Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Seven: Border Crossing

4:12pm - Got through the shadiest border crossing ever. Still about 3 hours out from the border. I need deorderant bad. Spent all day traveling and still not at Siem Reap.
4:45pm - We crossed over into Cambodia in Pompeii. Before crossing over we bought visa's at some claimed consulate. The visa was slightly rushed on us giving us the feeling of being dooped without choice. In the end we purchased our visa's from Adam at the border.
Once we crossed into cambodia we haggled for what we thought to be a bus to siem reap. However, the bus stopped so we can be crammed into another bus about 5 kilometers down the road. It's crazy traveling in a country where the language is unfamiliar. Damn I'm hungry too.
An hour outside Siem Reap the bus stops at an unplanned rest for an hour. It's already dark and the bus driver wants to rest here. Feels like a scam the Internet warned against. We eventually made it to our hotel, king Angkor via Tuk Tuk upon departing the bus on arrival.

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