Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Seoul Longs for You

Away, far far away... from the land that caressed my Seoul.
Four years, 16 seasons of Winter through Fall. I don't
want to forget anything about her. The streets. The traffic.
The cherry blossoms of Spring. The heat of Summer. The
leaves changing colors in the middle of Autumn. The people.
The hellishly cold Winter. The slab of ice on the street that
never melts for 3 months. The food... oh, yes! The food! The
city that never sleeps. Seoul, my friend you hold in your heart
all those people so dear to me. Yes, the people. My friends.
My Seoul longs for you. I reach deep into my inner being
to find that place where you'll never be forgotten. You remind
me that you are always with me. You are now and forever...
My Seoul!