Friday, January 30, 2009

It's the Weekend

It feels like it has been over a week since I've posted. In reality its only been five days. The post before the 25th was another five days. This accounts for the eerie feeling of being so long since the colors have been updated. All the winners of the "Blog it Forward" campaign have check in and now it's time to go out shopping in the shopping district for something original and culturally unique. A gift that shouts this is Korea, South Korea... the soul of Asia.

The Korean Lunar New Year was great. A few duckets (cash) came my way. Mostly for my skills in playing poker. When the T.V. was on, the act of not paying attention to the game came in handy. People were unable to figure out if my hand was genuine or not. The uncertainty help to win a few more duckets either way... They called if I had the real deal and folded when I was bluffing.

On Monday evening I met up with the fellas and headed to our stomping ground to celebrate the festivities.

Wednesday was back to work which turned out to be a nice three day work week.

This brings us to Friday.

A friend of mine (Canadian Wildcat) picked up a book for me about picking up women. The book has a lot to say about social interactions and how to keep a female interested in the pursuit without getting distracted or uninterested. Mostly the book offers confidence to those who may lack suck confidence when interacting with women. This has nothing in common with me. In most situations I'm calm and easy to get along with. It helps that I've got a natural intuition about reading body language and possibly a sixth sense about interacting in social settings. In the past it was hard to put a finger on what exactly gave me the cues to do what and how. The book gave a little light to how it all looks under the microscope and in some sense will refine my ability to interact with people in social settings.

Tonight I hope to put some of the things that have been enlightening in the book to the test.

With regards to the weekend... I hope that everybody had a wonderful week and that the weekend is just as enjoyable. I'll have a Gin w/Apple Juice to start the night off and I hope you raise your alcoholic beverages up on Friday night with thoughts of grandeur.



Anonymous said...

LOL, hey Luis, hope u have fun tonite. I have to chuckle about the book just a bit, lol. Although it is very interesting how men and women interact with each other, and it is nice to have some insight on this topic, but just be yourself dude!!! I think women like a man that is truly genuine in every way, and btw, I believe u probably are?? lol Anyway, hope u had fun testing some of the theories, talk soon, take care,
Julian :)

Paris said...

Morning, Luis. Hope you had a good time last night! Let us know how it went. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again my friend!! Have u been having a good weekend?? I hope so :) I've left something for u on my blog, so come on over when u get time! Have a great day :)

Paris said...

Stopping by to say hello!! :)