Wednesday, October 29, 2008

108. Worlds Collide:

I'm tired from being busy all day at work. Too busy to find time to continue with my goal. Goal number two. Blog for 31 consecutive days. I hope you don't mind another poem from the archives.

Which reminds me. I was thinking of doing a series called Ken Harry Yellow. A series of poems written in 2007. Anybody interested?

Kids are quite funny. I teach Korean kids who are barely able to speak any English. Some do speak better than others. The funny thing about teaching these kids is that they pick up the way you speak. They emulate whatever is said even trying to get the tone of voice.

There's this one kid in particular, Hennessy [not his real name]. He's watching me intently as I'm trying to get organized before teaching the lesson plan. It dawns on me that I've forgotten to bring something down from the office, 'shnaps'. As I'm walking out the door to run up to the office Hennessy is saying, 'shnaps'.

108. Worlds Collide

i look out from the world inside
in towards the world outside.
through space that takes time
to traverse from my world to yours.
in space our worlds collide
to make electrical impulses seem
more than random fire blazing
trails. magnetic pulls of centered
lives on important confessions
of relevant claims. of human
interest, splattered on matter.
the gray images of matter... all
presented from creation till now.
protons with electrons gathered
around the neurons of life. and we
say with opinions of morality
what is our likes and the rejection
of dislikes. it falls apart in the light.
levels of success fade into strivings
of inter-galactic strains of space.
all of wo[man] a rock in space, each of
whom contains a world inside
a micro version of macro space.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

122. Potential Superhero

I found this cool picture of a superhero. Click on the picture to link to the artist, Michael Dougherty.

How many of us are fans of the T.V. series Heroes. In Korea it's impossible to catch the third season without downloading it via torrent downloads. Torrent downloads is a peer to peer sharing software that allows people like myself to view sought after T.V. series' that are impossible to find outside of the United States.

While waiting for my seventh episode to download I've been cruising the Multi-web looking for idea's to blog about. The idea came to me.

If you were a superhero what sort of super power would you have? I leave this question to you the reader.

As a superhero I would like the power of quick regeneration & healing.

A follow up question... What would be your cool superhero name?
Mr. Grey'ce pronounced Grace.

With that being said. I'd like to leave you with a doodle.

122. Potential Superhero:

Everybody wants to be a hero
Haven't met many people striving for zero
Although that could be humility
Or it could be the fear o...
Hmmm... The fear of?

Spotlights missing doesn't make us marginalized
It's a massive Multi-verse that's no surprise
The smaller things that are sometimes overlooked
Are more important than they appear in size
Oh... Do we still try

In our world of toys, gadgets to entertain
We lose our ability to imagine and use our brain
Not in all cases, don't mean to generalize
Just making a point, don't refrain
Everybody is born naked and given a name.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Silver Thermos

I'm always happy to be picked back up again after being ignored for the weekend. Monday is an exciting time of the week.

The first stop is Holly's Coffee. It opens at 9:00 a.m. Grey usually will take the lid off and hand me over to the cash register to the beautiful hands of the coffee lady. What ever she fills me with is warm and It keeps Grey coming back to see me throughout the day.

The coffee lady hands me back to Grey. He will usually make sure that my compression lid is on tight and then he screws the metallic lid back on top. We then travel on foot for approximately 15 minutes.

During the day I guard the desk. I don't say much, just look as eye appealing as possible. It brings Grey back frequently to the desk. At times, when I'm alone on the desk I think about the time he will hold me again. It's my highlight.

By noon, I'm empty. Grey however, will take me downstairs and fill me up from a pot of something warm again. I usually last until the evening keeping whatever contents that are in me as warm as when it first arrived.

In the evening usually not to much after 6:00 P.M. we're heading back home. When we arrive at home I usually sit on the desk not to far from the laptop. There are some other cool gadgets that I interact with while at home. Mostly, I sit and wait for tomorrow.

I'd like to welcome our new subscriber, 'all about cynthia'. She's new to the blog world. Let's give her a BIG welcome!
For any new visitors: Please see this blog entry -------->"here". <----------

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visitors from the United States,

Saturday was long and lasted through the night, merging into Sunday afternoon.

Need rest. A lot of rest.

On a more exciting note concerning the Bloggers Block post:
One of my goals for 'grey image' is to attract visitors from all the states of the United States. I think that some of the territories should be included also, i.e. The Virgin Island Territories or Guam.

