Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year Party!

The year is coming to an end. I hope that everybody has had a wonderful year. With the new year, may there be many new experiences to fill you all with joy. A wise saying that I carry in my heart goes like this: Eat, Drink & be Happy! May this new year be a time of happiness for you all.

I've got a few hours left of this year in Korea. At mid-night, hold your glasses high and your loved ones near. Let's drink and cheer for our new year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Quite a Vacation but my Vacation.

I'm on vacation now. Not sure how it already is Tuesday. I've got one good thing going for me today. It's morning, late morning but none-the-less. The afternoon has yet to begin.

Christmas Eve: The 24th.
Following the Christmas Presentation for the kids. I took off with D. Wolf & J.A.De to the Christmas Eve party at the 1950's Bar. It was also J.A.De's birthday.
We got a seat at the bar. There was to be a presentation of bar tenders dancing and spinning bottles. They usually do this sort of thing on special occasions.
It also happened to be D. Jaguar's birthday also. He showed up later on in the evening.
I made a quick run to Baskin Robins to pick up a cake for J.A.De. The smile and surprise on her face was priceless. [This is where the voice for the Master Card commercial comes in]
After the bottle spinning performances and arrival of more people the dancing began. The regulars know. Seriously crazy time.

Christmas Day: The 25th.
I stayed in bed all day. There was no recollection of the journey home. The film from that part of my memory and much of what happen after the spinning bottles of the night previous was stolen from the vault. The vault being my memory bank.
The feeling of staying in bed all Christmas seems sort of depressing but it was sort of what I needed.

The Day After Christmas: The 26th.
There was a late day of work. I had to finish the progress report/evaluation cards and send them home with the afternoon kids.
Following work I rendezvous with a friend that partied with me on the 24th - 25th. Together, we were spending more time than usual. It was enjoyable to spend time with somebody on a consistent basis. How much of it will last is already written into the cards. This mystery girl will be heading back to Australia in a few days. The Korean-Australian lady will not be close for long. Though it is nice to have her company. It ends in time... The right time. In time for the end of the year.
I drank until the bar closed. Then we moved the party to another western bar down the road called California. A few people I new showed up and the rest is another stolen film from the vault.
I do remember at one point telling two girls around me to just duke it out. Go ahead, fight for me.

Saturday: The 27th.
The phone rings. It's Gib. "You do remember we have a wedding to go to this afternoon".
The front desk lady/teacher got married. It was a wonderful wedding. Reminded me of when my younger sister got married. The food after the ceremony was delicious. I ate a lot of salmon and ate some soup. After the ceremony dinner I began to sober up.
The Korean-Australian lady met up later that evening for a beer and a movie. I was extremely tired. The movie was well worth the trip out rather than the trip home to be alone.

Sunday: The 28th.
Hectic afternoon. I got a little hungry and cooked up some ramen noodles. The K.A.L. was suppose to call me at 8p.m. that evening. She didn't call so I took off to my Aunt's house. My mother's sister.
As I was eating pizza and playing 7 card stud with my uncles the phone rang. It was a number that I didn't recognize before. I let it ring. The phone was bombarded by this number. I stepped out to smoke a cigarette and answer the phone. It was K.A.L.
K.A.L. is sort of upset. She's at my place and I'm not there. I give her my password for the door lock.
I continue to play poker for another hour before taking off to pick up K.A.L. Now I'm running real late. While I was on my way to my Aunt's house Gib sent a message. He wanted to meet up at the 1950's Bar.
I finally make it there at 1A.M.
It's quite possible that I got to bed at 5A.M. that night/morning.

Monday: 29th.
Ordered McDonald's delivered to my house. Yeah, can you believe that? McDonald's is delivered here. Ate a Big Mac meal set. Then I jammed on the guitar until 8P.M.
That evening K.A.L. invited me out to meet some of her friends. Childhood friends that she went to elementary and middle school with. It was fun.
They ate some Korean food and drank soju. Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage usually made of potatoes or rice and is not very good. I personally don't like soju but that's beside the point. There had to be an exception made on my part. I couldn't be the only one drinking something other than what the crowd gathered was drinking. It was cold last night. I was home before 1.A.M.

Today: 30th.
With the morning sunrise so did my eyelids rise. With all this time on my hands I've got some time to recollect this busy week/weekend that has passed. No highlights I suppose. Maybe just attempts to hide the loneliness of being in Korea alone. In some ways... I'm numb to it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Blessings to All

It's Christmas Eve over here in Korea. I've got a busy day before the calm of Christmas. I hope everybody has a great and wonderful Christmas. I especially like to take time to remember my precious sister who was given to me 30 years ago on Christmas Day. She's the greatest Christmas gift I've ever received and could ever ask for.

Blessing to you all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rambling on about much of nothing.

I can only imagine what it's like to have a child of my own. The joy and innocence that surrounds me everyday can soften the coldest of hearts. Which reminds me... is the working title of my novella. Cold, Heartless & without Remorse.

Last night Grey met his friend J.A.De for a drink and to talk.

J.A.De: People are not like you and I

GREY: What do you mean?

J.A.De: You see things that normally others might not see.

GREY: Explain

J.A.De: Intuition of some sort... A six sense about your surroundings.

GREY: What if I don't see what your saying... no intuition there.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grey's Dilemma Part 1

Today was rehearsal day... again. The first half of rehearsal has gone by fairly well.

On Monday Grey strolled into work like most days. He didn't have his iTouch which is a bummer. How can anybody live without music to keep the rhythm of life on beat. However, He managed to stop by a coffee shop to purchase a grande size Americano.

The issue this week in Grey's world involves his partner teacher. Let's call her Belly. On Monday, she snapped at Grey. She looked unrested from the weekend and possibly was on that period thing.

Grey, being sensitive to the situation attempts to avoid any conversation with Belly. It's not a good idea to upset the cat who's not had her meal. Grey knows though. She hasn't been with a man physically for 30 odd years. The culture is partly to blame. Her mother who Belly lives with might be part of the blame. It could be her isolation from the male population that is partly to blame. Her inexperience with pushing boundaries might be partly to blame.

