Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, Birthday and Washington

The title is a shorten version of the origional. Mainly because it got way to long. It's Friday, A Friends' Birthday and Visitors From Washington in Town. Like I said, it's way too long for a title unless I was making a long winded statement.

I've been sticking with the three pronged title. It just seems to work for me.

Today is Friday. That's got to be good news in the big picture of a work week. The week is done and the evening is about to begin.

It's also my friends birthday. He's planning on going to the gym where he does a form of martial arts. Before I meet up with him the plan is to run down to my previous home in Jongro-gu. I've had the opportunity to move out and have been given a place of residence rent free. Usually, English teachers recieve this benefit for entering into a foreign country to teach. Korea is really good to it's teachers. Sure, there are horror stories but for the most part... I digress.

While at home I want to shave. I've got my basic living utilities back there in Jongno-gu. My beard is getting too long. I want to get some underwear that isn't so tight on my waist (yeah, I've been putting on some weight). I've also got to pack up some of the things that still remain at my old flat. If possible get everything out by this weekend and leave the key with my flat mate. She's great by the way and I will definitely miss having such a great room mate like her.

Upon getting that shit taken care of I'll be shooting off to meet some folks I know from Washington. They have been in Korea for a few months down in Busan to teach English. They have just arrived in Seoul and are heading out to visit extended family. I will meet them and take them on a wild night of Seoul weekend living. Part of that journey will lead us to meet up with my friend who's birthday party begins about 9:00 P.M.

It get's crazy in Seoul and you've got to love it.

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