Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter in Korea

It's cold again here in Korea. The temperature barely breaks freezing point. It's been below zero for the majority of the week. It sucks.

A few more weeks and maybe the real groundhog will make it's presence felt with the beginning of Spring. I want to see the sprouting of new life. The green emerging from the dead. The colors of the cherry blossoms.

A few hundred years ago society was in a much different world. We all know and take so much of it for granted. Anthropologically speaking... we as humans are not made for 12 months of work. The early humans migrated with the animals. Eventually, early society learned to farm the land. Farming is not a year long occupation.

Animals have a cycle through the year and in some ways the human species should learn from our closest example of a bio-rhythm. Creation or the Earth as we know it... okay on this side or the Southern side of the hemisphere there is most definitely a cycle of rebirth... life and the eventual death. The seasons capture this so well and every Spring we are blessed with the reincarnation of that life again.

Where was my hibernation? Capitalism has stripped us of our natural human cycle and has made us slaves of the corporate machine. AH!

You can't live without it and you hate it when it crushes the joy of life into a compressed can of properly timed enjoyment.

On another note. The weekend previous to this the guys and I went out to the slopes to snowboard. It was definitely one of those canned enjoyments. Wish I could do it all winter without being burdened with work.


Paris said...

Yeah!! You're back! ***HUGS*** :)

I can't imagine how cold it is there ALL the time. Wow! And I think it's cold here. I best stop complaining, huh? ;)

And snowboarding??? How totally fun!

PS Stop by my blog, when you get the chance and click on the link to the right to see my art. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sandi said...

I've been worried about you! Glad you are back, and I love your music.