About a month ago. Gib (another teacher) hosted an open house. He moved from the dungeon to a new apartment further from any subway stop. Further towards the outer edges of Seoul's city limit.

Let's back up even further. Back to June of 2008. That's when Grey moved back to Seoul. He moved into the new apartment that his employer provided. It was a small one room flat. There was literally only room for a small single bed, desk, closet, t.v., small refrigerator and a bathroom.

The bathroom was so small that when you sat up from the toilet seat you'd end up bumping your head against the wall in front of you. The bathroom was so small that you can point the shower head on you while you took a shit. The bathroom was so small that you'd hate going to the bathroom. Did I mention that Grey's bathroom was small?

There was one large window. On the other side of that window was another building. The other building was approximately 4 feet away from the window. The sun never shined into the room. This is why it was given the name the dungeon.

Three months later Grey moved out to another apartment provided by his employer.

About a months ago Gib moved out of the dungeon to the isolated apartment buildings built for the 1988 Paraplegic Olympics in Seoul. This meant that Gib's apartment is made to be wheelchair accessible. It makes for a nice flat. A gigantic restroom. A kitchen separate from the room where the bed is located. All the doors in his flat are wide. Wide enough for wheel chairs to have access to all parts of the flat.

Back to Gib's open house. As I was saying. Gib had an open house a few months back. All the employee's of Orchard Kindergarten (not the real name of the place of employment) were invited to Gib's open house.

There was a good number of folks that showed up. They ate, listened to music, drank wine and chatted away about subjects ranging from the 70's to the modern life of university students.

Half the group left as Belly arrived. She ate and mingled as we drank the remaining wine and moved on to a bottle of gin mixed with different fruit juices.

When 11 o'clock came around Belly had to leave. We convinced her to stay a little longer.

"I have a curfew", Belly said.

To make a short story even shorter... Belly's mother called and Orchard's Kindergarten director had to speak to Belly's mom. To let her know that she would be on her way soon.

The point being that it was her second time ever being late for curfew. Belly has always been in the grips of her mother's hand. Did I mention that she's 30 years old?

This is a little picture of how people live in Korea. Grown adults still live with their parents and are controlled by them in strange ways. (Which reminds me of a cool song by MF DOOM called "strange ways" which has nothing to do with this post all together).

The rest of Monday, Grey avoided any conversation with Belly.

Tuesday became a similar scenario. What was Grey to do?

Wednesday has come and gone. Grey has begun to feel the awkwardness stack up further.

What should Grey do?
a. Continue to avoid Belly
b. Take time to talk to Belly and get any unspoken frustration out of the darkness
c. Be just as rude to Belly as she has been to Grey
d. (Your suggestion)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The President of South Korea

The picture is of the Korean President with soon to be ex-President George W. Bush. The Korean president was elected into office at the end of 2007. It was ridiculous to say the least.

Let me explain. In America we have a simple two major party system. Sure we have our libertarians and Green parties. Nationally, we narrow down our candidates to two major persons. That is far from the case in Korea.

Yi Myung Bak ran against 7 other candidates. There were actually 10 candidates running until days before election.

If you look very carefully in this picture you can see that Yi (Lee) Myung Bak has his eyes open. I promise you. The Korean President's eyes are open.

At the kindergarten the teachers and students have been very busy this month. The reason for this business is due to a big performance the school is presenting to the parents of our students. Each class has a speech or some presentation of art and dance.

The age group that I teach have come together to perform a dance routine to Natalie Cole's, Love Song. It was originally done by her father Nat King Cole. I teach two classes rotating between them with my co-teacher. She teaches one class while I am teaching the other. Through out the day we switch back and forth depending on the day of the week and the schedule.

For one of the classes the students have been practicing speeches. It is a self introductory speech for one of the four Mt. Rushmore Presidents. Anyways... On Friday we had a large rehearsal for the entire Kindergarten. We all gathered up stairs in the activity room (Surprise Room) to perform in front of each other. While one class was getting ready I was looking through some pictures that I made for my students. The pictures were portraits of the Presidents. Each student would hold up the portrait/picture while they spoke. Introducing the president as themselves in first person.

This is the conversation that occurred as I was looking through the pictures.

STUDENT: Teacher, they are so ugly.

GREY: Do you think Yi Myung Bak is handsome?

GIB (another teacher): I tell my students that I'm Yi Myung Bak.

GREY: (laughing) You would need smaller eyes.

GIB: Are you kidding me? If I think I'm Yi Myung Bak, I need to open my eyes

Both are laughing out of control.

GREY: That is a great pun!

It's much funnier if you were there.

The Lemonade Award

I received an award for having a great attitude. Thank you Kris Anne

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
6. The bloggers listed below are truly deserving of the Lemonade Award for having a great attitude. They have become dear blogging friends and inspirations!

The Nominee's are..... [drum roll]

Read this post. ---> Aesthetic Success! <---


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goal #2: Aesthetic Success

Success! I am very happy to announce that yesterday my goal of obtaining seven followers is complete. During my early infant stages of blogging I decided to set a few eccentric goals. One of them being the topic and reason for celebration in this post.

I think a glass of Johnny Walker [Green Label] is called for (be right back).

Today will be a celebration of Aesthetic Success. In doing so I'd like to thank all my friends here in blogger world who have added so much color and beauty to Grey Images.

Alex: You are seriously my first commenter. You gave me great encouragement to brave the overwhelming world of the Multi-net. You are consistently the most friendly and kindest person I could ever ask to be part of Grey Images. Thank you, Sincerely. Thank you.
If anybody is interested in art. Alex is also a very creative and talented artist.

The Geeky Quill: Then there's the somewhat illusive writer, mom, and wife. She's my second commenter who has consistently showed up to presence her quill to the world of Grey Images. Thank you Mrs. Illusive Writer with no name on her profile. You can check out her first chapter of her current project ----> Here <----

Cyn: Then there's the young, imaginative young lady from the Philippines. She loves poetry and has been very supportive of the abstract creations that have been presented here on Grey Images. Thank you Cyn. Please come back often. She is sure to become a great poet as she ages with wisdom.

