Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Grey: "teacher studied philosophy in university".
Student: "whats that".
Grey: "nothing. It's mostly about nothing important.
What do you want to study Zohn (not real name)".
Student: "Art".
Grey: "really? You want to study art? That's good".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Art comes from the inside. There isn't a wrong in art it's all opinion and a mirror to the person who creates and observes.
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Art doesn't have a right or wrong per se. It's an expression of energy.
Energy is what people use and are composed of".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats how humans are designed. It's part of how the Earth opperates, energy.
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats the design of the Earth and everything that is on and in it".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats a good question".

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! It's been a culmination of many events and holidays. We've got the Winter Olympics, valentine's day, presidents day in the United States and in the Asian countries... The lunar new year.
Have a great culminating february weekend.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Presentation Rehearsal

Our school has been preparing for the end of the year presentation. It's a three hour presentation of songs and plays. The morning starts off with a lot of energy. Two hours later and both my classes are exhausted. We're watching another classes play and waiting for lunch. The presentation is on the 20th. Yup, it's a Saturday.

The lunch menu today is rice with kimchi soup.

19 more days till I take off towards South East Asia... Bangkok.

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Friday, February 5, 2010


Fridays creep up on you when your not paying attention. The week is the beginning of the light that plans to shine at the end of the month. The light being a 22 day backpack through Thailand & combodia.

What sort of things are there to do in Seoul on a Friday? Plenty, depending on your budget.

What will you do this Friday?

This Friday started with work. Yup, kindergarten. Off by six. Tonight... Meeting the girlfriend and some of her friends for dinner and some light drinking.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundhog Day

Winter has been ruthless to the children of the Earth.
Groundhog please usher in the Spring, my bones hurt.
The cold has had it's way with us poor inhabitants...
The season is set to inflict wrath. This time, hell bent.
This year, little ground dweller... The believers gather,
To see if you'll signal the time for great weather.
With songs of praise for winters end. We look to you,
to bring life to our friends that hibernates till the cold seasons end.
Hello little fellow. Hello, hello. Let's say together, goodbye cold weather.
Spring love, Spring mating, Spring birth to a few.
All of which springs us up out of the blues.
Celebrate, celebrate... Groundhogs Day with me.
This might be the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Antarctic Freeze

The type of searches that lead visitors to 'grey image' is inspiring and comedic. Seems there are a lot of people who are trying to find employment opportunities/adventure in Antarctica. The second largest blog that brings random folks from all over the world... "Antarctica Needs You".
The number one blog entry is about tattoo's in Korea. With the recent popularity of tattoo's it seems reasonable that people would search for unique tattoo's from cultures all around the world. Korea's definitely's got it's own cultural niche in this diverse world.
How's the new year treating you?
It's been very nice on this end of the multi-verse. This season's theme, relational growth.
This winter season has been the coldest Winter I've gone through here in Korea. It's extremely cold. I'm not sure if it's as cold as my years at Trinity International University in the Chicago area. I was younger back then and probably had better blood circulation. This year has made it official. I do not like winter.
Despite the blistering freeze, life has been good. Everyday I find my view of the world broadened by the people that are in it. It's such a wonderful place, Earth. Sure, there are people dying, lives are ruined in corporate greed, people are starving, wars are being fought over ideological differences... and the list goes on. Despite all of this, life is good... on Earth.
If all else falls to hell, we've still got Antarctica.