Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Headed Retaliation

Things that irk you have a way of getting under your skin. Normally, the wise thing to do would be, let it roll off the back like a drop of water on the feathers of a mallard. It would be like stones thrown in the face of the agitator to act as if it really doesn't matter.

No, no, no, I have to buck the system just to show how agitating the situation makes me feel. I can't lay down and let what seems insensitive, in my eyes, go over without response.

At our kindergarten we are lucky enough to have two computers available in the teachers office. This allows us to get our work done without having teachers investing into a computer for work. It would be ideal for each teacher to get a computer/laptop provided by the school. However, the present situation doesn't allow for us to have personal computers for each teacher. This scenario leads to nine teachers sharing two computers.

The teachers in the office are nice and we all try to get along by sharing the time we have on the computers.

As an expat living in Korea we find that the best time to keep in contact with our families and friends back in North America happens to be the time we are in the office. When my office hours are done it's 1:00 A.M. back home in Washington.

When I'm on the computer... Facebook is surely to be opened and interacted with. Not necessarily Facebook itself but my friends and family back in North America and the world.

Now that the background has been laid... let me tell you the story that irks.

The teachers office is on the third floor. On the second floor is a set of two more computers on the front counter. The front counter also happens to have the newest and best operating computer in the building. It doesn't get used often because the owner of the kindergarten likes to sit in front of it using her Netbook. A Netbook is a small personal computer without a disk drive and used for special purposes much like a laptop but much smaller.

I use this super computer downstairs on the second floor as often as I can. It isn't being used by teachers working on school projects and it's fast. Why, the best computer is being used for nothing on the second floor is a question that begs to be answered in the first place. Getting past this complaint... I make use of it. I write any curriculum that needs to be written on it. I write worksheets on it. I make monthly schedules on it. I also do Facebook on it & on some occasions when the time allows a blog post or two.

Earlier in the week the director of the school asked me to not use the computer downstairs for Facebook or any personal use. I didn't like what she was telling me. That day I spent over an hour on Facebook after she asked me to not use the super computer for personal use. Bucking the system.

Today, I had a few minutes to sit down with the director concerning some random topics while the kids looked for books in our make shift library.

The director brought up the issue of the computer again. I gave a spew of reasons for what Facebook is and why it's used. It isn't like the only person using Facebook in our office is me. The biggest complaint being that it looked unprofessional at the front desk. The director then told me that it was the owners wife who sits in front of the computer complained about time being wasted. At least that's the way I interpreted the complaint.

Now, with all the background laid with all the frustration that it may create the complaint of me using the precious super computer for personal use seems superficial. The person complaining is the same person using a Netbook to serf the web and do her personal computer activities.

My reaction today: 4 Gig USB Drive...
I take my USB Drive and get all my files from the super computer. I say buy to the front desk secretary and tell her I won't be able to flirt with her any more. The director walks over to me who was standing near.

"I will never use this computer again."

I then walk upstairs with all my files.

My plan is to use my Macbook from now on. If I can't use the super computer for personal use and the computers in the teachers office are occupied then they can't tell me what to do on my own computer. I can sit on Facebook all day whenever I'm at my desk.

Grey bucking the system.


Paris said...

If I can't use the super computer for personal use and the computers in the teachers office are occupied then they can't tell me what to do on my own computer. I can sit on Facebook all day whenever I'm at my desk. <<--- You got it!!! Family is well as your friends.

THinking of you!


Anonymous said...

Reality check - you are being paid to do your job and not use Facebook half the day. Yes, family is important and I understand that you're a long way from them, but the time to use Facebook is on your lunch hour and the way to do it is via your own computer. Your post was petty and immature.

b luis grey said...

My first negative comment. :)
I don't have a lunch break. I have to eat with the kids. Isn't a break.
Technically, there is no break or assigned break in a Korean system of work. We have working hours and teaching hours. When not teaching I'm expected to be working. That's pretty wild, eh? There is no such thing as a teachers union for Kindergarten and Academy teachers. No breaks.
Dear Anonymous, Ha. It's great to have the last laugh. It's easy for you to speak from your law protected secure job about what I should and shouldn't do with my time outside of teaching. Five minutes of pretending to work vs. five minutes checking email. The choice is natural for me. I don't pretend unless it's all in fun... for shits and giggles. As far as being petty and immature. Hiding behind anonymity is a funny place to speak on somebody else's soapbox.
To all others, excuse my response.
Mr/Mrs. Anonymous, Fuck Off!