Sandi: Then there's the woman with a large and a honest heart. She holds back nothing and you'll see for yourself how wonderful her corner of Earth is. The ups and downs are filled with humor and sadness that will leave you pondering even when away from the portal called computer. Thank you Sandi. If you come from a large family or like large families you will most definitely love this blog.

Julian: Then there's the blogger who will keep you coming back. For myself... curiosity. She's made her presence on Grey Images mid-way through this short journey and recently became a full member. Thank you for your presence and we all look forward to getting to know you more as we make this journey to bring color to Grey.

C.J.: Recently C.J. joined us to bring some Brazilian flavor as well as her deconstructed world view of America. It will be a pleasure for us all to get to know you better as we move forward from here. Thank you for joining us and asking such inquisitive and interesting questions the past few days. We also look forward to reading and seeing more of your art.

C. Woods: Last but not least. The completer of this successful goal. I look forward to getting to know you more in the future. Thank you.

I'd also like to thank all the other visitors who have also added particular insight and strokes of color to the canvas of Grey. It's been extremely fun for me. (Goes to pour another drink of [Green Label] to salute a cheer). To the future! Cheers!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm pretty much addicted to the Internet. If it isn't on my laptop at home or the office computers then you'll find me surfing blogs on my ipod touch. It's a really cool gadget for mp3's and has the great ability to surf the Internet using Safari web browser by Apple. If you don't know much about it you should google it.

Today, while on my surfing expedition I came across an interesting idea about asking questions. It was all about asking the blogger questions. I'm running with this one. However, instead of asking me questions I'm asking you these few questions.

What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite number?
What is your ideal vacation and with who?
Is there life after death? What sort of life would that look like?
Does religion do more harm to the world than intended?
Do you believe the idea of an intelligent designer?

Addendum: I suppose you can ask questions too. Let's have fun with it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hospital Visit Number 2 & 3

During the winter months of the year I have a recurring problem. This problem involves the excessive perspiration of my feet. The problem is bad to the point that by the end of the day my feet are drenched with perspiration. You can imagine the odor that accompanies this problem.

I've been trying all sorts of antics to remedy the problem. I've applied baby powder to my feet. The logic to this is that the powder would absorb the excess sweat that is created by my beautiful, stinky feet. It works to a degree. However, it doesn't complete the job. The feet still stink. It's like the Peanuts character Pigpen. An odor that is unavoidably recognizable.

On the second day of my hospital visit. I was nervous about my soggy socks and odor. As the first visit but it seemed to be worse. Maybe I didn't go home the night before. This type of thing happens even on work days. Drinking whiskey in Korea is a Marathon of longevity. It's fun too. And when it's time to start heading back home you might find yourself holding some ladies hand. Where you end up at night is discovered the next morning as your stretching out of bed to get ready for work. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the reason though.

It made for an embarrassing moment. Your feet are bare and the Doctor is poking his little needles into you. The entire time that lingering smell manifests itself. I wonder if they have some sort of acupuncture for excessive sweat from the feet?

The Doctor is done with his poking. A stream of different nurses are in and out of the curtain room around my unfortunately small and uncomfortable bed. I feel bad that they have to smell my feet odor. It makes me very, very self conscience.

That night (Thursday) I went out to my regular hole in the wall spot for drinking and socializing. It's quite the spot the "1950's Western Bar". When I first started dropping into the spot back in April of 2007, it was the music that drew me in. I literally lived about 7 minutes away from the place that's elevator time included. Needless to say, it became my favorite spot to sit down and socialize. The people there are the sort that finds solace and comfort in whatever way they know how. Mainly solace and comfort is found in a bottle with this crowd. Sure, there are always exceptions.

When you frequent a place over a period of time you begin to see patterns. These patterns, social or otherwise makes an interesting impact onto our psyche. It allows us to let down our guard. In many respects it allows for contact with the outside world from our own. I made many friends and so it's always nice to visit 1950's Western Bar even when I live an 8 Dollar cab ride away now.

I didn't make it home that Thursday night.

Friday morning, I stretched out of bed washed up and headed to the subway station with my friend who's place I crashed at for the night. She was heading to work as was I.

I'm not completely sure why the hospital insisted that I have three visits or sessions. When I asked about having to come for the third one the receptionist laughed.

In a slightly broken Korean Grammar, "Do I really have to come tomorrow? My ankle doesn't hurt any more. I can walk on it now".

Now the problem was climaxing. I have the same smelly socks on and my feet aren't particularly doing so well. A spot opened up later in the afternoon for me to slip out to the hospital and back before teaching my last class for post kindergarten reading (An after school program for kindergarten graduates... Ha).

I quickly grabbed some baby powder found in the teachers office a few days earlier. Most of the teachers were in class teaching. I powdered up my feet. Boy were they soaked. It's crazy that it's being said here but seriously.

I had two options. Eat free food left over from lunch or go to the hospital and pay $10 to be poked with needles. Lunch was great by the way... meatballs with rice and some fried potatoes with little slices of ham. The choice was obvious, right. That's exactly what I did. Free food.

There was no third visit to the hospital. Maneuvering around is not at all uncomfortable. Things are looking up.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hospital Visit Number 1

I'd like to take this time to welcome Julian to grey images. She has definitely brought some more color to Grey.

The other day we received a visitor all the way from Egypt via the 'Silver Thermos' blog entry. Can you imagine the story behind Cairo's visit? It inspires me to envision the disposition that spiraled Cairo's search for a silver thermos using our all favorite

Do I dare try? Maybe another time.

Two nights ago in a rush to use the restroom I slipped in my bathroom causing me to bang my ankle against the frame of the door. You can imagine the pain that I found myself in as cursing poured out of my mouth.

I went to sleep with my ankle elevated with a pillow. When morning arrived the ankle had become swollen and showed bruising. For some ridiculous manly reason I thought I could walk it out. So, after showering up and dressing down in my usual slacks and dress shirt I marched down the road towards work. I stopped for my coffee without my thermos. (I keep the thermos at work now leaving it to sit at my office desk). I smiled at the pretty lady who serves me coffee and continued on my way. It ended up being a 25 minute walk. It did not help to walk it out.

