Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Psychoanalysis: INFP

On a recent internet surfing expedition I came across a blog about introverts. I can't remember the exact web address. Sorry, to all those avid web surfers that like to double check information. The blog was about the 'Bill of Rights' for introverts. Linked to the site was a psychological [Myer Briggs] test. The test was developed on the idea's of Carl Jung, the psychologist that started this interesting field of social science.

During my time in university I breifly considered Psychology as a major. Part of the prerequisites for graduation was a course in statistics. The problem begins here. I have no math skills. Statistics isn't really math. Sure, statistics isn't math but i have problems seeing numbers correctly. A dislexia for numbers, not a serious one that required special tutors. Enough of a dislexia to detour me from Psychology.

I gave up my dreams for psychology and instead persued the next best thing and the root of all the sciences.

In Philosophy there were no math courses required to graduate from university. There is one course called Philosophical Logic which isn't math the way we conceptualize it. In Philosophy we encountered many new concepts that were very interconnected with Psychology, Sociology, Religion and Physics... etc.
The point being that it was the better alternative to Psychology.

The early courses in Intro to Psychology and Intro to Personality gave me opportunities to psychoanalyse myself through a bombardment of psychological tests adminstered through my professors. I even wrote a paper using Carl Rogers model for self assessment. Carl Rogers Model being a Person Centered Therapy.

It's almost been ten years since that ground breaking paper and the results of the Myer Briggs test is the same. INFP. A personality type that is Introverted, Intuitive, with a reliance and sensitivity to feelings and perceptive.

In my studies of Philosophy I became heavily influenced with the idea that personalities are not static but fluid and subject to change that can't necessarily be measured with a psychological test. The results of one test proves me wrong in some ways. The results showing that I tend to react and act in certain circumstances and situations in similiar ways.


Alex said...

Ok...this was a deep post, or I'm really out of it because of my mood today. =/ Hope you're week is going well.

GeekyQuill said...

The developement of personalities is fascinating. I've had the privilege of witnessing the developement of my own kids and my sister's kids. People seem to be born with a particular disposition, but life experience does effect us.

A Bill of Rights for introverts- well I didn't know we had one. Maybe I can put it on my answering machine.

b luis grey said...

My week is going well.
As for the 'bill of rights'... that would be one long answering machine message. You'll never have to worry about messages again.