning I was awakened by a call from the recruiter for the position mentioned above. She was nice. Her name is Salsa (to protect her identity, blah). We did the usual greet and get to the point. She asked if I was available for a meeting today specifically this afternoon. I asked if we can meet tomorrow due to some previously made plans. I explained my plans to her.

Previously made plans:
I have a really close friend who lives in Washington State, specifically Seattle. He use to live in Tacoma where I am originally from. My friend you see is a pastor and has been on an evangelical mission trip to Thailand. Cool place to go to. Anyway, on his way back to the states his flight stops in Korea. He asked me to meet him today. I cleared my schedule to spend some time with an old close friend. It's not like he's in town very often.

I maneuvered my schedule and agreed to meet Salsa's job opportunity. She said it was urgent that I come to the interview today. My friend Pastor Evan(gelical) was understanding and we rescheduled our plans to tomorrow so that the job opportunity can pan out.

Things are looking great. I shave, shower, and the S and begin to put on some proper attire. Even pulled out a nice tie to match the shirt.

At 1:30P.M. Korea time she calls.

Salsa: Hello B*******
Grey: This is Grey.
Salsa: I'm sorry, but the position has been filled.
Grey: Okay.... (pause) well thank you for trying anyway.
Salsa: (begins to say something).
Grey: Click (hangs up phone).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Camera & Pictures

The area of Seoul that I live in now is called Jongro-gu (Jongro-District). It's known for the many historical buildings in the area. This past winter I lost my camera and haven't purchased a new one yet. Purchasing a camera will be put on hold until a can secure a job but be patient. I hope to have some pictures up soon. However, since I don't hava a camera to take any pictures I used google image to bring you a little of what's around me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Korea, I Love You!

My first week back has been great. Sure, there were some jet lag issues. I don't have a job, yet. It's really, really, super hot. Parts of the city smell like open sewers. The air is smoggy. The traffic is ridiculous. You can't drink water from the tap. You can't find a good micro brew like Fat Tire or Alaskan Amber. My car is back in Washington. There's a looming war just to the North.

Despite all this... It's great to be back!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

F-4 Visa or U.S. passport

Apparently, in Korea the governement considers me a Korean with a foreign passport. This could all be salami for all I know but... somewhere on the great multi-web it stated that an F-4 visa holder as somebody who is Korean with a foreign passport. This is really funny and strange to me considering the fact that I'm born and have been raised most of my life in America. Hell, I don't even look Korean, possibly asian sure but this boils down to something fundementally different about how Korean people consider nationality. They trace your blood line.

Let me explain. Although I am American born as is my father and his father (my grandfather), my mother is originally from Korea. In Korea, there is a national family tree center or something of that sort that keeps track of family ancestry. All Koreans can trace their family tree's back hundreds of years. (I know, crazy eh... and no I'm not Canadian).

This is quite different in North America atleast in the United States. If your born here on American soil, as we say... then you are American. You can be visiting the United States from some random island in the Indian Ocean... like Maldives and have a child on United States soil and your child is now American... or specifically a citizen of the United States of America.

As an American living in Korea I've always considered myself a foreigner living in Korea. Today, I read that according to my visa status. I am Korean with a foreign passport.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Notes From Asiana Flight G17

People don't smile in the airport.

Record breaking heat in Washington. Seriously, 107 Degrees F.

No Seattle Sounders FC gifts at Seatac Airport.

Can you believe what's happening in Iran?

The Korean Government is considering the implementation of Day Light Savings possibly as soon as next year. I wonder how many countries do not participate in Day Light Savings?

Race to some magical mountain with the Rock. You ever want to be in a high speed chase?

Asiana airlines is awesome!!!

Watched Eureka on the Macbook while in flight. The deputy lady is cute.

I should also mention the seat next to me is occupied by a cutie.

It's strange hearing everybody speaking Korean.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Losing a Day

When I flew from Korea to the States I saved a day. I traveled for 9 hours on a Wednesday, June 10th at 7P.M. When I arrived in the states it was Wednesday, June 10th, 12:30P.M.

This time around I'll be losing a day.

I'll be leaving Thursday the 30th and when I arrive in Korea it will be Friday evening. One last night in the States. I'll miss you America. Keep my family and friends safe. I'll be back again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Korea: Heading Home

It's that time again. I'm heading back home. What's strange about heading home is that Korea has now become home. I caught myself several times in conversation referencing Korea as home.

It's been a good trip. Too short in some ways but not soon enough to get back to work. It's difficult to spend money when you know there's a limited supply on the budget. When that amount dips close to your reserves it's time to start stacking the cheddar.

I've got a room in an apartment worked out through a website called I'll have to take some pictures and show you what sort of living arrangements I'll be in. In previous years the school or academy that employed me took care of living arrangements. I've opted to find my own living quarters and from that location find a job.

I'll be living in Itaewon neighborhood which is in a central location in Seoul. It is very foreigner friendly and inhabited by many expats from many different countries.

