Wednesday, October 29, 2008

108. Worlds Collide:

I'm tired from being busy all day at work. Too busy to find time to continue with my goal. Goal number two. Blog for 31 consecutive days. I hope you don't mind another poem from the archives.

Which reminds me. I was thinking of doing a series called Ken Harry Yellow. A series of poems written in 2007. Anybody interested?

Kids are quite funny. I teach Korean kids who are barely able to speak any English. Some do speak better than others. The funny thing about teaching these kids is that they pick up the way you speak. They emulate whatever is said even trying to get the tone of voice.

There's this one kid in particular, Hennessy [not his real name]. He's watching me intently as I'm trying to get organized before teaching the lesson plan. It dawns on me that I've forgotten to bring something down from the office, 'shnaps'. As I'm walking out the door to run up to the office Hennessy is saying, 'shnaps'.

108. Worlds Collide

i look out from the world inside
in towards the world outside.
through space that takes time
to traverse from my world to yours.
in space our worlds collide
to make electrical impulses seem
more than random fire blazing
trails. magnetic pulls of centered
lives on important confessions
of relevant claims. of human
interest, splattered on matter.
the gray images of matter... all
presented from creation till now.
protons with electrons gathered
around the neurons of life. and we
say with opinions of morality
what is our likes and the rejection
of dislikes. it falls apart in the light.
levels of success fade into strivings
of inter-galactic strains of space.
all of wo[man] a rock in space, each of
whom contains a world inside
a micro version of macro space.


Alex said...

Hello!!! :) I hope you had a good day. I REALLY liked this work. Wow. My favorite line was "traverse from my world to yours."

Keep writing!

xyn said...

two thumbs up for this poem! hahaha..=)
..alex is right keep writing.. both of you inspire me..

♥ Thyen said...

thanks for the comment. kids amuse me. i used to teach myself. they are more forgiving of your stuff ups than you are of yourself.

Alex said...

hey...hope you have a good weekend! :)