Tuesday, September 23, 2008

101. when

101. when

when walking through the grass,

i'm a giant walking through the forest.
when looking through a glass,
i'm a tower looking past the desert.
when looking at the sun,
i'm a tree dancing in the light.
when i see the clouds,
i'm a sea creature looking up from the sea.
when i'm in my car,
i'm an asteroid passing all the stars.
when inside my house,
i'm on a mountain a foundation for the heart.
when i'm living a day of a life,
i'm a theme of a long beautiful melody.
when i think of all the lives,
i'm a strand within a tapestry.
when i see my friends,
i'm alive in them in the end.
when i'm all alone,
my heart to you is my phone.

Children of the Earth

This is a photo taken of hurricane Ike. Which brings up a number of questions.

The news failed to show the devastation of hurricane Ike. Why do you think the devastation of hurricane Ike was suppressed?

Why are the natural disasters becoming more devastating?

I have friends and family who live in Texas. While here in Korea somebody asked me about Texas and the condition of a friend. My friend recently returned to the states after living here in Korea for a year.

I told the person inquiring... "He's fine, there's no way the hurricane caused any damage in Austin, Texas. If any, it's minor."

This morning I was checking my networking site. A friend of mine had written. She is also from Texas. She said that they're just now getting power back. That there's tree's all over. The Internet is down. She got a message through to me from a sandwich shop.

I also read that the effects of these hurricane's were felt up in Toronto, Canada.

Doesn't it feel like the Earth is trying to reduce our numbers?

Are we straining our mother, the Earth?

Do we even have the right to call ourselves children of the Earth? Would it be more accurate to call us parasites of the Earth?

Would enjoy reading any answers to any of the questions.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Women with children and those without

Koreans love to drink soju. It's a cheap alcohol sold in any convenient store or restaurant. It doesn't have any particular taste that makes it stand out. There are two main brands of the stuff. One's called [loosely translated] 'like the first time' and the other is just 'cham so ju'. I can't tell the difference between the two. They taste, smell and intoxicate the same.

A co-worker and I decided to drink in front of the convenient store in our neighborhood. It's not illegal in Korea to drink in public. There are even tables and chairs in front of the convenient store to announce to anybody passing by... please loiter here.

While drinking our first bottle a guy we met the other day drove up. Joseph had met us a few weeks previous and asked if we were hungry. Sure.

We ate pork strips cooked in front of us. Actually, in Korea you will find a lot of restaurants that have the grill built into the tables. The costumers cook their own food. I'll have to take some pictures and post it some time. Yum, we ate and we drank. Mostly it was me drinking the cheap soju which costs about a $1.20 a bottle. It's 20 percent alcohol and it's drunk in shot classes.

Joseph proceeds to ask a few questions one of them being the following.
Q: Do you prefer Ajumah's [women with children] or Agashi's [women without children]?

Joseph is a bit older than myself and is quite blunt with his questions. I told him the truth. That I don't mess around with women who have children because I myself have no children. It isn't a logical answer but that's what I said.

There's something interesting about the question and the two types of women. Joseph's point being that women without children [agashi's] don't spend money. They like to be treated on dates. Women with children [ajumah's] on the other hand will spend money with you. Which makes sense for me being the working man that I am. I like to spend my time [my hours worked equates money] without feeling squeezed dry. Women aren't parasites. In Korea though, as a foreigner things can get a little shady.

However, with my opinion aside. It's an interesting social phenomena. Women with Children and those without.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Neanderthal Link???

I came across an add while surfing the net for funny news. The add was concerning the Neanderthal link to present humans... How human were they and in some sense the question begs to ask more. How animal were humans?

I've been thinking about feelings or human experience. Consciousness, we assume is limited to the higher life forms. The higher life forms being specifically hu[man]ity. The animal channel, the National Geographic channel are a few channels that show conscious thought of animals. I call to mind the different social behaviors of animals such as dolphins, dogs, elephants to name a few.

Maybe there isn't something that we can identify as retrospective thought in animals. Does not being able to identify retrospective or recollected thought in animals mean it doesn't exist? Of course not.

Biologically speaking... we are all of the Earth and maybe the mind and it's emergent consciousness isn't something out of this world but precisely of this world.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Thoughts in the ROK [Republic of Korea]

Then it came to me. It doesn't have to be something spectacular. It doesn't have to be the Nobel in literature. The only thing that it needs to be is my medium of expression. My canvas of sort.

Then the mind wonders. It's allowed to be free in it's self. To become less of being in itself but to allow the process to become a theme embraced. Flamboyant attempts to herd words into longated structures of overstretched rubber bands will not be necessary.

The heat of the ROK continues to bring drops of sweat down the brow. The wind doesn't blow enough. The shades don't shelter enough. It all passes while I sit in the office. The day passes like the days before. Here, I wish to be out there. When I do find myself out there it's ironic that I have nothing to do and find myself settling for a cool air-conditioned room.

I'm divided inside.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Courage To Be

The world of blog has become larger than I could ever imagine. With so much being said and done it's hard to compose a thought of worth. In reflection, I shutter with the idea that it's difficult to be me. I shrivel in my seat exasperated by my defeat. The courage to be is the struggle to overcome my failure to conceive. The failure to actualize this attempt to be.

This Blog was created a year ago. A year without a post this blog remained. Desolate in a multi-verse of blogs, with subjects that are beyond categorization. The movement has been made. The blog has risen from the grave.

Harnessing mental and moral strength, the reader and I venture to believe. Man is not the slave of fear nor does the world fashion itself to despair. In a sigh of relief I do away with the sigh of defeat. For today, I find my courage to be.

Not with idea's of false humility. A disguise of pride. Nor the attempt to hide behind lies. I position my milieu in the margins of lines. I hope the reflection is honest and true. That the grays of life will become colors with clues to a world I believe is made all up in you.

I experience and write and the reader perceives. This is the world that defines. We are never just who we think we are. We are also who others believe. The courage comes when we are without shame and fear able to be. The courage of me is to be and let all my others believe.