Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rent (musical) playing in Korea

The other day a few of us went to watch Rent, the musical. It was great. They are presently doing a world tour and will be playing in Korea till the 20th of September. Yes, --->Rent<--- is playing in Korea! Where you may be asking incase you are visiting Korea or thinking about attending the show as a person presently residing in Korea.

The place is KBS Performing Hall <------ click for a picture of a map. It's back on that island called Yeouido which I may have mentioned in a previous blog.

Rent is a very heart felt story about a few friends who are bonded together through unusual circumstances to form a psuedo-post family.

I enjoyed it and feel a little bit more cultured.

My friend told me that when he was younger his mother use to sneak him in to opera's and musicals during intermissions. It was mothers way of bringing culture into his life. What a sweet mom.

Growing up, I never imagined or fanthomed the idea of going, let alone enjoying a musical. It's my second musical and I'm planning on watching more.

While we were in Yeouido we went to the National Assembly Building. There were a few gaurds at the gate. We were late to enter and walk around. I asked the guard; Does Tae Kwon V really exist under the green dome?"

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