Being back in the states has been great. There will be a few things that I'll miss. Those things are worth the trade of living abroad in a different country. So, begins my journey back home with my flight departure on Thursday the 30th of July.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Lucky and the Police

The other day I was driving along the water front in Tacoma, Ruston Way. As I was coming onto Ruston Way at 46 miles an hour a cop was posted up in one of the parking lots watching traffic. I was going 16 miles way too fast over the speed limit. The motorcycle cop merged into the lane of cars and began to maneuver his vehicle behind me. I looked into my rearview mirror at the cop with inquiry... "are you pulling me over?" I pulled over.

The cop asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. I looked at him with a facial expression that hopefully said... "are you serious?"


He then asked for my drivers license. I pulled the license out of my wallet and handed it to the police officer. The cop then walked back to his motorcycle before returning to the driver's side window of the car.

"Keep your speed down," he said, handing me my drivers license. "Do you have insurance"?

"Actually sir... I just got back into town from Korea and I haven't had a chance to get that, yet. I just got my tabs but haven't had the time to take care of everything".

I don't know if the cop wasn't listening to what I said or just was in a good mood. Maybe he thought that I was harmless and he actually believed everything I said... which was the truth. 
Whatever the reason... his response, "Drive Safetly".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drive All Day

The entire day was spent driving. It's been over a year since I've driven a car. I spent the day getting my emissions test and getting my car registered with the State of Washington. They gave me new plates. I'm road legal now. That was Monday... Today has just begun.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taste of Tacoma

After a Friday night in Seattle dancing and drinking I'm awakened with the beautiful sun in Tacoma. People are saying it's hot today... but compared to Korea and even my short stay in Texas earlier this month, this isn't hot. This weather is beautiful and relaxing.
This afternoon, I'll be heading out to Point Defiance Park for the annual Taste of Tacoma.

Just for fun. A top ten count. This one will be of the top 10 countries to visit Grey Images.

10.  France: Six visits
9. Singapore: Seven visits
8. Ireland: Seven visits
7. India: 15 visits
6. Germany: 17 visits
5. United Kingdom: 19 visits
4. Canada: 39 visits
3. Australia: 70 visits
2. South Korea: 266 visits

and the top visiting country to "grey images"... wait for it,

1. The United States: 372 visits

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead

Less than an hour ago Michael Jackson was pronounced dead. In memory of him and his impact on the world of music and entertainment I dedicate this post to him.
In Memory of Michael Jackson.

What Michael Jackson song are you listening to today?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My father is originally from Texas. There are a lot of historical events in my short life that is directly/indirectly tied to the state of Texas. The historical ties makes Texas a significant place in my heart. A little part of home.

Texans would consider themselves a Texan first before they refer to themselves as American... or of being a citizen of the United States. A country in and of itself in the minds and hearts of those who were born, live and grew up in the state of Texas. Being and living in the state of Texas is like living in a parallel state of mind un-marginalized in the borders of the massive state lines. Texas, the lone star state.

I spent the past 11 days in Texas sleeping and catching up with extended family from my fathers' side of the tree [family tree].

It was nice to get away from the fast paced life in Seoul and relax in the small town of Willis, Texas North of Houston. The fresh air with vibrant blue skies radiated into my body and seemed to send the dark into retreat. Ten days of no obligation to wake up and work has refreshed my imagination and desire to do something creative in life.

Friday, June 12, 2009

In Washington for Two Days

Yesterday, a strange re-emergence back into American culture. Surrounded with an immense disproportion of space. From a concrete jungle to a sprawled out community surrounded with forests and blue skies.

It's Washington Summer. Life while on vacation is great. It's good to be home.

In conversation with my friends I keep referring to Korea as home. Usually, the place you live the longest is home. In some ways yes, Korea is my home. In another sense or another paradigm it's where I live. It's where I make my living.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

swine flu in Korea

Here's a link for those who have read about the swine flu in Korea. Apparently, they have been a few infected English teachers and this is their story on blog.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's 2009. About 20 years ago the future seemed so promising. I'd sit back in my desk in class staring out the window day dreaming about the future. What would the world look like in 20 years? I imagined cars flying through the air. That's about the highlight if anything. It was the key factor of the worlds progress... flying cars. I'd never imagine 2009 as being a vehicular similar world as those days of daydreaming in 1989.
Somethings haven't changed at all. They remain the same.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cold Showers

A week ago there was a bill taped to the door of my flat. Apparently, I hadn't paid my electricity bill in 4 months. You wouldn't believe how much 4 months of unpaid electricity is worth. Even if I told you it would sound like a joke. Seriously, Do you want to know?
The 4 months of unpaid electricity equated less than 50 Dollars. Yes. No joke people. It's hard for myself to believe it also.
I ran off to the bank and did a wire transfer to pay for the electric bill. At least thats what I thought happened when the button was pushed to send the funds. It turns out that the transfer is rejected if it isn't pain in exact. I decided to round up. Basically, the electric bill wasn't paid even though I thought it was paid.
Yesterday, I came home to a dark and quite flat. It was quiet and I was drunk. I took a quick cold... really cold shower and was in bed.
In the morning it's common ritual for me to shower before going to work. I dreaded the idea of a cold shower. It awakens you... or it awoke me before I even knew that drowsiness was still in effect.
Lesson: Pay the electric bill before you lose the electricity.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Home