Upon arriving at work I immediately told my boss that I needed to go see a doctor.

She asked, "are you sick again"?

"No, not at all. I slipped in the bathroom and hurt myself".

Next door to the kindergarten I am employed at is a Hospital that specializes in acupuncture. It was close enough to be in and out in 40 minutes. It's exactly what I did with the opening in my schedule.

The hospital must not get many foreigners. They were extra friendly and kind of giddy. After checking in at the front desk they kindly asked me to have a seat. In less than 10 minutes I was being ushered into a room with a desk and a man with a white robe. The doctor had a big smile on his face.

I explained to the doctor what happened. He then tried to bend my ankle in a direction it doesn't normally bend.

"Ouch... Uhmmm. I don't think it normally bends that way," I said.

The doctor said, "Okay, okay".

The doctor and his team of nurses then ushered me into another room with a lot of beds. Each bed had a curtain around it. I took off my hoody (Yes, I wore slacks and a button up dress shirt and wore a thick furry hoody as a coat). I took off my All Stars (Chuck Taylor All Star shoes). I then laid down on the slightly uncomfortable bed.

The doctor took off my left sock and rolled up both legs of my slacks. He then rolled up the right arm of my sleeve. Before I could realize what was happening and how uncomfortable it was to have a doctor touch me, needles were being pressed into my right arm and hand. The doctor then proceeded to put a needle into my right leg.

"It's my left ankle," I said.

The doctor said, "I know, I know," and proceeded to put the last acupuncture needle into my left big toe.

I had more needles in my right arm than the rest of my body. I was dumb founded. It was my left ankle that was injured.

The doctor then used a needle to make multiple punctures into my left ankle. He then applied a suction cup instrument to draw out the blood that was causing the ankle to swell up.

In about twenty minutes I was out the door. It was easier to move my ankle. As I left the hospital the front desk lady scheduled another appointment for today... which I also went to and returned from.

I think this entry is long enough and so I'll save the following hospital entry for another day.

Don't slip on the ice. You might hurt something other than your ankle. Be careful when in the restroom also.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

This Thanksgiving Day passed without a turkey to be seen. You'd be surprised how little Koreans are aware of our North American bird the turkey. It didn't bother me so much last year when Thanksgiving Day came and went. This year, it sort of got under my skin. Sure, I miss my family and not being able to be with them back home in the states on important holidays can make a huge difference. However, there was something else that irked me.

This past Halloween, the kindergarten I worked at made a big event of the day. We ate candy and dressed up as little monsters, princesses & superheroes. We traveled in our little buses to the homes of a few students to receive candy from parents. We made it to be a day that encouraged the kids to see it as an important American holiday.

Now, do remember that I really gave up on Halloween in my teens. My family didn't particularly agree with the whole celebratory aspect of Halloween and what it stood for. As children our parents participated as do most American families. However, as my sister and I grew up Halloween became less important. Now my sister has children and is married to a minister. The pictures I saw on my networking site (facebook) showed my little nephew and niece dressed up for Harvest Night The Christian re-interpretation of Halloween for kids. Not a bad idea if I may say so.

Getting back to Korea. Here I was with a bunch of Korean kids attending an American based private kindergarten that was showing them an American holiday. Not an important holiday. Mostly an excuse for children to eat more candy than they should & adults to dress up in strange costumes and get drunk.

Then Thanksgiving came around. An important holiday in my mind's eye. A day when families from across the country and Earth gather back together all under one roof. It's a day to remember why and for what each family and person should be thankful for. Here in Korea... it was forgotten, for the most part in my kindergarten.

Sure, I made an extra attempt to inform my students of Thanksgiving Day. The school however, down played it. I worked, as most Koreans did on Thanksgiving Day. As I went through the day. I felt robbed of my National identity.

There is another day in Korea that is very similar to America's Thanksgiving Day. It's called Chusoek. On this day, all of Korea migrates to their families to celebrate the harvest. It's one of two very important holidays here in Korea. Chuseok & the Korean New Year which follows the lunar calender.

This is the background and the logistics of my Thanksgiving Day. At the end of the day I was drinking a bottle of whiskey at the western bar that never forgets my name.

This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for life, liberty & family. I'd also like to thank all my friends who are in some ways an extended family away from home.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

130. Red

130. Red

The other day somebody gave
me a red marble. It reminds
me of the doors of China. It
reminds me of a bottle of
folded origami stars. On the
top sat a small red marble.
The boy inside who laughs,
plays & wants to
see a smile on the face of
friends. The Peter Pan boy
has been forced into the
world hidden from sight. In
time... hurt & pain compile
to hide the son of the Earth.
Mr. & Mrs. Grim's Son still
lives. Some would say
he moves the world from
behind the scenes. Maybe
his playfulness manifests
in the world of colors...
Maybe, deep underneath
the hardened heart of
a cold & un-remorseful
soul is a boy like Mr. &
Mrs. Grim's Son... longing
to be caressed & accepted
for being. In becoming we
lose a bit of innocence and
we long to recapture it.
Grey carries a red marble
in his pocket to remember
Mr. & Mrs. Grim's Son.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

129. Green

129. Green

When I was new to writing
I needed a partner in crime.
Mr. Greenleaf was the
man who was by my side
all the time. He gave
color to Grey and helped
to explain away with
his questions of inquiry
into the dreams of mystery.
Psychoanalyze together
until one of them
realized... that inquiry
isn't a reason to
sympathize. It was fun
to look into whats

Alter ego this & that
with colors to name. Some-
times amazed at how
deep is the maze... Mr.
Greenleaf has been here
from the beginning. Framed
with personality that
attempts to reflect
reality. Actually, how
much is true comes
back to blue... Not to
be rude. In the end
whats true is what lives
in you. That's what
Greenleaf says with a
smile & his cup of java

Friday, November 14, 2008

128. Purple

128. Purple

Pearl Pull. The ideal girl.
The woman of my dreams
that I've never met.
Pearl Pull Grey has never
been seen because she
only exists in the place
of dreams. I once loved
a girl who was young
& lavender. I hoped she
would mature and become
my pearl...