In order to accomplish
Bloggers Block goal # four I've decided to do a roll call by state. If you are from the United States and would like to represent your state and it hasn't been announced in the comments area below please comment to this post with a reference of the state you are visiting 'grey image'. I thank you in advance for all your participation.

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Rise and shine with the morning sun. I look out towards the sky and see that indeed the sun is out today. A perfect day to attend a wedding. This entry will be short and something dug up from my archives of poems to keep in step with 'blogger block' goal number 3. Write 31 consecutive days.

It's Saturday Morning and I skipped my usual Friday night of debauchery in favor of an American styled breakfast. This will take me to the part of Seoul, Korea where foreigners are known to congregate and hang out. One reason for this congregation towards Itaewon [the name of the neighborhood] is because it's located next to a U.S. military base. It is also in a central location in the City. Itaewon is also the center for foreigners and for me it's breakfast day, American style.

I'd like to take this time to welcome a new subscriber, Lucky Thirteen plus one. She's got an interesting story being blogged. Check her out! She's also helping out the cause to help 'grey image' to fulfill bloggers block goal number 2. Obtain 7 followers. Thank you Sandi.

And now... acrchived poem number 15:

15. Poetry:
They say I am a poet,
Until I am dead, no one knows it.
Drawn to the page my reader and thoughts
Casting a vision, un-tying the knots.

Deep in my stomach a gut wrenching voice;
A sound, a noise, in your soul my voice
You catch a glimpse of a life not your own,
Like one of many layed across a beach of stone.

Grown from the inner sacntum of Earth,
Meaningless to all, to a reader some worth.
Clasp the page make it say your name.
Surround it in frames pick away at my brain.

Artistry in words, This is poetry proclaimed.
Nonetheless, in the end, it's just words on a page.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Antarctica Needs You

I found a fresh blog site with a focus on doodles. I don't mean doodles as we normally would think of them. The doodles I speak of is in relation to poetry. The basics to the blog is doodles. Doodles in poetry are short lines written with a limited amount of corrections. The lines can also be interchangeable. Check out the site.

Peter de wolf has a doodlepalooza event going on. I made day 5 with my poem: Antarctica Needs You. An inspiration from my previous days blog.

If you can't link to the site check my side bar for Peterdewolf.

On another note. I've been searching blogs based in Antarctica and leaving comments to fish them in to visiting 'grey images'. I've almost got visitors from every continent on Earth.

On a more serious note. I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. It's to complicated to get into explaining why I'm divided concerning marriage. In short I think children are great, for the most part. I'm a kindergarten teacher for goodness sake. However, I don't feel the pressure to get married yet and I've already surpassed my 20's and slowly notching the marks into my 30's. In any case, must enjoy the festivities.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salute to String Theory

String Theory is a theory of physics. It is a leading candidate for a theory for everything. The theory has an appeal to many physicists because it can include all older theories. However, my salute is not to the actual theory of physics called string theory but rather an abstract idea concerning human connection on the Internet.

Humanity today is able to make connections that would normally not be possible without the
Internet. The idea that we can know somebody from Antarctica [for example] by knowing one person seems far fetched but imagine with me if you will.

Imagine that I
receive a visitor from Sri-Lanka who happens to like the dry humor that might be seen on a blog she visited. It so happens that this visitor [lets call her SL1] SL1, studied fine art in London, England. Her room mate during her years in London happens to be from Christchurch, New Zealand. Lets call SL1's room mate from London, ZL2. Christchurch, New Zealand just so happens to be the point of launch and contact for many scientists and explorers who work in Antarctica. Let's take this image a little further. ZL2's brother [ZL2.b] happens to be a owner of a bar in Christchurch.

Now, one day
ZL2 visits her brother ZL2.b at the bar. While there she decides to check her email and finds in her inbox an email from SL1. SL1's email consisted of the usual greetings and a link to a funny blog site concerning string theory which happens to be ZL2's major in university. She opens the site.

It just so happens that there is a costumer at the bar who is heading back to Antarctica from Greenland [
hahaha, I'm laughing now]. Let's call this Greenlander, GL4.A. GL4.A happens to catch the site that ZL2 opened at ZL2.b's bar. He can't help seeing ZL2 and ZL2.b laughing and decides to write down the website so that he too can visit the site when he manages to find time from his extensive scientific duties in Antarctica.
[Big Smile]

One day Imagination site of Grey
receives a visitor from Antarctica.

