Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life is Short

This Friday I learned that an anquentance of mine from the 1950's Western Bar passed from this life and is no longer with us. Motorcycle accident Monday night.

A moment of silence.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Headed Retaliation

Things that irk you have a way of getting under your skin. Normally, the wise thing to do would be, let it roll off the back like a drop of water on the feathers of a mallard. It would be like stones thrown in the face of the agitator to act as if it really doesn't matter.

No, no, no, I have to buck the system just to show how agitating the situation makes me feel. I can't lay down and let what seems insensitive, in my eyes, go over without response.

At our kindergarten we are lucky enough to have two computers available in the teachers office. This allows us to get our work done without having teachers investing into a computer for work. It would be ideal for each teacher to get a computer/laptop provided by the school. However, the present situation doesn't allow for us to have personal computers for each teacher. This scenario leads to nine teachers sharing two computers.

The teachers in the office are nice and we all try to get along by sharing the time we have on the computers.

As an expat living in Korea we find that the best time to keep in contact with our families and friends back in North America happens to be the time we are in the office. When my office hours are done it's 1:00 A.M. back home in Washington.

When I'm on the computer... Facebook is surely to be opened and interacted with. Not necessarily Facebook itself but my friends and family back in North America and the world.

Now that the background has been laid... let me tell you the story that irks.

The teachers office is on the third floor. On the second floor is a set of two more computers on the front counter. The front counter also happens to have the newest and best operating computer in the building. It doesn't get used often because the owner of the kindergarten likes to sit in front of it using her Netbook. A Netbook is a small personal computer without a disk drive and used for special purposes much like a laptop but much smaller.

I use this super computer downstairs on the second floor as often as I can. It isn't being used by teachers working on school projects and it's fast. Why, the best computer is being used for nothing on the second floor is a question that begs to be answered in the first place. Getting past this complaint... I make use of it. I write any curriculum that needs to be written on it. I write worksheets on it. I make monthly schedules on it. I also do Facebook on it & on some occasions when the time allows a blog post or two.

Earlier in the week the director of the school asked me to not use the computer downstairs for Facebook or any personal use. I didn't like what she was telling me. That day I spent over an hour on Facebook after she asked me to not use the super computer for personal use. Bucking the system.

Today, I had a few minutes to sit down with the director concerning some random topics while the kids looked for books in our make shift library.

The director brought up the issue of the computer again. I gave a spew of reasons for what Facebook is and why it's used. It isn't like the only person using Facebook in our office is me. The biggest complaint being that it looked unprofessional at the front desk. The director then told me that it was the owners wife who sits in front of the computer complained about time being wasted. At least that's the way I interpreted the complaint.

Now, with all the background laid with all the frustration that it may create the complaint of me using the precious super computer for personal use seems superficial. The person complaining is the same person using a Netbook to serf the web and do her personal computer activities.

My reaction today: 4 Gig USB Drive...
I take my USB Drive and get all my files from the super computer. I say buy to the front desk secretary and tell her I won't be able to flirt with her any more. The director walks over to me who was standing near.

"I will never use this computer again."

I then walk upstairs with all my files.

My plan is to use my Macbook from now on. If I can't use the super computer for personal use and the computers in the teachers office are occupied then they can't tell me what to do on my own computer. I can sit on Facebook all day whenever I'm at my desk.

Grey bucking the system.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

North Korean Scare Tactics

About this time of year, every year, the North Korean Government initiates threats to the world and South Korea concerning their stance on war. They reiterate their military preparedness for war.

This time of year, every year for the past several years the R.O.K. [Republic of Korea/South Korea] Armed Forces and the U.S. Armed Forces come together for a joint operation. The purpose of the joint operation is the prepare for a possible war scenario and or to stay prepared for such an incident.

My friends back home have been leaving some interesting comments on my Facebook social network concerning possible war. Just today, my friend from Washington State wondered why I love South Korea in response to my status update [Loves Korea]. Here in Seoul, a hour away from the DMZ [demilitarized zone] life moves on as if the threat did not exist. Seoul, has lived with the threat of the North and the Pyong-yang government for half a century.

For all you lovely readers who may wonder about the peninsula of Korea. Be rest assured, until there are bullets flying in the streets of Seoul, only threats from a desperate and isolated government.

Monday, March 9, 2009


The other day, not to long into the previous week, I discovered Skype. It's an amazing tool that allows members to send messages. That's only the beginning. Skype also allows you to video conference with other members.

MSN Messenger is also capable of such things. The draw back about MSN is that it does not offer video conferencing for Mac users.

In the past, video conferencing has not been a priority. Mainly my lack of personal experience with web cams and video conferencing. This has all changed with the addition of Mac in my life. It has forced my adventureous spirit to try new softwares that have made my Mac experience enjoyable.

The biggest thing about Skype that hasn't been mentioned is the catch all benefits. Skype allows you to make calls to land lines and cell phones for a small nominal fee.