Dear Ms. Pearl who dis-
appeared into the shadows.
I hope to meet again
with the victory over
our battles.

All the things that we
claim to matter doesn't
really matter. Rather the
things that are important
are the things that can't
be shattered.

The fragile things that
are easy to break are
the things we should
treasure without fear
or hate.

Pearl Pull, the unknown
bride is my disguise that
I claim to hide. My image
of a wife. She is not
alive, not yet. Not in
my eyes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blah Thursday

After work I went out for some Jasmine tea. Now I'm at home drinking a few beers before crashing for the night.

The Living Museum was fun. Pictures talking and interacting with the visitors.

Mostly... It was a good day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

48. Who Is He?

In an attempt to get the upper hand I almost resigned from my job. I had a long talk with my supervisor/director of the school I am employed at. Hopefully things will change and will be less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. The good news... we're going on a field trip tomorrow to a living museum of some sort.

There's this blog site that I follow that is a writing prompt for bloggers. Today's prompt is about being a writer and if so what would be the subject or topic of preference. For myself... a novella about self discovery. I just can't seem to make it funny.

Here's another poem from the archives. This poem is from the Mijogle series (A name of a place that I made up). Enjoy!

48. Who Is He?

In desperation he felt no choice but to click the button. His thoughts unclear like puzzle pieces scattered across the dining room table. The confusion did not succeed in keeping his desire enveloped in despair. He knew that it had to begin and the moment could not be delayed any further. The words poured out of him like water falling into a basin from high above the cliffs. A waterfall of thoughts interwoven to speak like a Persian rug's decor. In volumes the images crossed all perspectives. He unleashed his contemplations upon a surface of white to see scribbles of lines that made sense to the eyes. Through the window of the soul his world was magnified for the world’s eye to see, to discover that he is me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mental Holiday

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. It is why I called in sick. It repulsed me to think that I would have to deal with the stress of working with my boss hovering over me about senseless things. All this while being sick.

Today... was my mental holiday.

I went to the doctor to get some medicine and have been home relaxing all day. Now it's about time to get ready for a wonderful nights rest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

127. P. Ink

127. P. Ink

Phillip Ink has a lot of
emotions ready to burst.
Feelings bottled up I
suppose is worst. Which
can lead to high blood
pressure and an eventual
Hurst. The lesser of two
evils, that's the curse. I
can attempt to explain
like talking to a
psychological nurse.

At intervals of ticking
time, seconds are replaced
with scheming rhymes. behind
each constructed line...
The truth stripped of lies.

I'm tired of the bullshit
that accompany
the job. The minipulation
& micro-management in
between sobs.

Pay me my overtime & cut
the drama act. It all comes
down to the facts. your
pouring down the s tress
about useless things no
less. Your taking away my
joy for teaching & replacing
it with contempt for breathing.
Your not helping me to be
my best. Your making me want
to resign so I can get
some rest.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I've got cold sores. AHHHHHH!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have the feeling that this will be my last opportunity to log on to blog world to post before the clock hits midnight. It would be shameful to allow this last window of opportunity to close without a proper response. It would force me to begin my 31 days of consecutive blogging over again. This path of destiny... I shut! Success for today.

Although, again as with days that are filled with business. A short hello and greeting followed by, I hope all is well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

126. Ken Harry Yellow

126. Ken Harry Yellow

A little bit of me with red
is Orange. it's also a term
used for coward. The truth
of the matter is that
in 2007, I was created
to hide behind. In my
mind's eye I could not meet
the line, the standard
of excellence aesthetically
denied. Criticism realized
that my enemy in time
was my own mind.

Fine, we're past that. Ken
Harry is one of many whom
without, there would not be
any. The series of ten
that are accredited is
not any less because of a
name invented. In the
end it all gets red/read.

If I want to be pink. I
can be Phillip Ink. Modes
of writing form the same
one writer. Pearl Pull is
a sister disguise. All colors
intended to be radiance
of surprise.

All this has been said in
explanation for Ken
Harry Yellow. With this
poem he says... Hello.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I wish there was something to say other than that I'm extremely tired from staying up all night to celebrate the victory of the new President-Elect of the United States of America.

Recently, I've been writing poetry on colored origami paper. In the days to come there shall be poems named after colors.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

125. Orange

125. Orange

Orange you glad to tell
a tale of animated figures
alive in your head? At the
least, you know your not
dead. Magnetic fields of
characters array, socially
interacting to pass the day

Candice O. Ranges meet
the rest of the world. We've
begun to get bored &
needed some inspiration to
entertain. Things here
were beginning to seem
a little mundane.

Whose who in this world
of ours? I see that your
Blue & he must be Green.
Are these the colors that
make up our dream?

Yellow, Hi nice to meet you.
Without your influence I
wouldn't be me. I wouldn't
be free. I wouldn't be
alive as part of this
dream. Thoughts are
aligned to be a stream...
of semantic pictures
of elaborate... Hmmm.
Seems redundant to say

Red sun so bright, your rays
of light have given me
life. Bless this form of
color to life...
Candice O. Ranges was
born in my thoughts tonight.

Election Day!

