Monday, March 1, 2010

South East Asia: Day Two

I woke in the airport seating area with my right ear in pain. The pressure from the borometer is causing my entire head to hurt. I can barely hear out of my right ear. It's 5:46am and I'm still waiting for my bus to Pattaya. Bangkok can wait. First order of action, go to the beach.
Gibby is already in Thailand, Koh Chang and plans to meet me in Pattaya on Tuesday.
Today, is my alone time of adjusting to my new environment. Damn my ear hurts.
I make it to Pattaya beach by 9am. Tied my shoe laces and marched to the beach. It's fucking hot here. I still can't find Internet. Still writting though.
Marched up the beach for an hour. Now eating breakfast, eggs, a hotdog wrapped in ham with a large Chang beer. It's 10:10am.
I finally found internet. 40baht an hour. Updated my first day.
400pm. Checked into the budget hotel across from beach. Been here a little over an hour now. Hiked way up the beach and was getting tired. Stopped at cafe la mars for a nice cheese bacon hamburger.
Now, a little rested I feel like getting a Thai massage. 200baht which is equivelent to about 7$ American dollars.
Oh, I forgot. My balcony looks out to the beach.
900pm. Sitting in the front area of hotel facing beach drinking beer.
Good night multiverse.

Welcome to Thailand folks.

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