Technology is amazing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

131. Yerg Siul B.

Can I ramble on for a minute... with the exception of making sense
till the publish post button is pushed, the words come out to say:
Here am... I
expressing thoughts to extinguish the sighs.
Sweep of my mental arms around wandering
thoughts that venture to collide like random
atoms. Nuclear. Membranes destroyed with
free radicals on the loose. Brain waves pulsating
the thoughts that could be the source of something
undiscovered, un-relocatable.
Unfathomable, the idea that pristine communication
is somewhere lost in the attempt. The construction
made in any other is a garnished meaning, all to
make less any thought lost in translation. The
situation is repetitious. Seriously, if it doesn't
infuriate it will definitely make a curator
of thoughts...
Welcome to the hall of random thoughts gathered
in the shelves of Yerg...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Magic Three

Three Things

Copy and paste this into your own notes, change the answers and Tag at least 10 or more of your friends including the one that sent this to you...


1. Grey
2. Drunkin Puma
3. Grand Master Grey of the Multiverse


1. Psychiatric Hospital
2. Sales
3. U.S. 2000 Cencus.


1. Deerfield, IL
2. Ft. Bragg, NC
3. Conroe, TX


1. Heroes
2. Lost
3. Law & Order


1. Canada
2. Thailand
3. Korea


1. China
2. Amsterdam
3. Mus'ee d' Orsay, in Paris


1. Spaghetti
2. A juicy hamburger preferably made in the states... not one of these immitations in Korea.
3. Ssam-Gyup-SSal (grilled pork strips).


1. puppy
2. kitten
3. fish


1. ?
2. ?
3. ?


1. MF Doom
2. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
3. The Flaming Lips (More recent favorite)


1. Cubs
2. U.S. National FIFA Team
3. DooSan Bears (Korean Baseball Team)


1. Darjeerling Tea
2. Grande Americano
3. Gin w/Apple Juice

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Politics and my 2 sents

This is a thread of conversation that occurred on Facebook concerning the following article.,0,1748845.column

The conservative commentator said he hopes Barack Obama fails. But what's so radical about disagreeing with an agenda he doesn't believe in?

Grey: I never wished failure upon our former president. Wishing failure upon Obama sounds just about anti-American as it can get. It's wishing that America fails. Who can agree to that and still consider themselves American?

K.L.: I like that article Josh! I agree AND consider myself very patriotic! What do you know?

J.L.: That's just the point .. nobody is wishing failure upon the country, only on an agenda with which they disagree. It's not a personal attack and I fail to see what's so preposterous about that... besides, it's nice to see that at least SOMEONE is getting job security out of this...

Grey: Not liking a party's agenda is one thing but wishing failure is overstepping that line. Imagine the consequences for America as a whole if Obama's agenda were to fail. Are you so opposed to success because failure is better than success? Moderates really want to know and this libertarian is inquiring.

J.L.: Hey...

What he said to clarify his remark - and yes, I feel he sometimes steps over the line, but you have to take him with a grain of salt because he stirs the pot as well as anyone - made perfect sense to me. He doesn't want the President to succeed IF these programs (particularly those involving runaway domestic spending by the federal government which as a libertarian you would surely understand) are how success is defined. The point being, he is of the opinion that if Obama's agenda succeeds, the problems this country faces will get worse. I don't condone wishing personal failure upon the President, but I don't think that's really what he was getting at.

The other reason I posted the editorial is because I thought it got the point across well that there is a media fascination with the remarks that really amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Keep in mind that Rush Limbaugh has been hosting talk radio for about two decades and probably about 5 years ago went through a very embarrassing public scandal involving prescription drugs. The fact that the White House chose to make him an issue instead of ignoring him, in my opinion, was unwise...

Grey: Still sounds like what I said earlier with a whole lot of sugar coating. I still don't see how failure equates something better than Obama's success.
My stance as a Libertarian is that the Federal Government has too much control. It doesn't matter which of the two parties are in control they take to much liberties upon themselves to speak for the entire nation. Sure, Democrats and their social reform may seem to be far from what a libertarian would want for our nation. On the flip side of the coin, so is the ridiculous auto bailout of our former president. To much of our money spent on programs that the government shouldn't meddle in.
I've got mixed feelings about social welfare and the sort. I believe there is a need but I don't stand for mandates by the government enforcing it. I believe that it's the responsibility of the people and religious or social organizations to carry the load.

* * *

Don't wish failure on America. If you want to wish anything upon America, wish that we make the right decisions for the greatest good of the people... the people. Not government, corporations or the World Bank... the greatest good for the people.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring is here... Korea.

It is with my great apologies that this post comes to you. It has been ages since the last time the will to express made it's presence come forth in action.

The cherry blossoms are beginning here in Korea. With a few more nights of the moon over our heads Korea will be covered with pollen. Life will emerge from the Earth once again. Spring is just about here.

I have a question for you suave tech folks out in the Multiweb. What sort of operating system do you use for you computer?

A. Microsoft Windows
B. Apple OSX
C. Linux
D. Other

The reason that this question stirs my curiosity is directly related to my new purchase. Recently, I bought a new notebook (laptop). I decided to purchase an Apple MacBook. It runs on Apples' OSX. It's taking some time to get familiar with. This I say with the greatest satisfaction with my purchase. I love my new MacBook.

Back in the days of University, an era ago, I worked in the computer labs of campus. We had one lab that only had Mac's. I swore back then that it would be out of the question to purchase one. Look at me now, typing away it and enjoying the sleek design with it's user friendly operating system.

Most of my life, it's been the IBM formated computers operating under the MSN Windows software. People have said that it's a terrible system that so happens to have the market cornered in many aspects of the Multiweb world.

Anyway... sorry everybody for my long absence and I look forward to seeing your answers.