Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salute to String Theory

String Theory is a theory of physics. It is a leading candidate for a theory for everything. The theory has an appeal to many physicists because it can include all older theories. However, my salute is not to the actual theory of physics called string theory but rather an abstract idea concerning human connection on the Internet.

Humanity today is able to make connections that would normally not be possible without the
Internet. The idea that we can know somebody from Antarctica [for example] by knowing one person seems far fetched but imagine with me if you will.

Imagine that I
receive a visitor from Sri-Lanka who happens to like the dry humor that might be seen on a blog she visited. It so happens that this visitor [lets call her SL1] SL1, studied fine art in London, England. Her room mate during her years in London happens to be from Christchurch, New Zealand. Lets call SL1's room mate from London, ZL2. Christchurch, New Zealand just so happens to be the point of launch and contact for many scientists and explorers who work in Antarctica. Let's take this image a little further. ZL2's brother [ZL2.b] happens to be a owner of a bar in Christchurch.

Now, one day
ZL2 visits her brother ZL2.b at the bar. While there she decides to check her email and finds in her inbox an email from SL1. SL1's email consisted of the usual greetings and a link to a funny blog site concerning string theory which happens to be ZL2's major in university. She opens the site.

It just so happens that there is a costumer at the bar who is heading back to Antarctica from Greenland [
hahaha, I'm laughing now]. Let's call this Greenlander, GL4.A. GL4.A happens to catch the site that ZL2 opened at ZL2.b's bar. He can't help seeing ZL2 and ZL2.b laughing and decides to write down the website so that he too can visit the site when he manages to find time from his extensive scientific duties in Antarctica.
[Big Smile]

One day Imagination site of Grey
receives a visitor from Antarctica.

Today, I'd like to give a shout out to all my visitors by location... ie... string theory:
Colfax, Illinois
Seoul, Korea
Houston, Texas
La Junta, Colorado
United Kingdom
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Long Beach, California
Oakland, California
Fremont, California
Milpitas, California
Castro Valley, California
Sri Lanka
Pusan, Korea
Riyadh, Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for visiting and please do stop by again.

Auckland, New Zealand
Capetown, South Africa
Denver, Colorado
San Ramon, California
North Hollywood, California
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Champaign, Illinois
and somewhere in India.


Alex said...

This post made me in Colfax, IL at 5:30 in the morning!! :)

Re: your question on my blog...I'm attending a college now and will be transferring to a University in 3 semesters.

Have a good day!

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

I'm from Fremont! Also, home of Kristi Yamaguchi. HUZZAH!

GeekyQuill said...

I love string theory. It's complicated and yet so simple. :/
Good luck on the Antarctic thing. :)

thegreymadness said...

String Theory, shite give me a room full of psychotic and/or personality disordered prisoners any time. It was a beautifully sculptured journey though, nice to see NZ referenced, with regards to the last post if you need a person for New Zealand here I type listening to the Killers latest track - "Are we Human?", poetic no?

David Barnett, New Zealand, Auckland, part Maori of Tainui Iwi, Hapu Ngati Raukawa, Moutain Tainui and River Waikato.

Alex said...

Thinking of you tonight...hope you are doing well.