Easter Sunday has come and gone and Spring is officially here in South Korea. It's warmer than some parts of the United States mainly Washington State & Alaska. I love Spring with life re-inserting itself on the Earth. I love the life it awakens in humanity. We swarm to parks and places we normally stray away from during the colder months. The warmth brings out the adventure in our souls. I feel awakened from my winters slumber.
This feeling of morning sun shining on me for the day to come prefaces my journey home in June. There is just a little over 7 weeks left before my contract with the Kindergarten is complete. It's exciting to accomplish another year of teaching. The bonus pay for completing the contract is also a great incentive to complete what I began 10 months earlier.
I've had my struggles working with my present employer. It isn't always easy for westerners to work in a Eastern cultural work environment. The lasting impression that I did leave is the children are important to me. This is probably not the reasons for their request for me to return but must have something to add to whatever problems the kindergarten faces at the moment.
Not to get to much into details about the Kindergarten's difficulty with hiring a replacement teacher, I will keep it simple. The present economic state of the world does not allow the present pay scale offered in Korea to be worth the hardships of work and transition unless... that is your goal and purpose in life. Travel and cultural experience is always a great reason for teaching in a foreign country.
The past 10 months have been an interesting experience for me. I haven't taught children this young before. It opened my world to a whole new experience. Kindergarten students are like the Muppet Babies. They literally live in a miniature world imagined right before their eyes. Your voice is sometimes a voice of a world entering their created world. It's exciting and fun with a little bit of adventure always around the bend.
The end of Spring will bring one chapter of life to an end. With the beginning of Summer so too a new chapter in the life of... B. Luis Grey. Until then the story builds up for what can be the perfect cliff hanger for a chapter to end.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Went on a 25 Kilometer bike ride along the Han River in Seoul. Crossed two major bridges on bike. Went to the Korean National Assembly [government building] and headed home back along the river.

My arse hurts from sitting on a bike seat all day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life is Short

This Friday I learned that an anquentance of mine from the 1950's Western Bar passed from this life and is no longer with us. Motorcycle accident Monday night.

A moment of silence.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Headed Retaliation

Things that irk you have a way of getting under your skin. Normally, the wise thing to do would be, let it roll off the back like a drop of water on the feathers of a mallard. It would be like stones thrown in the face of the agitator to act as if it really doesn't matter.

No, no, no, I have to buck the system just to show how agitating the situation makes me feel. I can't lay down and let what seems insensitive, in my eyes, go over without response.

At our kindergarten we are lucky enough to have two computers available in the teachers office. This allows us to get our work done without having teachers investing into a computer for work. It would be ideal for each teacher to get a computer/laptop provided by the school. However, the present situation doesn't allow for us to have personal computers for each teacher. This scenario leads to nine teachers sharing two computers.

The teachers in the office are nice and we all try to get along by sharing the time we have on the computers.

As an expat living in Korea we find that the best time to keep in contact with our families and friends back in North America happens to be the time we are in the office. When my office hours are done it's 1:00 A.M. back home in Washington.

When I'm on the computer... Facebook is surely to be opened and interacted with. Not necessarily Facebook itself but my friends and family back in North America and the world.

Now that the background has been laid... let me tell you the story that irks.

The teachers office is on the third floor. On the second floor is a set of two more computers on the front counter. The front counter also happens to have the newest and best operating computer in the building. It doesn't get used often because the owner of the kindergarten likes to sit in front of it using her Netbook. A Netbook is a small personal computer without a disk drive and used for special purposes much like a laptop but much smaller.

I use this super computer downstairs on the second floor as often as I can. It isn't being used by teachers working on school projects and it's fast. Why, the best computer is being used for nothing on the second floor is a question that begs to be answered in the first place. Getting past this complaint... I make use of it. I write any curriculum that needs to be written on it. I write worksheets on it. I make monthly schedules on it. I also do Facebook on it & on some occasions when the time allows a blog post or two.

Earlier in the week the director of the school asked me to not use the computer downstairs for Facebook or any personal use. I didn't like what she was telling me. That day I spent over an hour on Facebook after she asked me to not use the super computer for personal use. Bucking the system.

Today, I had a few minutes to sit down with the director concerning some random topics while the kids looked for books in our make shift library.

The director brought up the issue of the computer again. I gave a spew of reasons for what Facebook is and why it's used. It isn't like the only person using Facebook in our office is me. The biggest complaint being that it looked unprofessional at the front desk. The director then told me that it was the owners wife who sits in front of the computer complained about time being wasted. At least that's the way I interpreted the complaint.

Now, with all the background laid with all the frustration that it may create the complaint of me using the precious super computer for personal use seems superficial. The person complaining is the same person using a Netbook to serf the web and do her personal computer activities.

