Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Politics and my 2 sents

This is a thread of conversation that occurred on Facebook concerning the following article.,0,1748845.column

The conservative commentator said he hopes Barack Obama fails. But what's so radical about disagreeing with an agenda he doesn't believe in?

Grey: I never wished failure upon our former president. Wishing failure upon Obama sounds just about anti-American as it can get. It's wishing that America fails. Who can agree to that and still consider themselves American?

K.L.: I like that article Josh! I agree AND consider myself very patriotic! What do you know?

J.L.: That's just the point .. nobody is wishing failure upon the country, only on an agenda with which they disagree. It's not a personal attack and I fail to see what's so preposterous about that... besides, it's nice to see that at least SOMEONE is getting job security out of this...

Grey: Not liking a party's agenda is one thing but wishing failure is overstepping that line. Imagine the consequences for America as a whole if Obama's agenda were to fail. Are you so opposed to success because failure is better than success? Moderates really want to know and this libertarian is inquiring.

J.L.: Hey...

What he said to clarify his remark - and yes, I feel he sometimes steps over the line, but you have to take him with a grain of salt because he stirs the pot as well as anyone - made perfect sense to me. He doesn't want the President to succeed IF these programs (particularly those involving runaway domestic spending by the federal government which as a libertarian you would surely understand) are how success is defined. The point being, he is of the opinion that if Obama's agenda succeeds, the problems this country faces will get worse. I don't condone wishing personal failure upon the President, but I don't think that's really what he was getting at.

The other reason I posted the editorial is because I thought it got the point across well that there is a media fascination with the remarks that really amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Keep in mind that Rush Limbaugh has been hosting talk radio for about two decades and probably about 5 years ago went through a very embarrassing public scandal involving prescription drugs. The fact that the White House chose to make him an issue instead of ignoring him, in my opinion, was unwise...

Grey: Still sounds like what I said earlier with a whole lot of sugar coating. I still don't see how failure equates something better than Obama's success.
My stance as a Libertarian is that the Federal Government has too much control. It doesn't matter which of the two parties are in control they take to much liberties upon themselves to speak for the entire nation. Sure, Democrats and their social reform may seem to be far from what a libertarian would want for our nation. On the flip side of the coin, so is the ridiculous auto bailout of our former president. To much of our money spent on programs that the government shouldn't meddle in.
I've got mixed feelings about social welfare and the sort. I believe there is a need but I don't stand for mandates by the government enforcing it. I believe that it's the responsibility of the people and religious or social organizations to carry the load.

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Don't wish failure on America. If you want to wish anything upon America, wish that we make the right decisions for the greatest good of the people... the people. Not government, corporations or the World Bank... the greatest good for the people.


C Woods said...

I agree. I hated, I mean HATED George Bush, but I never wished failure for him or anyone in our government. I thought many of his policies were misguided, but I hoped against hope they would somehow turn out to be good for the country and its people.

I think Limbaugh says outrageous things because he is power hungry and was starved for attention as a child so needs as much as he can get now. And, of course, there is the fact that the more outrageous he is, the more listeners he attracts, the more stations carry him, the more money he makes.

Rush is certainly entitled to his opinions. Personally, I can't understand how any person can be that negative. Before the election, I started to listen to liberal radio, but I could only take so much Republican bashing --even though I was voting against them. I think being that negative all the time warps one ---and I do believe Rush is warped ---and full of about a ton of hot air.

Sandi said...