Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Antarctic Freeze

The type of searches that lead visitors to 'grey image' is inspiring and comedic. Seems there are a lot of people who are trying to find employment opportunities/adventure in Antarctica. The second largest blog that brings random folks from all over the world... "Antarctica Needs You".
The number one blog entry is about tattoo's in Korea. With the recent popularity of tattoo's it seems reasonable that people would search for unique tattoo's from cultures all around the world. Korea's definitely's got it's own cultural niche in this diverse world.
How's the new year treating you?
It's been very nice on this end of the multi-verse. This season's theme, relational growth.
This winter season has been the coldest Winter I've gone through here in Korea. It's extremely cold. I'm not sure if it's as cold as my years at Trinity International University in the Chicago area. I was younger back then and probably had better blood circulation. This year has made it official. I do not like winter.
Despite the blistering freeze, life has been good. Everyday I find my view of the world broadened by the people that are in it. It's such a wonderful place, Earth. Sure, there are people dying, lives are ruined in corporate greed, people are starving, wars are being fought over ideological differences... and the list goes on. Despite all of this, life is good... on Earth.
If all else falls to hell, we've still got Antarctica.

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CJ said...

Yes, life can be good if one isn't suffering from some natural disaster, war, ill health or poverty.

I officially hate winter, too. This year we haven't had much extremely cold weather in Western PA, but we have had about 70 inches of snow ---average per season is about 40 ---with more in the forecast for next week and we often have snow into April. The post of 2/10/10 on my blog shows the largest snowfall, but we've had plenty since then. Of course I hate heat, too, so I am seeking someplace with temps ranging from 60-75 year round. Know of any place like that with a fairly low cost of living?