I'm satisfied with the way America voted!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

124. Mr. President

124. Mr. President

If I were President, I’d have a heavy burden to

carry. It would feel like the titan with the atlas

on his shoulders. My student thinks that he can

have dinosaurs as a pet. I’d be worried about getting

the world out of debt. However, It’s almost impossible

to help all the people in the world. The gods would clash

over the states. All to gain status as a blue or red

state. With me as President, I’d keep all states in

the grey. I’d convert the entire world to the

color of love. They say that color is true. The world

would rejoice because finely we’d have a great

President in the states. Hooray! The world would

shout, for B. Luis Grey. The new color of love is

really grey! The irony of that cheer makes me want

to sneer. It’s clear, I couldn’t be President. No, not

this year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

123. Work

123. Work

Repetitive folding of evaluation cards
The end of the day seems so far. Teaching shapes of circles
and squares. Feeling slightly numb, like I really don’t care
Lessons in phonics, the sound of ‘u’. Sun, bun, run, gun,
nut, hut & cut. It’s a dinosaur, those are boats &
these are spaceships. They’re all toys. Sounds bizarre, like the
Flaming Lips. Lunch comes around. Please eat & stop yacking.
My break is lacking, it’s beginning to stack. My back
and neck is cracking like a chiropractors touch to
the spine. What I really need is some ancient wine or
cognac. Don’t have the cash flow to get a hold of that,
at least nothing aged well. In truth, I really can’t tell
unless it’s whiskey or bourbon and I’m writing about
drinking while at work. Back to class, the subject is math.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

AWOL = Absent With Out Leave

It's difficult to fulfill the one goal that depends entirely on me. It's an endeavor that I will not give up on so lightly. Although I've failed this time around, I will try again.

Today marks a the day that I attempt to write 31 consecutive days, again. In 31 days when I complete my goal I hope to mark the completion of a goal well achieved. This time around! AHHHH.

The past few days have been quite fun. Thursday evening I went out to eat dinner with a friend. She picked a nice little brunch/pasta place. Sure, it was late in the evening so we ate pasta. It was very spicy and delicious.

Friday night was filled with massive drinks of Whiskey and coke and somewhere along the night a shot of Tequila. Needless to say that I was well inebriated. I didn't make it home Saturday morning. I crashed at a friends house who lives in a satellite city next to Seoul.

Saturday began with Breakfast/Lunch in the afternoon and Off to Central Seoul to see a friend.

I eventually came back to Song-pa District to head over to my Aunt's house to eat dinner.

When I finally arrived home it was a little before 10 P.M. I downloaded episode five of The Office, watched it and went to sleep.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

108. Worlds Collide:

I'm tired from being busy all day at work. Too busy to find time to continue with my goal. Goal number two. Blog for 31 consecutive days. I hope you don't mind another poem from the archives.

Which reminds me. I was thinking of doing a series called Ken Harry Yellow. A series of poems written in 2007. Anybody interested?

Kids are quite funny. I teach Korean kids who are barely able to speak any English. Some do speak better than others. The funny thing about teaching these kids is that they pick up the way you speak. They emulate whatever is said even trying to get the tone of voice.

There's this one kid in particular, Hennessy [not his real name]. He's watching me intently as I'm trying to get organized before teaching the lesson plan. It dawns on me that I've forgotten to bring something down from the office, 'shnaps'. As I'm walking out the door to run up to the office Hennessy is saying, 'shnaps'.

108. Worlds Collide

i look out from the world inside
in towards the world outside.
through space that takes time
to traverse from my world to yours.
in space our worlds collide
to make electrical impulses seem
more than random fire blazing
trails. magnetic pulls of centered
lives on important confessions
of relevant claims. of human
interest, splattered on matter.
the gray images of matter... all
presented from creation till now.
protons with electrons gathered
around the neurons of life. and we
say with opinions of morality
what is our likes and the rejection
of dislikes. it falls apart in the light.
levels of success fade into strivings
of inter-galactic strains of space.
all of wo[man] a rock in space, each of
whom contains a world inside
a micro version of macro space.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

122. Potential Superhero

I found this cool picture of a superhero. Click on the picture to link to the artist, Michael Dougherty.

How many of us are fans of the T.V. series Heroes. In Korea it's impossible to catch the third season without downloading it via torrent downloads. Torrent downloads is a peer to peer sharing software that allows people like myself to view sought after T.V. series' that are impossible to find outside of the United States.

While waiting for my seventh episode to download I've been cruising the Multi-web looking for idea's to blog about. The idea came to me.

If you were a superhero what sort of super power would you have? I leave this question to you the reader.

As a superhero I would like the power of quick regeneration & healing.

A follow up question... What would be your cool superhero name?
Mr. Grey'ce pronounced Grace.

With that being said. I'd like to leave you with a doodle.

122. Potential Superhero:

Everybody wants to be a hero
Haven't met many people striving for zero
Although that could be humility
Or it could be the fear o...
Hmmm... The fear of?

Spotlights missing doesn't make us marginalized
It's a massive Multi-verse that's no surprise
The smaller things that are sometimes overlooked
Are more important than they appear in size
Oh... Do we still try

In our world of toys, gadgets to entertain
We lose our ability to imagine and use our brain
Not in all cases, don't mean to generalize
Just making a point, don't refrain
Everybody is born naked and given a name.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Silver Thermos

I'm always happy to be picked back up again after being ignored for the weekend. Monday is an exciting time of the week.

The first stop is Holly's Coffee. It opens at 9:00 a.m. Grey usually will take the lid off and hand me over to the cash register to the beautiful hands of the coffee lady. What ever she fills me with is warm and It keeps Grey coming back to see me throughout the day.

The coffee lady hands me back to Grey. He will usually make sure that my compression lid is on tight and then he screws the metallic lid back on top. We then travel on foot for approximately 15 minutes.

During the day I guard the desk. I don't say much, just look as eye appealing as possible. It brings Grey back frequently to the desk. At times, when I'm alone on the desk I think about the time he will hold me again. It's my highlight.

By noon, I'm empty. Grey however, will take me downstairs and fill me up from a pot of something warm again. I usually last until the evening keeping whatever contents that are in me as warm as when it first arrived.

In the evening usually not to much after 6:00 P.M. we're heading back home. When we arrive at home I usually sit on the desk not to far from the laptop. There are some other cool gadgets that I interact with while at home. Mostly, I sit and wait for tomorrow.

I'd like to welcome our new subscriber, 'all about cynthia'. She's new to the blog world. Let's give her a BIG welcome!
For any new visitors: Please see this blog entry -------->"here". <----------

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visitors from the United States,

Saturday was long and lasted through the night, merging into Sunday afternoon.

Need rest. A lot of rest.