My reaction today: 4 Gig USB Drive...
I take my USB Drive and get all my files from the super computer. I say buy to the front desk secretary and tell her I won't be able to flirt with her any more. The director walks over to me who was standing near.

"I will never use this computer again."

I then walk upstairs with all my files.

My plan is to use my Macbook from now on. If I can't use the super computer for personal use and the computers in the teachers office are occupied then they can't tell me what to do on my own computer. I can sit on Facebook all day whenever I'm at my desk.

Grey bucking the system.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

North Korean Scare Tactics

About this time of year, every year, the North Korean Government initiates threats to the world and South Korea concerning their stance on war. They reiterate their military preparedness for war.

This time of year, every year for the past several years the R.O.K. [Republic of Korea/South Korea] Armed Forces and the U.S. Armed Forces come together for a joint operation. The purpose of the joint operation is the prepare for a possible war scenario and or to stay prepared for such an incident.

My friends back home have been leaving some interesting comments on my Facebook social network concerning possible war. Just today, my friend from Washington State wondered why I love South Korea in response to my status update [Loves Korea]. Here in Seoul, a hour away from the DMZ [demilitarized zone] life moves on as if the threat did not exist. Seoul, has lived with the threat of the North and the Pyong-yang government for half a century.

For all you lovely readers who may wonder about the peninsula of Korea. Be rest assured, until there are bullets flying in the streets of Seoul, only threats from a desperate and isolated government.

Monday, March 9, 2009


The other day, not to long into the previous week, I discovered Skype. It's an amazing tool that allows members to send messages. That's only the beginning. Skype also allows you to video conference with other members.

MSN Messenger is also capable of such things. The draw back about MSN is that it does not offer video conferencing for Mac users.

In the past, video conferencing has not been a priority. Mainly my lack of personal experience with web cams and video conferencing. This has all changed with the addition of Mac in my life. It has forced my adventureous spirit to try new softwares that have made my Mac experience enjoyable.

The biggest thing about Skype that hasn't been mentioned is the catch all benefits. Skype allows you to make calls to land lines and cell phones for a small nominal fee.

Technology is amazing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

131. Yerg Siul B.

Can I ramble on for a minute... with the exception of making sense
till the publish post button is pushed, the words come out to say:
Here am... I
expressing thoughts to extinguish the sighs.
Sweep of my mental arms around wandering
thoughts that venture to collide like random
atoms. Nuclear. Membranes destroyed with
free radicals on the loose. Brain waves pulsating
the thoughts that could be the source of something
undiscovered, un-relocatable.
Unfathomable, the idea that pristine communication
is somewhere lost in the attempt. The construction
made in any other is a garnished meaning, all to
make less any thought lost in translation. The
situation is repetitious. Seriously, if it doesn't
infuriate it will definitely make a curator
of thoughts...
Welcome to the hall of random thoughts gathered
in the shelves of Yerg...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Magic Three

Three Things

Copy and paste this into your own notes, change the answers and Tag at least 10 or more of your friends including the one that sent this to you...


1. Grey
2. Drunkin Puma
3. Grand Master Grey of the Multiverse


1. Psychiatric Hospital
2. Sales
3. U.S. 2000 Cencus.


1. Deerfield, IL
2. Ft. Bragg, NC
3. Conroe, TX


1. Heroes
2. Lost
3. Law & Order


1. Canada
2. Thailand
3. Korea


1. China
2. Amsterdam
3. Mus'ee d' Orsay, in Paris


1. Spaghetti
2. A juicy hamburger preferably made in the states... not one of these immitations in Korea.
3. Ssam-Gyup-SSal (grilled pork strips).


1. puppy
2. kitten
3. fish


1. ?
2. ?
3. ?


1. MF Doom
2. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
3. The Flaming Lips (More recent favorite)


1. Cubs
2. U.S. National FIFA Team
3. DooSan Bears (Korean Baseball Team)


1. Darjeerling Tea
2. Grande Americano
3. Gin w/Apple Juice

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Politics and my 2 sents

This is a thread of conversation that occurred on Facebook concerning the following article.,0,1748845.column

The conservative commentator said he hopes Barack Obama fails. But what's so radical about disagreeing with an agenda he doesn't believe in?

Grey: I never wished failure upon our former president. Wishing failure upon Obama sounds just about anti-American as it can get. It's wishing that America fails. Who can agree to that and still consider themselves American?

K.L.: I like that article Josh! I agree AND consider myself very patriotic! What do you know?

J.L.: That's just the point .. nobody is wishing failure upon the country, only on an agenda with which they disagree. It's not a personal attack and I fail to see what's so preposterous about that... besides, it's nice to see that at least SOMEONE is getting job security out of this...

Grey: Not liking a party's agenda is one thing but wishing failure is overstepping that line. Imagine the consequences for America as a whole if Obama's agenda were to fail. Are you so opposed to success because failure is better than success? Moderates really want to know and this libertarian is inquiring.

J.L.: Hey...

