Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Meaning of Groundhogs Day

The year was 2003, February 1st. It was the last time that Grey talked to her before engaging her 15 months later with a journal of writings. It wasn't by choice that their relationship ended abruptly eventually fading into a distant memory. The first three years after that day were the darkest years of his life. There were a million questions about everything and there were no answers that satisfied him. The world appeared to be conspiring to bring failure to his life.

K.C. had her reasons for disengaging in social interactions with Grey. The insidious part of their social separation is that Grey didn't have a clue to the question of why. There were no explanations and the relationship ended.

The three Groundhogs Day that followed were a reminder of a previous life without closure. A song of sorrowful blues rang continually in the heart of Grey. The somber life that unfolded was impossible to hide with illusions of smiles. Any happiness Grey sought out to fill the hole left by K.C. was an attempt to cure a critical condition with a band-aid.

Depression is a funny thing. It isn't just chemical not that body chemistry doesn't have a significant part in depression. The thing that we fail to take into consideration is that it isn't just any of one thing or explanation. It isn't just cognitive thought. It isn't just pre-social conditions. It isn't just chemistry. It isn't just lifestyle. It isn't just genetic disposition. The point being that all the mentioned above are part of the reasons for Grey's demise.

K.C. is not to blame. K.C. was the pinpoint expression of a more serious condition that surrounded Grey's world. The focus point of a cosmos gone haywire gravitating to a milieu by the name of K.C.

It has been six years since that cold day in February. It is significant to point out that in no way would Grey trade any of those dark days through the valley of demise. The sun shines again pouring down kisses of exquisite rays of ecstasy for life. It's in death that we realize the power of life. Today, Grey is more alive than he's ever been since the valley of demise.

The biggest change propelling Grey into a life fully owned with no remorse is the environment change. Grey literally had to transplant himself from his comfortable social environment and begin again. This took the form or an actual exodus from the land of America to the a small country in Asia. The soul of Asia, Korea.

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