Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Greetings everybody,

I'm sure your aware of the web 2[point]0 frenzy that is sweeping the world. In humility I to have been swept up in the fad that has taken networking to another level. It particularly great if you happen to have a smart phone which allows you to bring your networking sites with you anywhere you go.

This is what happen during my travels through South East Asia. Although my device wasn't a smart phone it worked in similar ways. On my iPod Touch there is a application called BlogPressLite. It's a free application that allows you to write blogs while not being connected to the internet via wifi. This allowed me to utilize any free time to write quick blogs through out my twenty two days of backpacking through South East Asia.

My experience with the blogging via hand device sparked a desire in me to purchase a device that could take my blogging adventures to the next level. I am happy to say that 2 days ago... I became the proud owner of the iPhone.

It has opened a few avenues and so with this purchase grey image will be expanding to new networking sites in conjuction with blogger. If you are a follower of grey image then I'd suggest you don't miss out on grey image at tumblr & twitter.

twitter: bluisgrey

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seoul, Korea

I've been back for two days now. I love Korea. I went from 33 degree's celsius sweating non-stop to be greeted by snow. Thank you Seoul. So thoughtful of you to save a little snow for those who missed it a few weeks back.
I had a great time in South East Asia. Pictures that I can muster up will be on the way. An epilogue of the journey is also on the way. Thank you for following me through the 22 days of random facts of our journey through a enriching part of the Earth.
A phenomenal sight in Bangkok was the red shirt rally. They greeted us with smiles and were so excited about their rights to oppose their present government.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Twenty One: Bangkok

8:15am - we leave for Bangkok today.
We stayed in backpackers haven. Near khosan Road.

Day Twenty: Koh Chang

7:16am - up early in the morning. Feels good.
Today the plan is to ride scooters down to the south side of the island.
8:06am (next day) - go south to Bao Bay. There's a pier that stretches out into the bay.
Two days left.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Ninteen: Koh Chang, Thailand

7:00pm - I woke up late today. I spent the day doing nothing. Did a little reading and plan to go eat dinner soon.
11:22pm - finished the book while laying on the hamick. "They Killed My Father First" the story of a young girl and her family during Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.
I'm tired.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Eighteen: Blue Lagoon Resort

10:03am - Ate the usual eggs with toast for breakfast. Settled our debt and caught a ride to the ferry. It's a nice package deal from the guest house to the island.
11:59am - Checked into the Blue Lagoon Resort. Staying in a bungalow built on stilts over the lagoon. The lagoon isn't blue. It's more like green. Minor discrepency.
The beach is about a 2 minute walk from the bungalow. Maybe a minute from the restaurant which is part of the resort.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Seventeen: To Elephant Island

8:44am - At the airport in Saigon, Vietnam. Flying to Bangkok. From there, a bus to Trat, Thailand. Destination, Koh Chang. Translated it means Elephant Island.
11:01am - funny quotes:
"let's cross the street to get on a side walk, doesn't look like there's one on this side."
In mid-flight.
McJ. - "guess what day it is?"
Grey - "Wednesday."
McJ. - "nope".
Shows todays exit stamp on passport. It's the 16th of March. Shows a calender. It's Tuesday.
1:33pm - caught a taxi to the Eastern bus terminal. Why does being in Bangkok make me feel like everybodys running scams. Maybe it's just the taxi drivers. They like to take the most round about way to the destination. then they ask for a tip. Here's a tip for yah. Make you customers feel helped and they'll actually be more than happy to reward you with money.
It's like they want to sheer tourists like sheep.
8:33pm - Made it to Trat Province. Checked into Pop's Guesthouse. Simple rooms with a bed, fan and bathroom.
Tomorrow we catch a ferry to Koh Chang (Elephant Island).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Sixteen: Saigon, Vietnam

