Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Children of the Earth

This is a photo taken of hurricane Ike. Which brings up a number of questions.

The news failed to show the devastation of hurricane Ike. Why do you think the devastation of hurricane Ike was suppressed?

Why are the natural disasters becoming more devastating?

I have friends and family who live in Texas. While here in Korea somebody asked me about Texas and the condition of a friend. My friend recently returned to the states after living here in Korea for a year.

I told the person inquiring... "He's fine, there's no way the hurricane caused any damage in Austin, Texas. If any, it's minor."

This morning I was checking my networking site. A friend of mine had written. She is also from Texas. She said that they're just now getting power back. That there's tree's all over. The Internet is down. She got a message through to me from a sandwich shop.

I also read that the effects of these hurricane's were felt up in Toronto, Canada.

Doesn't it feel like the Earth is trying to reduce our numbers?

Are we straining our mother, the Earth?

Do we even have the right to call ourselves children of the Earth? Would it be more accurate to call us parasites of the Earth?

Would enjoy reading any answers to any of the questions.

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