Tuesday, October 28, 2008

122. Potential Superhero

I found this cool picture of a superhero. Click on the picture to link to the artist, Michael Dougherty.

How many of us are fans of the T.V. series Heroes. In Korea it's impossible to catch the third season without downloading it via torrent downloads. Torrent downloads is a peer to peer sharing software that allows people like myself to view sought after T.V. series' that are impossible to find outside of the United States.

While waiting for my seventh episode to download I've been cruising the Multi-web looking for idea's to blog about. The idea came to me.

If you were a superhero what sort of super power would you have? I leave this question to you the reader.

As a superhero I would like the power of quick regeneration & healing.

A follow up question... What would be your cool superhero name?
Mr. Grey'ce pronounced Grace.

With that being said. I'd like to leave you with a doodle.

122. Potential Superhero:

Everybody wants to be a hero
Haven't met many people striving for zero
Although that could be humility
Or it could be the fear o...
Hmmm... The fear of?

Spotlights missing doesn't make us marginalized
It's a massive Multi-verse that's no surprise
The smaller things that are sometimes overlooked
Are more important than they appear in size
Oh... Do we still try

In our world of toys, gadgets to entertain
We lose our ability to imagine and use our brain
Not in all cases, don't mean to generalize
Just making a point, don't refrain
Everybody is born naked and given a name.

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