On a more exciting note concerning the Bloggers Block post:
One of my goals for 'grey image' is to attract visitors from all the states of the United States. I think that some of the territories should be included also, i.e. The Virgin Island Territories or Guam.

In order to accomplish
Bloggers Block goal # four I've decided to do a roll call by state. If you are from the United States and would like to represent your state and it hasn't been announced in the comments area below please comment to this post with a reference of the state you are visiting 'grey image'. I thank you in advance for all your participation.

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Rise and shine with the morning sun. I look out towards the sky and see that indeed the sun is out today. A perfect day to attend a wedding. This entry will be short and something dug up from my archives of poems to keep in step with 'blogger block' goal number 3. Write 31 consecutive days.

It's Saturday Morning and I skipped my usual Friday night of debauchery in favor of an American styled breakfast. This will take me to the part of Seoul, Korea where foreigners are known to congregate and hang out. One reason for this congregation towards Itaewon [the name of the neighborhood] is because it's located next to a U.S. military base. It is also in a central location in the City. Itaewon is also the center for foreigners and for me it's breakfast day, American style.

I'd like to take this time to welcome a new subscriber, Lucky Thirteen plus one. She's got an interesting story being blogged. Check her out! She's also helping out the cause to help 'grey image' to fulfill bloggers block goal number 2. Obtain 7 followers. Thank you Sandi.

And now... acrchived poem number 15:

15. Poetry:
They say I am a poet,
Until I am dead, no one knows it.
Drawn to the page my reader and thoughts
Casting a vision, un-tying the knots.

Deep in my stomach a gut wrenching voice;
A sound, a noise, in your soul my voice
You catch a glimpse of a life not your own,
Like one of many layed across a beach of stone.

Grown from the inner sacntum of Earth,
Meaningless to all, to a reader some worth.
Clasp the page make it say your name.
Surround it in frames pick away at my brain.

Artistry in words, This is poetry proclaimed.
Nonetheless, in the end, it's just words on a page.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Antarctica Needs You

I found a fresh blog site with a focus on doodles. I don't mean doodles as we normally would think of them. The doodles I speak of is in relation to poetry. The basics to the blog is doodles. Doodles in poetry are short lines written with a limited amount of corrections. The lines can also be interchangeable. Check out the site.

Peter de wolf has a doodlepalooza event going on. I made day 5 with my poem: Antarctica Needs You. An inspiration from my previous days blog.

If you can't link to the site check my side bar for Peterdewolf.

On another note. I've been searching blogs based in Antarctica and leaving comments to fish them in to visiting 'grey images'. I've almost got visitors from every continent on Earth.

On a more serious note. I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. It's to complicated to get into explaining why I'm divided concerning marriage. In short I think children are great, for the most part. I'm a kindergarten teacher for goodness sake. However, I don't feel the pressure to get married yet and I've already surpassed my 20's and slowly notching the marks into my 30's. In any case, must enjoy the festivities.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salute to String Theory

String Theory is a theory of physics. It is a leading candidate for a theory for everything. The theory has an appeal to many physicists because it can include all older theories. However, my salute is not to the actual theory of physics called string theory but rather an abstract idea concerning human connection on the Internet.

Humanity today is able to make connections that would normally not be possible without the
Internet. The idea that we can know somebody from Antarctica [for example] by knowing one person seems far fetched but imagine with me if you will.

Imagine that I
receive a visitor from Sri-Lanka who happens to like the dry humor that might be seen on a blog she visited. It so happens that this visitor [lets call her SL1] SL1, studied fine art in London, England. Her room mate during her years in London happens to be from Christchurch, New Zealand. Lets call SL1's room mate from London, ZL2. Christchurch, New Zealand just so happens to be the point of launch and contact for many scientists and explorers who work in Antarctica. Let's take this image a little further. ZL2's brother [ZL2.b] happens to be a owner of a bar in Christchurch.

Now, one day
ZL2 visits her brother ZL2.b at the bar. While there she decides to check her email and finds in her inbox an email from SL1. SL1's email consisted of the usual greetings and a link to a funny blog site concerning string theory which happens to be ZL2's major in university. She opens the site.

It just so happens that there is a costumer at the bar who is heading back to Antarctica from Greenland [
hahaha, I'm laughing now]. Let's call this Greenlander, GL4.A. GL4.A happens to catch the site that ZL2 opened at ZL2.b's bar. He can't help seeing ZL2 and ZL2.b laughing and decides to write down the website so that he too can visit the site when he manages to find time from his extensive scientific duties in Antarctica.
[Big Smile]

One day Imagination site of Grey
receives a visitor from Antarctica.

Today, I'd like to give a shout out to all my visitors by location... ie... string theory:
Colfax, Illinois
Seoul, Korea
Houston, Texas
La Junta, Colorado
United Kingdom
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Long Beach, California
Oakland, California
Fremont, California
Milpitas, California
Castro Valley, California
Sri Lanka
Pusan, Korea
Riyadh, Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for visiting and please do stop by again.

Auckland, New Zealand
Capetown, South Africa
Denver, Colorado
San Ramon, California
North Hollywood, California
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Champaign, Illinois
and somewhere in India.

Friday, October 17, 2008

bloggers block

My goals that I hope to obtain for 'grey images':
1. Have a visitor from every continent of Earth... even Antarctica.
2. Obtain 7 followers
3. Blog 31 consecutive days [ one month ]
4. Have a visitor from every state in America
5. expand blog topics to include a variety of experiences and observations.
6. Have a visitor from every country on Earth
7. Be more realistic with my goals for 'grey images'.

I'll start seven.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Psychoanalysis: INFP

On a recent internet surfing expedition I came across a blog about introverts. I can't remember the exact web address. Sorry, to all those avid web surfers that like to double check information. The blog was about the 'Bill of Rights' for introverts. Linked to the site was a psychological [Myer Briggs] test. The test was developed on the idea's of Carl Jung, the psychologist that started this interesting field of social science.

