Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring is here... Korea.

It is with my great apologies that this post comes to you. It has been ages since the last time the will to express made it's presence come forth in action.

The cherry blossoms are beginning here in Korea. With a few more nights of the moon over our heads Korea will be covered with pollen. Life will emerge from the Earth once again. Spring is just about here.

I have a question for you suave tech folks out in the Multiweb. What sort of operating system do you use for you computer?

A. Microsoft Windows
B. Apple OSX
C. Linux
D. Other

The reason that this question stirs my curiosity is directly related to my new purchase. Recently, I bought a new notebook (laptop). I decided to purchase an Apple MacBook. It runs on Apples' OSX. It's taking some time to get familiar with. This I say with the greatest satisfaction with my purchase. I love my new MacBook.

Back in the days of University, an era ago, I worked in the computer labs of campus. We had one lab that only had Mac's. I swore back then that it would be out of the question to purchase one. Look at me now, typing away it and enjoying the sleek design with it's user friendly operating system.

Most of my life, it's been the IBM formated computers operating under the MSN Windows software. People have said that it's a terrible system that so happens to have the market cornered in many aspects of the Multiweb world.

Anyway... sorry everybody for my long absence and I look forward to seeing your answers.


CJ said...

I'm glad you like your new Mac.

I use Mac OSX. I had my first Apple computer in the early 80's. It didn't even have a shift key. To capitalize, one had to hit escape, type in the first letter of a name, then hit escape to go back to lower case. I convinced the school where I taught to purchase one of the early Macs for the art department. Since then, we've had 6 or 7 different Macs. We now have Frankenstein computers. My husband purchased several different components on eBay and put them together.

b luis grey said...

Very cool story. A pioneer of the Mac.

Sandi said...

I am a MAC girl! We have seven apple computers in this house! I truly believe they are the best!

b luis grey said...

Nice. If I have any software questions or in need of any particular kind of software I know who to ask.
Which reminds me... Which program would be best for fixing up my photo's like an artist does? A friend suggested Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Any suggestions?
As a replacement for OfficeWord I switched over to Bean word processor. It's a minimalist word processor that is beautiful and easy to use.