11:48am - woke up at nine. Ate breakfast and came down with painful stomach ache.
Went to the toilet three times. McJaguar scored some medicine. Should be feeling better soon for our trip to the art museum.
8:30am (next day) - We didn't end up at the museum. We did see the cathedral and the old colonial French building renovated into a large post office. We walked along the markets and did a lot of bargain shopping. Picked up a few watches.
My impression of Saigon, gentle chaos.
The evening motorcycle traffic is a breathtaking phenomena.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Fifteen: Saigon

11:09am - woke up late today. Chillin in the hotel. Plan to see the city today.
Went to Independance Palace. The home of the South Vietnamese President before the fall of Saigon to the Socialist government.
We also went to the war museum. History from the victors perspective. A war against western imperialism and the freedom of the people of Vietnam.
In the evening I got a haircut with a straight razor shave.
Dinner was kabab.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Fourteen: Vietnam

7:43am - on a bus headed to Vietnam. The bus is packed.
6:35pm - At the Vietnam border. Been here for about 40 minutes waiting for our passports.
We ate lunch in Phnom Penh. I ate a club sandwich.
Looking forward to relaxing a little in the hotel tonight.
10:15am - checked into hotel last night. Ate pho for dinner and a few drinks before sleeping.

Day Thirteen: Ream National Park

Today I went to the Ream National Park. This consisted of a ride down a river boat to the delta. Where the river meets the ocean.
When we arrived to our first stop we trekked through the forest down a path. We arrived at a secluded beach.
I took off my shoes and walked along the beach.
My shoes are finally broken in. They feel comfortable.
The beach was wonderful.
We hiked back to the boat. They served us lunch. Baracuda, French bread and salad. It was delicious.
We traveled back up river towards the start of our journy.
One last stop. The tower platform. We climbed up a tree top level platform.
Dinner was at Bayon Restaurant on serindipty hill. Green sign.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Twelve: snorkling & bamboo island

5:30pm - this morning we woke up early. We began the morning with coffee. Then we boarded a van. We sat in the back. The van made it's rounds to other pick up spots. The van brought us to another location where we were given breakfast.
I ate French bread with a glass of water.
We ate at a table with a gentleman from Iran and a lady from Australia. They spoke of there journy through India.
We were then loaded onto the vans. The vans drove us down the road towards the beach. At the beach were tourists/back packers huddled on the beach in groups.
When I exited the van I immediatly take off my trekking shoes and socks.
The boats took us out to sea. We passed a few islands out to a snorkling sight. We snorkled for a while.
A majority of the people on our boat were Dutch. Nice older folks.
The boat then took us to Bamboo Island. There was a restaurant, bar and about 30 bungalows along the beach. We laid in hamicks drinking a beer and reading a book. McJaguar went out for a swim.
The ocean looks blue with teal highlights.
At noon we gathered at the boat to eat fish and salad served with more... French bread.
The bred is stiff to chew. My jaws hurt.
I laid on the beach after lunch. I thought of her, people, geography, culture and the future.
I swim in the ocean awhile.
I am always fearful of the ocean. Of what lies beneath and the vastness of it. It's power to spare life and take it. The ocean humbles me.
The boat takes us to another smaller island. People snorkle off the boat. I read a book. An autobiography about escaping the Khmer Rouge.
The boat then takes us to Serendipty Beach. I see a few Korean flags. We approach and find out the owners are Korean. We pre ordered samgyupsal wiith soju for 7:00 tonight. It's 5:55pm now.
Another hour in South East Asia with Mr Grey & McJaguar.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Eleven: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

11:24am - We moved hotels. Downgraded to a cheaper hotel with a bungalow feel in atmosphere. Two large beds. I'm sort of sick and have had stomach pains all morning. My stool is soft as in diarrea.
Plan to relax and read a book.
5:03pm - Slept until mid afternoon. Checked Internet and strolled over to the beach to eat. I ordered spaghetti.
We plan to watch the sunset. Sihanoukville is a Tranquille place where time slows down.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Ten: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

