Friday, March 6, 2009

131. Yerg Siul B.

Can I ramble on for a minute... with the exception of making sense
till the publish post button is pushed, the words come out to say:
Here am... I
expressing thoughts to extinguish the sighs.
Sweep of my mental arms around wandering
thoughts that venture to collide like random
atoms. Nuclear. Membranes destroyed with
free radicals on the loose. Brain waves pulsating
the thoughts that could be the source of something
undiscovered, un-relocatable.
Unfathomable, the idea that pristine communication
is somewhere lost in the attempt. The construction
made in any other is a garnished meaning, all to
make less any thought lost in translation. The
situation is repetitious. Seriously, if it doesn't
infuriate it will definitely make a curator
of thoughts...
Welcome to the hall of random thoughts gathered
in the shelves of Yerg...

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