Monday, May 30, 2011

Origin: Inside (Part II)

J.L.Only imagines raw emotions and
attributes them to words. He gathers these
varieties of color to paint images and
stories that chronicle the journey of the
M.G. (Multi-Galaxy) Craft.

J.L.Only connects the fragments
from the multiverse and constitutes in it a
micro portion that may be an eye to the
multiverse itself, for all to see. The
fuel for the M.G. Craft.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Origin (Part I)

B. Luis Grey is a large robot that I live in. He's got
a huge door in the center of his chest. Large enough
for a human to step through. He's as large as a
house with legs that are spring loaded. He can leap
over buildings and crush boulders with his fisted punch.
He is a mobile fortress that can't be penetrated.
Grey tell's the stories. He is the glue to our narrative.