Friday, January 30, 2009

It's the Weekend

It feels like it has been over a week since I've posted. In reality its only been five days. The post before the 25th was another five days. This accounts for the eerie feeling of being so long since the colors have been updated. All the winners of the "Blog it Forward" campaign have check in and now it's time to go out shopping in the shopping district for something original and culturally unique. A gift that shouts this is Korea, South Korea... the soul of Asia.

The Korean Lunar New Year was great. A few duckets (cash) came my way. Mostly for my skills in playing poker. When the T.V. was on, the act of not paying attention to the game came in handy. People were unable to figure out if my hand was genuine or not. The uncertainty help to win a few more duckets either way... They called if I had the real deal and folded when I was bluffing.

On Monday evening I met up with the fellas and headed to our stomping ground to celebrate the festivities.

Wednesday was back to work which turned out to be a nice three day work week.

This brings us to Friday.

A friend of mine (Canadian Wildcat) picked up a book for me about picking up women. The book has a lot to say about social interactions and how to keep a female interested in the pursuit without getting distracted or uninterested. Mostly the book offers confidence to those who may lack suck confidence when interacting with women. This has nothing in common with me. In most situations I'm calm and easy to get along with. It helps that I've got a natural intuition about reading body language and possibly a sixth sense about interacting in social settings. In the past it was hard to put a finger on what exactly gave me the cues to do what and how. The book gave a little light to how it all looks under the microscope and in some sense will refine my ability to interact with people in social settings.

Tonight I hope to put some of the things that have been enlightening in the book to the test.

With regards to the weekend... I hope that everybody had a wonderful week and that the weekend is just as enjoyable. I'll have a Gin w/Apple Juice to start the night off and I hope you raise your alcoholic beverages up on Friday night with thoughts of grandeur.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

If you fucked it up the first time there's always the Lunar New Year. This year the Lunar New Year falls on Monday. This is one of Korea's busiest week. One of 2 weeks that Seoul becomes a ghost town The Korean Lunar New Year and the Korean Full Moon Thanksgiving (Chuseok).

Most Korean people are on a mass exodus to their country side homes. It's where one of the parents are originally from or their Grandparents. In some cases it's where their ancestors are buried. Families come together and gift each other with money and feast on a variety of delicious Korean dishes.

Unlike the North American holiday system Korea is restricted to a few holidays a year. If your lucky you might have a total of 10 days off in a year. These 10 days vary from year to year due to the lunar calender which makes dates change from year to year. For example... last year the Korean Lunar New Year fell in the month of February. As you may well have known this year the same holiday is in January.

This year my New Year's plan was to get out of Seoul at least once a month. Last weekend a bunch of friends and I ventured out of Seoul to visit a Folk Village and the city fortress of Suwon. Suwon is a city south of Seoul about an hour out by transportation. The hour varies depending on what system of transportation a person takes. On our way to Suwon we caught the bus which took almost two hours. We stayed the night in Suwon and saw the important sights or the ones that were visible from our point of trajectory. The fortress is smack in the middle of town surrounded by mountains and a wall encircling the the fortress. It's amazing.

The best part of this time around is that I'm not in the drunken stupor that I was in a few weeks back. Later today I will visit my Aunts' and Uncles'. We will travel to see my Grandfather's younger brother who is the head of the family (It's a Confusionist/cultural thing, my grandfather passed away before my mother was married now my grandfather's younger brother is the head of the family. I just call him Grandfather or lil Grandfather). We will feast on food. We will give our respects to our elders by bowing in traditional Korean (I'm still figuring out how to do that right). The men will gather around a table and play 7 card stud. This is the Korean Lunar New Year!

Happy Korean Lunar New Year everybody.

I'd like to take this time to congratulate the four commenter's on my previous post. Congratulations. Although, originally there were only going to be three winners I think an exception can be granted to the four who stamped their mark of approval.

The winners are...


If the following four can drop a note in my inbox/email with their address I can begin stocking you four. No, seriously their should be a gift culturally Korean in the mail for you within the month.

I ask in return (minus JenBun, this originated through her) the three of you ladies to forward a gift as done here on this site or something similar. Actually, adding your own twist would definitely add some flavor.

... and my favorite alcoholic beverage is... wait for it... Gin & Apple Juice on ice. I'll settle for whiskey on ice if no apple juice is available.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

De-lurking Week/ Blog it Forward

It's not often that I win anything. It so happens that last week I was awarded a prize from among five. Cheers!

If you visit JenBun's blog you can get the detail to the win.

This is how it works. All you anonymous reader get to de-lurk yourselves and leave a comment. You can share your favorite alcoholic drink or just pop in to say hi. Anybody can get involved. This isn't just for the anonymous. The best part is that from among the commenter's I will choose 3 people to receive something uniquely Korean in the mail (Blog it Forward). In return I ask that the 3 winners Blog it Forward by sending an act of kindness without expectation of anything in return. I think the following quote sums it up best...

"[T]he exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in his/her turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward in his/her own way. I agree to send something fun, inspiring or uplifting to three random commenter's. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and so on."