What he said to clarify his remark - and yes, I feel he sometimes steps over the line, but you have to take him with a grain of salt because he stirs the pot as well as anyone - made perfect sense to me. He doesn't want the President to succeed IF these programs (particularly those involving runaway domestic spending by the federal government which as a libertarian you would surely understand) are how success is defined. The point being, he is of the opinion that if Obama's agenda succeeds, the problems this country faces will get worse. I don't condone wishing personal failure upon the President, but I don't think that's really what he was getting at.

The other reason I posted the editorial is because I thought it got the point across well that there is a media fascination with the remarks that really amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Keep in mind that Rush Limbaugh has been hosting talk radio for about two decades and probably about 5 years ago went through a very embarrassing public scandal involving prescription drugs. The fact that the White House chose to make him an issue instead of ignoring him, in my opinion, was unwise...

Grey: Still sounds like what I said earlier with a whole lot of sugar coating. I still don't see how failure equates something better than Obama's success.
My stance as a Libertarian is that the Federal Government has too much control. It doesn't matter which of the two parties are in control they take to much liberties upon themselves to speak for the entire nation. Sure, Democrats and their social reform may seem to be far from what a libertarian would want for our nation. On the flip side of the coin, so is the ridiculous auto bailout of our former president. To much of our money spent on programs that the government shouldn't meddle in.
I've got mixed feelings about social welfare and the sort. I believe there is a need but I don't stand for mandates by the government enforcing it. I believe that it's the responsibility of the people and religious or social organizations to carry the load.

* * *

Don't wish failure on America. If you want to wish anything upon America, wish that we make the right decisions for the greatest good of the people... the people. Not government, corporations or the World Bank... the greatest good for the people.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring is here... Korea.

It is with my great apologies that this post comes to you. It has been ages since the last time the will to express made it's presence come forth in action.

The cherry blossoms are beginning here in Korea. With a few more nights of the moon over our heads Korea will be covered with pollen. Life will emerge from the Earth once again. Spring is just about here.

I have a question for you suave tech folks out in the Multiweb. What sort of operating system do you use for you computer?

A. Microsoft Windows
B. Apple OSX
C. Linux
D. Other

The reason that this question stirs my curiosity is directly related to my new purchase. Recently, I bought a new notebook (laptop). I decided to purchase an Apple MacBook. It runs on Apples' OSX. It's taking some time to get familiar with. This I say with the greatest satisfaction with my purchase. I love my new MacBook.

Back in the days of University, an era ago, I worked in the computer labs of campus. We had one lab that only had Mac's. I swore back then that it would be out of the question to purchase one. Look at me now, typing away it and enjoying the sleek design with it's user friendly operating system.

Most of my life, it's been the IBM formated computers operating under the MSN Windows software. People have said that it's a terrible system that so happens to have the market cornered in many aspects of the Multiweb world.

Anyway... sorry everybody for my long absence and I look forward to seeing your answers.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter in Korea

It's cold again here in Korea. The temperature barely breaks freezing point. It's been below zero for the majority of the week. It sucks.

A few more weeks and maybe the real groundhog will make it's presence felt with the beginning of Spring. I want to see the sprouting of new life. The green emerging from the dead. The colors of the cherry blossoms.

A few hundred years ago society was in a much different world. We all know and take so much of it for granted. Anthropologically speaking... we as humans are not made for 12 months of work. The early humans migrated with the animals. Eventually, early society learned to farm the land. Farming is not a year long occupation.

Animals have a cycle through the year and in some ways the human species should learn from our closest example of a bio-rhythm. Creation or the Earth as we know it... okay on this side or the Southern side of the hemisphere there is most definitely a cycle of rebirth... life and the eventual death. The seasons capture this so well and every Spring we are blessed with the reincarnation of that life again.

Where was my hibernation? Capitalism has stripped us of our natural human cycle and has made us slaves of the corporate machine. AH!

You can't live without it and you hate it when it crushes the joy of life into a compressed can of properly timed enjoyment.

On another note. The weekend previous to this the guys and I went out to the slopes to snowboard. It was definitely one of those canned enjoyments. Wish I could do it all winter without being burdened with work.

Monday, February 9, 2009

heelz - andre nickatina

What does your iPod say about your personality?

1. Put your iTunes or iPod on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. Answer all the questions in the comment box.

God loves ugly - atmosphere

my opinion - mac mall

dogs and cats - andre nickatina

ain't no price on happiness - MF DOOM/metal samples

forgiven - ben harper

i shot the sheriff - bob marley & the wailers

is it any wonder? keane

genuine - adam oestmann

baggage handlers - busta rhymes + raekwon

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
baking soda in minnesota - andre nickatina

never dead - MF DOOM

play god - travis elliott

tale of two cities - the brakes

kingston - sean kingston

open mic nite 2 - MF DOOM

what is he thinking - the streets

elders bizzare - paperface

the garden - cut chemist

ebbtide - dj babu

crying like a church on monday - new radicals

schizophreniac - earthsuit

heelz - andre nickatina

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mr. Mafioso

The sudden weather change in Korea has people getting sick with a day cold. It hit me Thursday which was handled with medicine and an early nights rest. An early nights rest ended up being at 11 p.m. The cold or the body aching had subsided but my throat was sore.