During my time in university I breifly considered Psychology as a major. Part of the prerequisites for graduation was a course in statistics. The problem begins here. I have no math skills. Statistics isn't really math. Sure, statistics isn't math but i have problems seeing numbers correctly. A dislexia for numbers, not a serious one that required special tutors. Enough of a dislexia to detour me from Psychology.

I gave up my dreams for psychology and instead persued the next best thing and the root of all the sciences.

In Philosophy there were no math courses required to graduate from university. There is one course called Philosophical Logic which isn't math the way we conceptualize it. In Philosophy we encountered many new concepts that were very interconnected with Psychology, Sociology, Religion and Physics... etc.
The point being that it was the better alternative to Psychology.

The early courses in Intro to Psychology and Intro to Personality gave me opportunities to psychoanalyse myself through a bombardment of psychological tests adminstered through my professors. I even wrote a paper using Carl Rogers model for self assessment. Carl Rogers Model being a Person Centered Therapy.

It's almost been ten years since that ground breaking paper and the results of the Myer Briggs test is the same. INFP. A personality type that is Introverted, Intuitive, with a reliance and sensitivity to feelings and perceptive.

In my studies of Philosophy I became heavily influenced with the idea that personalities are not static but fluid and subject to change that can't necessarily be measured with a psychological test. The results of one test proves me wrong in some ways. The results showing that I tend to react and act in certain circumstances and situations in similiar ways.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

13. Life:


My mouth is watering from the intensity of the verse,

The repressed emotion I'm ready to burst!


My hand quivers at the thought you could know,

How repressed my emotions ready to blow.


My mouth confess, I'm torn.

Recharged in the middle I'm worn... I see the moment like Janis.


I express my words in content.

Alright. It's quite tormenting, it being repressed!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Images From the Pusan Museum of Modern Art

This was something out of a freaky dream. It even had strange music in the back ground.

These two images are an artist's portrayal of a young girl's life. Her boyfriend later ended up killing her parents and they drove across three states to escape. Should have taken notes... The images were sort of disturbing but the story behind it was even more strange.

Pusan, South Korea

Did some sight seeing outside of Seoul. Got the chance to visit Pusan City. A five hour bus ride South of Seoul. It's an Ocean city with a population significantly smaller than Seoul.

According to the Wikipedia... Seoul, Korea is the second largest population in the world. This is subject to change and errors. The last time I checked [besides while writing this blog] the population was the fifth largest city in the world, 20,550,000.

Pusan, Korea is much smaller in population, 3,636,389. It is the second largest city in South Korea [Republic of Korea] or the largest port city.

The Pusan International Film Festival is presently under way ending on the 10th of October. It is running for 10 days. I was lucky enough to make one of the movies that was booked on my behalf. A German movie by the title of 'The North Face'.

My favorite activity while down in Pusan was The Museum of Modern Art.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

101. when

101. when

when walking through the grass,

i'm a giant walking through the forest.
when looking through a glass,
i'm a tower looking past the desert.
when looking at the sun,
i'm a tree dancing in the light.
when i see the clouds,
i'm a sea creature looking up from the sea.
when i'm in my car,
i'm an asteroid passing all the stars.
when inside my house,
i'm on a mountain a foundation for the heart.
when i'm living a day of a life,
i'm a theme of a long beautiful melody.
when i think of all the lives,
i'm a strand within a tapestry.
when i see my friends,
i'm alive in them in the end.
when i'm all alone,
my heart to you is my phone.

Children of the Earth

This is a photo taken of hurricane Ike. Which brings up a number of questions.

The news failed to show the devastation of hurricane Ike. Why do you think the devastation of hurricane Ike was suppressed?

Why are the natural disasters becoming more devastating?

I have friends and family who live in Texas. While here in Korea somebody asked me about Texas and the condition of a friend. My friend recently returned to the states after living here in Korea for a year.

I told the person inquiring... "He's fine, there's no way the hurricane caused any damage in Austin, Texas. If any, it's minor."

This morning I was checking my networking site. A friend of mine had written. She is also from Texas. She said that they're just now getting power back. That there's tree's all over. The Internet is down. She got a message through to me from a sandwich shop.

I also read that the effects of these hurricane's were felt up in Toronto, Canada.

Doesn't it feel like the Earth is trying to reduce our numbers?

Are we straining our mother, the Earth?

Do we even have the right to call ourselves children of the Earth? Would it be more accurate to call us parasites of the Earth?

Would enjoy reading any answers to any of the questions.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Women with children and those without

Koreans love to drink soju. It's a cheap alcohol sold in any convenient store or restaurant. It doesn't have any particular taste that makes it stand out. There are two main brands of the stuff. One's called [loosely translated] 'like the first time' and the other is just 'cham so ju'. I can't tell the difference between the two. They taste, smell and intoxicate the same.

A co-worker and I decided to drink in front of the convenient store in our neighborhood. It's not illegal in Korea to drink in public. There are even tables and chairs in front of the convenient store to announce to anybody passing by... please loiter here.

While drinking our first bottle a guy we met the other day drove up. Joseph had met us a few weeks previous and asked if we were hungry. Sure.

We ate pork strips cooked in front of us. Actually, in Korea you will find a lot of restaurants that have the grill built into the tables. The costumers cook their own food. I'll have to take some pictures and post it some time. Yum, we ate and we drank. Mostly it was me drinking the cheap soju which costs about a $1.20 a bottle. It's 20 percent alcohol and it's drunk in shot classes.

Joseph proceeds to ask a few questions one of them being the following.
Q: Do you prefer Ajumah's [women with children] or Agashi's [women without children]?

Joseph is a bit older than myself and is quite blunt with his questions. I told him the truth. That I don't mess around with women who have children because I myself have no children. It isn't a logical answer but that's what I said.

There's something interesting about the question and the two types of women. Joseph's point being that women without children [agashi's] don't spend money. They like to be treated on dates. Women with children [ajumah's] on the other hand will spend money with you. Which makes sense for me being the working man that I am. I like to spend my time [my hours worked equates money] without feeling squeezed dry. Women aren't parasites. In Korea though, as a foreigner things can get a little shady.

However, with my opinion aside. It's an interesting social phenomena. Women with Children and those without.