5:55am - arrived at the hotel in Sihanookville. Suns beginning to rise.
6:48pm - we hit the beach in the late afternoon. After cheching in, showering, resting, breakfast and a shower. The news weather predicts storms tomorrow. Maybe it will slow us down a little.
The days seem to blend inbetween bus rides. Long sunny, hot swealtering days blended with evening sweat.
9:30am - early afternoon we shot over to the Vietnam consulate to get our entry visa's. 45$ total.
We then walked down a long deserted road with nobody else walking on it. In fact we felt like the dumb Americans who don't know how to stay out of the heat. We stopped at a small shop on the side of the road for water. Can't get enough water here in South East Asia.
We caught a tuk tuk back to our section of town and began to look for a cheaper hotel for the following night which we were lucky to find.
The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at the Beach Club Resort.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Nine: Leaving Siem Reap

2:33pm - Spending the day feeling the fan blow on me. The plan is to bus it down to the Cambodian beach tonight in a comfortable bus. Well be arriving at the beach in the morning.
McJaguar is purchasing a iPod touch 3rd generation. Mr. Grey is drinking beers and staying out of the heat thinking about Ms. Pearl Pull. Misses her a lot.
iPod hand held devices are essential in today's travel. No heavy laptops to carry. The convenience of a computer in your palm.
Thanks for following. Love you earthlings.
3:23pm - spent 40 minutes picking out music to upload on to McJaguars new iPod touch. Over 70 albums.
558pm - ate Mexican food. Still waiting for all of the music to be uploaded onto iPod. Leaving Siem Reap at 800pm on a night bus.

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Day Eight: Ankor Watt

The ancient temples if Angkor Wat bring history to life. It's breath taking and full of wonder. These ancient temples were built to show the power of yesteryears Khmer kingdom. The defeaters of Siam (present day Thailand).
The people of Cambodia are friendlier than the Thai's. I hate to make such generalizations but for a people living in poverty they are happy people.
My experience in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat has been breathtaking.
The children merchants are persistent so be friendly and show some love and you'll have a wonderful time getting to know the future of Cambodia. At one point I said "I dint want to buy that dear, I just want to eat my lunch". While sitting at a open market near one of the temples. They wanted me to spend a dollar on a gift for my girlfriend. "Why aren't you all in school?" in unison thy respond, "Its Sunday"!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Seven: Border Crossing

4:12pm - Got through the shadiest border crossing ever. Still about 3 hours out from the border. I need deorderant bad. Spent all day traveling and still not at Siem Reap.
4:45pm - We crossed over into Cambodia in Pompeii. Before crossing over we bought visa's at some claimed consulate. The visa was slightly rushed on us giving us the feeling of being dooped without choice. In the end we purchased our visa's from Adam at the border.
Once we crossed into cambodia we haggled for what we thought to be a bus to siem reap. However, the bus stopped so we can be crammed into another bus about 5 kilometers down the road. It's crazy traveling in a country where the language is unfamiliar. Damn I'm hungry too.
An hour outside Siem Reap the bus stops at an unplanned rest for an hour. It's already dark and the bus driver wants to rest here. Feels like a scam the Internet warned against. We eventually made it to our hotel, king Angkor via Tuk Tuk upon departing the bus on arrival.

Day Six: Bangkok

A Korean, Brazillian and a Californian walk into a go go bar...
McJaguar made it into Pattaya eventually making it over Buddah Hill, heading south to find Gibby and I in Jomtien.
If your ever in Jomtien or the surrounding area and want affordabe clean rooms, look for Jomtien Hostel.
The three of us are now heading into Bangkok now. I've got my headphones on and the Thai guy next to me is talking on his phone and his voice resonates in my head. They sort of have a nasal sounding voice. I wonder if it has anything to do with the location of Thailand to the equator. There language carries in the low barometric pressure. His voice is in my dome even when my music is playing.
ตคพะขวรนยไใหกดเจบาลสแผปองชทม฿ This is how Thai looks in written form.
I'm now checked into a hotel at Bangkok. Schedule for tonight, rest.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Five: Pattaya, Thailand

9:44am - when you dehydrated from the heat and lack of water, it only takes a few beers together elevated.
6:36pm. - tired. Going out for Korean food in Thailand.
I miss understanding what the hell is being said around me?