On Friday I kept a scarf wrapped around my neck. It was not going to allow the cold to strip me of my night out. By the end of the night my voice was gone. It sounded like the old mafia movies. I was digging it. In my minds eye the voice was seductive to the ladies.

I ended up crashing at my buddies pad that night. We woke up about noon and ordered some McDonald burgers before I took off to meet Gib.

Gib decided to invest into an iPod Touch which is the coolest little gadget since laptops and pocket size organizers. In some ways it's a combination of a pocket organizer/laptop/mp3 player and anything else that you could even begin to imagine. Okay, maybe not a space ship or an underwater diving device but I'm almost positive you can play those games on it.

While Gib was shopping for an iPod I was searching for a new set of headphones. The previous headphone saw it's last use yesterday. It put in a good year or so worth of music to my ears and I'm grateful for that. However, the new Panasonic headphones I purchased is great.

Today, I speak with a whispery mafioso voice. It will not stop me from going out tonight.

You know what I mean?... Forget about it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random 25

A Facebook Trend. Decided to post it here on grey image.

1. McDonald's in Korea has delivery. It's not particularly good but the closest thing I can get to a good burger at home.

2. Driven across the continental United States. The trip followed this route...
Chicago - Boone N.C.
Boone N.C. - Ft. Worth Texas
Ft. Worth Texas - San Antonio TX
San Antonio - Dallas TX
Dallas TX - LA California.
LA California - Tacoma Washington

3. Lost my sanity before.

4. Enjoy reading philosophy books.

5. Not good at keeping in touch with my family even though they are missed so much.

6. Realize that people know more random things about me than I know about myself.

7. Favorite number: 18

8. Favorite color: Grey

9. Have issues with commitment, mostly relational, involving the opposite gender.

10. Am working on a Novella on and off.

11. Don't particularly like exclusive language that may marginalize anybody I know.

12. Think: religion can be the most damaging thing to society.

13. Belief: religion has done more good for more people than it has done bad.

14. Believe in the arguments for an Intelligent Designer.

15. The intelligent designer to me is the Ultimate Designer.

16. The Ultimate Designer is the name I call God.

17. Was in a lower grade than my younger sister in High school. Attendance issues.

18. Was involved with an Asian street gang in my youth/teens.

19. Attended Trinity International University in Northern Chicago.

20. Affirmation is the basis for social growth.

21. I have hope for society and the human population as a whole.

22. Love Guy Richie films.

23. Hardly ever get bored.

24. Looking forward to purchasing an Apple Notebook/Laptop this year.

25. I have a blog and am a consistent blogger.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Meaning of Groundhogs Day

The year was 2003, February 1st. It was the last time that Grey talked to her before engaging her 15 months later with a journal of writings. It wasn't by choice that their relationship ended abruptly eventually fading into a distant memory. The first three years after that day were the darkest years of his life. There were a million questions about everything and there were no answers that satisfied him. The world appeared to be conspiring to bring failure to his life.

K.C. had her reasons for disengaging in social interactions with Grey. The insidious part of their social separation is that Grey didn't have a clue to the question of why. There were no explanations and the relationship ended.

The three Groundhogs Day that followed were a reminder of a previous life without closure. A song of sorrowful blues rang continually in the heart of Grey. The somber life that unfolded was impossible to hide with illusions of smiles. Any happiness Grey sought out to fill the hole left by K.C. was an attempt to cure a critical condition with a band-aid.

Depression is a funny thing. It isn't just chemical not that body chemistry doesn't have a significant part in depression. The thing that we fail to take into consideration is that it isn't just any of one thing or explanation. It isn't just cognitive thought. It isn't just pre-social conditions. It isn't just chemistry. It isn't just lifestyle. It isn't just genetic disposition. The point being that all the mentioned above are part of the reasons for Grey's demise.

K.C. is not to blame. K.C. was the pinpoint expression of a more serious condition that surrounded Grey's world. The focus point of a cosmos gone haywire gravitating to a milieu by the name of K.C.

It has been six years since that cold day in February. It is significant to point out that in no way would Grey trade any of those dark days through the valley of demise. The sun shines again pouring down kisses of exquisite rays of ecstasy for life. It's in death that we realize the power of life. Today, Grey is more alive than he's ever been since the valley of demise.

The biggest change propelling Grey into a life fully owned with no remorse is the environment change. Grey literally had to transplant himself from his comfortable social environment and begin again. This took the form or an actual exodus from the land of America to the a small country in Asia. The soul of Asia, Korea.

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's the Weekend

It feels like it has been over a week since I've posted. In reality its only been five days. The post before the 25th was another five days. This accounts for the eerie feeling of being so long since the colors have been updated. All the winners of the "Blog it Forward" campaign have check in and now it's time to go out shopping in the shopping district for something original and culturally unique. A gift that shouts this is Korea, South Korea... the soul of Asia.