Today, I'd like to give a shout out to all my visitors by location... ie... string theory:
Colfax, Illinois
Seoul, Korea
Houston, Texas
La Junta, Colorado
United Kingdom
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Long Beach, California
Oakland, California
Fremont, California
Milpitas, California
Castro Valley, California
Sri Lanka
Pusan, Korea
Riyadh, Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for visiting and please do stop by again.

Auckland, New Zealand
Capetown, South Africa
Denver, Colorado
San Ramon, California
North Hollywood, California
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Champaign, Illinois
and somewhere in India.

Friday, October 17, 2008

bloggers block

My goals that I hope to obtain for 'grey images':
1. Have a visitor from every continent of Earth... even Antarctica.
2. Obtain 7 followers
3. Blog 31 consecutive days [ one month ]
4. Have a visitor from every state in America
5. expand blog topics to include a variety of experiences and observations.
6. Have a visitor from every country on Earth
7. Be more realistic with my goals for 'grey images'.

I'll start seven.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Psychoanalysis: INFP

On a recent internet surfing expedition I came across a blog about introverts. I can't remember the exact web address. Sorry, to all those avid web surfers that like to double check information. The blog was about the 'Bill of Rights' for introverts. Linked to the site was a psychological [Myer Briggs] test. The test was developed on the idea's of Carl Jung, the psychologist that started this interesting field of social science.

During my time in university I breifly considered Psychology as a major. Part of the prerequisites for graduation was a course in statistics. The problem begins here. I have no math skills. Statistics isn't really math. Sure, statistics isn't math but i have problems seeing numbers correctly. A dislexia for numbers, not a serious one that required special tutors. Enough of a dislexia to detour me from Psychology.

I gave up my dreams for psychology and instead persued the next best thing and the root of all the sciences.

In Philosophy there were no math courses required to graduate from university. There is one course called Philosophical Logic which isn't math the way we conceptualize it. In Philosophy we encountered many new concepts that were very interconnected with Psychology, Sociology, Religion and Physics... etc.
The point being that it was the better alternative to Psychology.

The early courses in Intro to Psychology and Intro to Personality gave me opportunities to psychoanalyse myself through a bombardment of psychological tests adminstered through my professors. I even wrote a paper using Carl Rogers model for self assessment. Carl Rogers Model being a Person Centered Therapy.

It's almost been ten years since that ground breaking paper and the results of the Myer Briggs test is the same. INFP. A personality type that is Introverted, Intuitive, with a reliance and sensitivity to feelings and perceptive.

In my studies of Philosophy I became heavily influenced with the idea that personalities are not static but fluid and subject to change that can't necessarily be measured with a psychological test. The results of one test proves me wrong in some ways. The results showing that I tend to react and act in certain circumstances and situations in similiar ways.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

13. Life:


My mouth is watering from the intensity of the verse,

The repressed emotion I'm ready to burst!


My hand quivers at the thought you could know,

How repressed my emotions ready to blow.


My mouth confess, I'm torn.

Recharged in the middle I'm worn... I see the moment like Janis.


I express my words in content.

Alright. It's quite tormenting, it being repressed!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Images From the Pusan Museum of Modern Art

This was something out of a freaky dream. It even had strange music in the back ground.

These two images are an artist's portrayal of a young girl's life. Her boyfriend later ended up killing her parents and they drove across three states to escape. Should have taken notes... The images were sort of disturbing but the story behind it was even more strange.

Pusan, South Korea

Did some sight seeing outside of Seoul. Got the chance to visit Pusan City. A five hour bus ride South of Seoul. It's an Ocean city with a population significantly smaller than Seoul.

According to the Wikipedia... Seoul, Korea is the second largest population in the world. This is subject to change and errors. The last time I checked [besides while writing this blog] the population was the fifth largest city in the world, 20,550,000.

Pusan, Korea is much smaller in population, 3,636,389. It is the second largest city in South Korea [Republic of Korea] or the largest port city.

The Pusan International Film Festival is presently under way ending on the 10th of October. It is running for 10 days. I was lucky enough to make one of the movies that was booked on my behalf. A German movie by the title of 'The North Face'.

My favorite activity while down in Pusan was The Museum of Modern Art.