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Four: Pattaya

11:55am - Good morning sunshine with beach waves crashing on the shores.
Gibby made it into town last night. Right about the time I'd given up hope.
After eating dinner last night I checked into a hotel. There after I walked down the beach towards the busy section. It was 2 kilometers one way. There and back and my puppies were hurting. I sat down to check Internet/facebook and read that Gibby was here. With a smile I press respond and look up and guess who I see.
We walked back down the beach drinking and getting hit on by the prostitutes. Gross, ladyboys too. I kept saying, no thank you. I have a girlfriend. No sucky, I love my girlfriend. It was fun.
2:10pm. - got a chance to jump in the ocean with my new swimming trunks. The water is warm. My trunks are what I thought to be billabong. Turns out there billaboard. Fail.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Three: Pattaya

7:45am. - Im in back pain from carrying the backpack yestaerday and the Thai massage. It feels good to be awake this early.
1019am. - Sitting on balcony waiting for check out time. Will be reading a book on the beach there after.
I'm sure I mentioned this but if not... There a lot of old men here with super young Thai girlfriends. It's sort of sad and mostly gross.
My book on this journey is "Phenomenology of Perception" by Merleu-Ponty.
My buddy Gibby will be coming into Pattaya today. Till then it's just me and the book.
1257pm - The one major thing about travelling alone is that you don't feel secure about leaving you bag around. I need to piss so bad but don't want to go through the hassle of taking my bag with me. Where's Gibby, I need to whizzzzz.
630pm - got tired of waiting. Just finshed dinner and going to a find a room for the night. It's beautiful out here.
Dinner was chicken curry.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

South East Asia: Day Two

I woke in the airport seating area with my right ear in pain. The pressure from the borometer is causing my entire head to hurt. I can barely hear out of my right ear. It's 5:46am and I'm still waiting for my bus to Pattaya. Bangkok can wait. First order of action, go to the beach.
Gibby is already in Thailand, Koh Chang and plans to meet me in Pattaya on Tuesday.
Today, is my alone time of adjusting to my new environment. Damn my ear hurts.
I make it to Pattaya beach by 9am. Tied my shoe laces and marched to the beach. It's fucking hot here. I still can't find Internet. Still writting though.
Marched up the beach for an hour. Now eating breakfast, eggs, a hotdog wrapped in ham with a large Chang beer. It's 10:10am.
I finally found internet. 40baht an hour. Updated my first day.
400pm. Checked into the budget hotel across from beach. Been here a little over an hour now. Hiked way up the beach and was getting tired. Stopped at cafe la mars for a nice cheese bacon hamburger.
Now, a little rested I feel like getting a Thai massage. 200baht which is equivelent to about 7$ American dollars.
Oh, I forgot. My balcony looks out to the beach.
900pm. Sitting in the front area of hotel facing beach drinking beer.
Good night multiverse.

Welcome to Thailand folks.

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South East Asia: Day One

Today I spent the day with the girlfriend. My last time to see her for 22 days. We jumped on the bus in East Seoul towards Incheon International Airport.
I wished we were going on this trip together.
This was all yesterday in retrospect. As I sit on a plane I'm excited for the 22 day adventure. I arrive in Bangkok early morning of March first, approx. 145a.m.
The plan upon arrival is to jump on a bus from the airport heading to Pataya Beach.
Shout out to Dumbfoundead and his Jam Session 2.0 and the original beat by Handsome Boy Modeling School 'the truth' which is playing on the iPod touch.
Landed at 1am.
Bus to pataya is at 7am. Going to wait it out at the airport.

Check in daily as I log my travels via iPod touch and the blogger application.

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