Friday, September 25, 2009

Meaning of Dreams

In my dream my dead wife comes to see me (no, I have never been married). In the dream however, my dead wife comes to see me. I'm hugging her and crying uncontrollibly. She asks me to open my eyes, to look at her. I'm still crying. She asks me to open my eyes.

In my dream I say, "I can't... I'm dreaming".

Any idea's what this could mean? I've had this same or similar dream multiple times.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rent (musical) playing in Korea

The other day a few of us went to watch Rent, the musical. It was great. They are presently doing a world tour and will be playing in Korea till the 20th of September. Yes, --->Rent<--- is playing in Korea! Where you may be asking incase you are visiting Korea or thinking about attending the show as a person presently residing in Korea.

The place is KBS Performing Hall <------ click for a picture of a map. It's back on that island called Yeouido which I may have mentioned in a previous blog.

Rent is a very heart felt story about a few friends who are bonded together through unusual circumstances to form a psuedo-post family.

I enjoyed it and feel a little bit more cultured.

My friend told me that when he was younger his mother use to sneak him in to opera's and musicals during intermissions. It was mothers way of bringing culture into his life. What a sweet mom.

Growing up, I never imagined or fanthomed the idea of going, let alone enjoying a musical. It's my second musical and I'm planning on watching more.

While we were in Yeouido we went to the National Assembly Building. There were a few gaurds at the gate. We were late to enter and walk around. I asked the guard; Does Tae Kwon V really exist under the green dome?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Bottle of Wine and Yeah, I'm From America

This past Sunday I was invited to a baby's first birthday. It was my friends nephew's birthday party. It was nicely laid out with steak and my favorite, salmon. I was nursing a slight hangover from the night previous. It all began along the river walk.

There's a nice river walk called Cheong-gye-chon. In the past it was a road or something but during a previous presidents reign it was changed into what it today.

On Saturday the buddies and I met out that way before the big game. What big game you might be asking. The soccer match between South Korea vs. Australia.

Although we were all in the Cheong-gye-chun area we all ate in different locations due to different proximity to the river walk. We all agreed to meet at the World Cup Stadium.

Korea won 3 to 1. Yeah and yay!

Following the game a few of us headed out to Itaewon the central place for foreigners and expats to hang out. It's where the expats congregate and live.

In Itaewon we first stopped by a bar that was having a wet t-shirt contest. The first I've seen in Korea. The place was mostly filled with U.S. military personnel. Not that it was good or bad just stating the facts. The birthday girl won the contest.

We then floated over to a club called the Hive. It was fun. Needless to say, Saturday was long and filled with much to do in Seoul.

This all proceeded the birthday party.

The best thing about the birthday party was that I won a bottle of wine. They began playing games and trivia to keep the attendee's entertained. The one question that gave me the winning bottle was about the distance of the attendee's who came to the birthday party. Nobody came from as far as I did. Happy Birthday September  babies.

Yeah, I'm from America!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Weekend and Beyond

The last time we left off it was the night of Friday and the beginning of the weekend. Friday was great. Washington didn't quite work out and fell through into the abyss. No worries, the birthday party turned into a great night of dancing before I took off in a taxi. It was back to the house/apartment.

Saturday was spent waiting for the cable installation guy. It didn't take too long. In between Friday and the cable guy is a story all in itself. I'll call it "Awkward Moment, Lady Friend Meets Relatives". Moving on towards beyond...

I took off to Garden 5 in Jangji-Dong which is a neighborhood in Songpa-District.<---Click there--? It's a great part of Seoul. There's the big Lotte World Amusement Park and a big man made lake surrounding it. People say it's a great place to raise kids. I couldn't disagree. There are less places to drink and party in Sonpa-District than there are in other districts of Seoul. I digress...

The lady friend and I were planning on watching a movie at Garden 5. I couldn't find much information online concerning Garden 5 but I can say this... The Garden 5 has the largest roof top garden in Korea. While writing this a friend glanced over and noticed Garden 5 and dropped a bunch of conspiracy about the government concerning Garden 5.

Turns out the time of the movie didn't match our schedule. We decided to walk to a restuarant and eat. It was a nice 20 minute walk. When we finally reached our destination we were overjoyed. We began to smile and cheer right before I screamed. She was confused and looked down at what I was screaming at...

A dead rat.

Moving on... to beyond. Sunday was filled with getting the last of my stuff from my previous residence in Hyehwa-dong. Followed by a movie at COEX. A great fun filled weekend and then back to work... to beyong!