You have till 11:59 P.M. Friday U.S. Pacific time. This should give all the North American folks the same amount of time as those out here in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Hope to hear from you all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

Today was Show & Tell day at school. Normally this involves the kids bringing in some type of item. The kids are then taught how to talk about the item in English. In the past this involved toys, favorite items, pictures or something culturally Korean. Today was different. The kids spoke about their parent's career/occupation. Most Korean mothers are home makers. This led most of the students to speak about their Father's occupation. Of the 11 kindergarten students only five knew what occupation their Father was in.

Each student took turns answering my first question:

Grey: What is your Father's occupation?
One student: T.V.
Grey: Your Father is on T.V.?
One student: No. My Father watches T.V.

The Eleven students that I teach are divided into two classes. One class is slightly more advanced than the other class. This week two of the students advanced into the higher level class. In the lower level class the students were curious about why the two students left their class and were now in the higher level class (they don't call it the higher level class. They call it Sammy Class).

Girl Student: Teacher.
Grey: Yes?
Girl Student: Why Jasmine in Sammy Class? (Literally, as it is written).
Grey: ... (silence).
Boy Student: Jasmine wanted to be in Henry's class because their going to get married.

If you got anything to add. Please honor us with your knowledge of funny things kids say.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grey's Commitment Issue

Did anybody see the movie about a guy who ages backwards? It's quite an interesting movie. The story is intriguing and definitely worth your time. It doesn't end very happily. If anybody is planning on watching it remember, although it isn't happy it's well worth the time investment. It isn't exactly depressing either. A very well rounded story told on film. Check it out.

There was something about the movie that got me thinking about my own women situation. The issue involves... mainly commitment. Let me back track a little.

I'm not sure if it's true and maybe somebody from the world of the Multi-web can give some light to it. Do women settle? I mean, it seems that women are always speaking of their dreamy unfulfilled love with a guy. This usually takes place some time in their late teens or early twenties. Women talk of this dreamy unfulfilled love sometime after they are involved with somebody else. I'd say some women would trade their present life situations for a chance to relive their dreamy past. Some women have actually ventured to fulfill their dreamy love and have failed terribly. Later in life the dream of this unfulfilled love on their death beds.

The women that have crossed paths with me have long passed that dreamy love stage in their lives.

"There's no way that this is love." Grey says.

Now of course... this is all beside the point. The truth of Grey's matter is that he's got issues. The issue boils down to commitment.

It isn't quite clear to me if it's fear that prevents me from falling in love or my lack of interest to begin with. My lack of interest in love? No, this couldn't be it. Love and it's many aspects awakens my curiosity.

There is the other idea that hovers over my issue. The amount of people there are on this Earth. There are billions of people. As a pragmatist following the line of my favorite philosopher... Shouldn't all the women have their say and is that even possible? Of course not. I'd be dead and why would they want to take the time to speak their opinion to me? They wouldn't. Not every woman would have their say. Why? Not until the end of the world and no human is procreated again would their be an end of a woman's opinion.

Who wants to make a mistake? Not me. I don't want to marry the wrong person.

I'm pulled between the two spectrum's. Maybe there is no spectrum. It boils down to me being afraid.

Now... back to that dreamy unfulfilled love. Woman aren't the only one's with dreamy unfulfilled love. Is that the other side of the spectrum that divides this heart.

The variable amount of women sit on one side of the spectrum. The possibility of making a mistake and giving up on my dreamy love from the past.

My issue with commitment... fear. No more denying it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

An end to binge drinking... for a while.

How could I allow my vacation to slip away... one drink after another? On one day it seems that my vacation was beginning. A few drinks later it was the day before my vacation ended. In between the drinks were a few blank memories and hours of laying in bed trying to recover. There were many things that could have been accomplished. This marks the end to binge drinking... at least for awhile. Grey's liver needs recuperation. Grey's kidneys need proper liquids to filter and expunge. Grey's body needs proper nutrition to get his mind functioning as a healthy young male brain should be functioning.

Now drinking isn't down the drain forever all together. There are times of lapsing into the dark tunnel of drunkenness. A lapse into it can be revelatory. Now it's time to allow the creative spirit to unleash itself. It is time to focus the energy towards creativity, life & the pursuit of happiness?

All of Grey's anatomy has the right to equal benefits of health. We the anatomy of Grey's Republic here forth declare this day...

It hasn't fully sunk in that the year has progressed and it is now the year Two Thousand and Nine. Can you believe it folks? Where has the time gone?

During my youth I remember thinking that the year 2000 had so much to offer humanity. The imagination ventured to see the moon colonized. Humanity would be driving floating cars [like the ones from back to the future]. Seriously, back in the 1980's. Didn't you imagine a world of the future by the year 2010... at the least 2020? Now that seems like 360 days away. A little more than 51 weeks left till Michael J. Fox shows up with his Dalorian... back from where ever the fuck this time. It's amazing... time and aging. It boggles me to fathom.

The truth is, at the least from my subjective perspective... technology has advanced more in the last 30 years than it has in any given 300 years combined [that was a long sentence]. It's hard to imagine the world before computers, Internet, cell phones and big screen theaters.

Imagine with me of how information traveled across the populace just 200 years ago. Imagine how rumors of wars were heard months if not years later.

Today, information is instant. We hear of terrorism in Mumbai hours after it occurred. We watch buildings crumble as it happens and wonder in fear if we are at war.

All this reflecting leaves me wondering. What does the next 10 years hold for us/humanity?

Cheers to you all. I hope this year you find much to appreciate and embrace with full curiosity.