Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job Search Frustration (singular)

I try to put in a few hours of job searching every day. Well, most of the weekdays minus Friday because honestly who wants to work/search for a job on Friday. I've had some good responses and had a few positions offered. I'm a little picky though, now that I've been here in Korea for a few years. I can be a little bit more selective about the positions I look into and accept.

Things aren't urgent but having a steady job is also comforting in it's own way. It solidifies my time and days with a proper balance of activities beyond the lounging and hanging out with friends.

Yesterday I sent my CV (resume) to a recruiter who was seeking a teacher for a English Business camp for construction and project managers who will be working out side of Korea. The purpose of the camp was to teach these business employee's how to communicate in English with other foreign nationals in other parts of the world. Sounds like a good gig and it would be good for the resume. Taught a camp for business employees. Right, definitely would look good.

Moving along, this morning I was awakened by a call from the recruiter for the position mentioned above. She was nice. Her name is Salsa (to protect her identity, blah). We did the usual greet and get to the point. She asked if I was available for a meeting today specifically this afternoon. I asked if we can meet tomorrow due to some previously made plans. I explained my plans to her.

Previously made plans:
I have a really close friend who lives in Washington State, specifically Seattle. He use to live in Tacoma where I am originally from. My friend you see is a pastor and has been on an evangelical mission trip to Thailand. Cool place to go to. Anyway, on his way back to the states his flight stops in Korea. He asked me to meet him today. I cleared my schedule to spend some time with an old close friend. It's not like he's in town very often.

I maneuvered my schedule and agreed to meet Salsa's job opportunity. She said it was urgent that I come to the interview today. My friend Pastor Evan(gelical) was understanding and we rescheduled our plans to tomorrow so that the job opportunity can pan out.

Things are looking great. I shave, shower, and the S and begin to put on some proper attire. Even pulled out a nice tie to match the shirt.

At 1:30P.M. Korea time she calls.

Salsa: Hello B*******
Grey: This is Grey.
Salsa: I'm sorry, but the position has been filled.
Grey: Okay.... (pause) well thank you for trying anyway.
Salsa: (begins to say something).
Grey: Click (hangs up phone).

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