The Korean Lunar New Year was great. A few duckets (cash) came my way. Mostly for my skills in playing poker. When the T.V. was on, the act of not paying attention to the game came in handy. People were unable to figure out if my hand was genuine or not. The uncertainty help to win a few more duckets either way... They called if I had the real deal and folded when I was bluffing.

On Monday evening I met up with the fellas and headed to our stomping ground to celebrate the festivities.

Wednesday was back to work which turned out to be a nice three day work week.

This brings us to Friday.

A friend of mine (Canadian Wildcat) picked up a book for me about picking up women. The book has a lot to say about social interactions and how to keep a female interested in the pursuit without getting distracted or uninterested. Mostly the book offers confidence to those who may lack suck confidence when interacting with women. This has nothing in common with me. In most situations I'm calm and easy to get along with. It helps that I've got a natural intuition about reading body language and possibly a sixth sense about interacting in social settings. In the past it was hard to put a finger on what exactly gave me the cues to do what and how. The book gave a little light to how it all looks under the microscope and in some sense will refine my ability to interact with people in social settings.

Tonight I hope to put some of the things that have been enlightening in the book to the test.

With regards to the weekend... I hope that everybody had a wonderful week and that the weekend is just as enjoyable. I'll have a Gin w/Apple Juice to start the night off and I hope you raise your alcoholic beverages up on Friday night with thoughts of grandeur.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

If you fucked it up the first time there's always the Lunar New Year. This year the Lunar New Year falls on Monday. This is one of Korea's busiest week. One of 2 weeks that Seoul becomes a ghost town The Korean Lunar New Year and the Korean Full Moon Thanksgiving (Chuseok).

Most Korean people are on a mass exodus to their country side homes. It's where one of the parents are originally from or their Grandparents. In some cases it's where their ancestors are buried. Families come together and gift each other with money and feast on a variety of delicious Korean dishes.

Unlike the North American holiday system Korea is restricted to a few holidays a year. If your lucky you might have a total of 10 days off in a year. These 10 days vary from year to year due to the lunar calender which makes dates change from year to year. For example... last year the Korean Lunar New Year fell in the month of February. As you may well have known this year the same holiday is in January.

This year my New Year's plan was to get out of Seoul at least once a month. Last weekend a bunch of friends and I ventured out of Seoul to visit a Folk Village and the city fortress of Suwon. Suwon is a city south of Seoul about an hour out by transportation. The hour varies depending on what system of transportation a person takes. On our way to Suwon we caught the bus which took almost two hours. We stayed the night in Suwon and saw the important sights or the ones that were visible from our point of trajectory. The fortress is smack in the middle of town surrounded by mountains and a wall encircling the the fortress. It's amazing.

The best part of this time around is that I'm not in the drunken stupor that I was in a few weeks back. Later today I will visit my Aunts' and Uncles'. We will travel to see my Grandfather's younger brother who is the head of the family (It's a Confusionist/cultural thing, my grandfather passed away before my mother was married now my grandfather's younger brother is the head of the family. I just call him Grandfather or lil Grandfather). We will feast on food. We will give our respects to our elders by bowing in traditional Korean (I'm still figuring out how to do that right). The men will gather around a table and play 7 card stud. This is the Korean Lunar New Year!

Happy Korean Lunar New Year everybody.

I'd like to take this time to congratulate the four commenter's on my previous post. Congratulations. Although, originally there were only going to be three winners I think an exception can be granted to the four who stamped their mark of approval.

The winners are...


If the following four can drop a note in my inbox/email with their address I can begin stocking you four. No, seriously their should be a gift culturally Korean in the mail for you within the month.

I ask in return (minus JenBun, this originated through her) the three of you ladies to forward a gift as done here on this site or something similar. Actually, adding your own twist would definitely add some flavor.

... and my favorite alcoholic beverage is... wait for it... Gin & Apple Juice on ice. I'll settle for whiskey on ice if no apple juice is available.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

De-lurking Week/ Blog it Forward

It's not often that I win anything. It so happens that last week I was awarded a prize from among five. Cheers!

If you visit JenBun's blog you can get the detail to the win.

This is how it works. All you anonymous reader get to de-lurk yourselves and leave a comment. You can share your favorite alcoholic drink or just pop in to say hi. Anybody can get involved. This isn't just for the anonymous. The best part is that from among the commenter's I will choose 3 people to receive something uniquely Korean in the mail (Blog it Forward). In return I ask that the 3 winners Blog it Forward by sending an act of kindness without expectation of anything in return. I think the following quote sums it up best...

"[T]he exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in his/her turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward in his/her own way. I agree to send something fun, inspiring or uplifting to three random commenter's. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and so on."

You have till 11:59 P.M. Friday U.S. Pacific time. This should give all the North American folks the same amount of time as those out here in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Hope to hear from you all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

Today was Show & Tell day at school. Normally this involves the kids bringing in some type of item. The kids are then taught how to talk about the item in English. In the past this involved toys, favorite items, pictures or something culturally Korean. Today was different. The kids spoke about their parent's career/occupation. Most Korean mothers are home makers. This led most of the students to speak about their Father's occupation. Of the 11 kindergarten students only five knew what occupation their Father was in.

