Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Weekend and Beyond

The last time we left off it was the night of Friday and the beginning of the weekend. Friday was great. Washington didn't quite work out and fell through into the abyss. No worries, the birthday party turned into a great night of dancing before I took off in a taxi. It was back to the house/apartment.

Saturday was spent waiting for the cable installation guy. It didn't take too long. In between Friday and the cable guy is a story all in itself. I'll call it "Awkward Moment, Lady Friend Meets Relatives". Moving on towards beyond...

I took off to Garden 5 in Jangji-Dong which is a neighborhood in Songpa-District.<---Click there--? It's a great part of Seoul. There's the big Lotte World Amusement Park and a big man made lake surrounding it. People say it's a great place to raise kids. I couldn't disagree. There are less places to drink and party in Sonpa-District than there are in other districts of Seoul. I digress...

The lady friend and I were planning on watching a movie at Garden 5. I couldn't find much information online concerning Garden 5 but I can say this... The Garden 5 has the largest roof top garden in Korea. While writing this a friend glanced over and noticed Garden 5 and dropped a bunch of conspiracy about the government concerning Garden 5.

Turns out the time of the movie didn't match our schedule. We decided to walk to a restuarant and eat. It was a nice 20 minute walk. When we finally reached our destination we were overjoyed. We began to smile and cheer right before I screamed. She was confused and looked down at what I was screaming at...

A dead rat.

Moving on... to beyond. Sunday was filled with getting the last of my stuff from my previous residence in Hyehwa-dong. Followed by a movie at COEX. A great fun filled weekend and then back to work... to beyong!

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