Each student took turns answering my first question:

Grey: What is your Father's occupation?
One student: T.V.
Grey: Your Father is on T.V.?
One student: No. My Father watches T.V.

The Eleven students that I teach are divided into two classes. One class is slightly more advanced than the other class. This week two of the students advanced into the higher level class. In the lower level class the students were curious about why the two students left their class and were now in the higher level class (they don't call it the higher level class. They call it Sammy Class).

Girl Student: Teacher.
Grey: Yes?
Girl Student: Why Jasmine in Sammy Class? (Literally, as it is written).
Grey: ... (silence).
Boy Student: Jasmine wanted to be in Henry's class because their going to get married.

If you got anything to add. Please honor us with your knowledge of funny things kids say.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grey's Commitment Issue

Did anybody see the movie about a guy who ages backwards? It's quite an interesting movie. The story is intriguing and definitely worth your time. It doesn't end very happily. If anybody is planning on watching it remember, although it isn't happy it's well worth the time investment. It isn't exactly depressing either. A very well rounded story told on film. Check it out.

There was something about the movie that got me thinking about my own women situation. The issue involves... mainly commitment. Let me back track a little.

I'm not sure if it's true and maybe somebody from the world of the Multi-web can give some light to it. Do women settle? I mean, it seems that women are always speaking of their dreamy unfulfilled love with a guy. This usually takes place some time in their late teens or early twenties. Women talk of this dreamy unfulfilled love sometime after they are involved with somebody else. I'd say some women would trade their present life situations for a chance to relive their dreamy past. Some women have actually ventured to fulfill their dreamy love and have failed terribly. Later in life the dream of this unfulfilled love on their death beds.

The women that have crossed paths with me have long passed that dreamy love stage in their lives.

"There's no way that this is love." Grey says.

Now of course... this is all beside the point. The truth of Grey's matter is that he's got issues. The issue boils down to commitment.

It isn't quite clear to me if it's fear that prevents me from falling in love or my lack of interest to begin with. My lack of interest in love? No, this couldn't be it. Love and it's many aspects awakens my curiosity.

There is the other idea that hovers over my issue. The amount of people there are on this Earth. There are billions of people. As a pragmatist following the line of my favorite philosopher... Shouldn't all the women have their say and is that even possible? Of course not. I'd be dead and why would they want to take the time to speak their opinion to me? They wouldn't. Not every woman would have their say. Why? Not until the end of the world and no human is procreated again would their be an end of a woman's opinion.

Who wants to make a mistake? Not me. I don't want to marry the wrong person.

I'm pulled between the two spectrum's. Maybe there is no spectrum. It boils down to me being afraid.

Now... back to that dreamy unfulfilled love. Woman aren't the only one's with dreamy unfulfilled love. Is that the other side of the spectrum that divides this heart.

The variable amount of women sit on one side of the spectrum. The possibility of making a mistake and giving up on my dreamy love from the past.

My issue with commitment... fear. No more denying it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

An end to binge drinking... for a while.

How could I allow my vacation to slip away... one drink after another? On one day it seems that my vacation was beginning. A few drinks later it was the day before my vacation ended. In between the drinks were a few blank memories and hours of laying in bed trying to recover. There were many things that could have been accomplished. This marks the end to binge drinking... at least for awhile. Grey's liver needs recuperation. Grey's kidneys need proper liquids to filter and expunge. Grey's body needs proper nutrition to get his mind functioning as a healthy young male brain should be functioning.

Now drinking isn't down the drain forever all together. There are times of lapsing into the dark tunnel of drunkenness. A lapse into it can be revelatory. Now it's time to allow the creative spirit to unleash itself. It is time to focus the energy towards creativity, life & the pursuit of happiness?

All of Grey's anatomy has the right to equal benefits of health. We the anatomy of Grey's Republic here forth declare this day...

It hasn't fully sunk in that the year has progressed and it is now the year Two Thousand and Nine. Can you believe it folks? Where has the time gone?

During my youth I remember thinking that the year 2000 had so much to offer humanity. The imagination ventured to see the moon colonized. Humanity would be driving floating cars [like the ones from back to the future]. Seriously, back in the 1980's. Didn't you imagine a world of the future by the year 2010... at the least 2020? Now that seems like 360 days away. A little more than 51 weeks left till Michael J. Fox shows up with his Dalorian... back from where ever the fuck this time. It's amazing... time and aging. It boggles me to fathom.

The truth is, at the least from my subjective perspective... technology has advanced more in the last 30 years than it has in any given 300 years combined [that was a long sentence]. It's hard to imagine the world before computers, Internet, cell phones and big screen theaters.

Imagine with me of how information traveled across the populace just 200 years ago. Imagine how rumors of wars were heard months if not years later.

Today, information is instant. We hear of terrorism in Mumbai hours after it occurred. We watch buildings crumble as it happens and wonder in fear if we are at war.

All this reflecting leaves me wondering. What does the next 10 years hold for us/humanity?

Cheers to you all. I hope this year you find much to appreciate and embrace with full curiosity.