Thursday, July 30, 2009

Losing a Day

When I flew from Korea to the States I saved a day. I traveled for 9 hours on a Wednesday, June 10th at 7P.M. When I arrived in the states it was Wednesday, June 10th, 12:30P.M.

This time around I'll be losing a day.

I'll be leaving Thursday the 30th and when I arrive in Korea it will be Friday evening. One last night in the States. I'll miss you America. Keep my family and friends safe. I'll be back again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Korea: Heading Home

It's that time again. I'm heading back home. What's strange about heading home is that Korea has now become home. I caught myself several times in conversation referencing Korea as home.

It's been a good trip. Too short in some ways but not soon enough to get back to work. It's difficult to spend money when you know there's a limited supply on the budget. When that amount dips close to your reserves it's time to start stacking the cheddar.

I've got a room in an apartment worked out through a website called I'll have to take some pictures and show you what sort of living arrangements I'll be in. In previous years the school or academy that employed me took care of living arrangements. I've opted to find my own living quarters and from that location find a job.

I'll be living in Itaewon neighborhood which is in a central location in Seoul. It is very foreigner friendly and inhabited by many expats from many different countries.

Being back in the states has been great. There will be a few things that I'll miss. Those things are worth the trade of living abroad in a different country. So, begins my journey back home with my flight departure on Thursday the 30th of July.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Lucky and the Police

The other day I was driving along the water front in Tacoma, Ruston Way. As I was coming onto Ruston Way at 46 miles an hour a cop was posted up in one of the parking lots watching traffic. I was going 16 miles way too fast over the speed limit. The motorcycle cop merged into the lane of cars and began to maneuver his vehicle behind me. I looked into my rearview mirror at the cop with inquiry... "are you pulling me over?" I pulled over.

The cop asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. I looked at him with a facial expression that hopefully said... "are you serious?"


He then asked for my drivers license. I pulled the license out of my wallet and handed it to the police officer. The cop then walked back to his motorcycle before returning to the driver's side window of the car.

"Keep your speed down," he said, handing me my drivers license. "Do you have insurance"?

"Actually sir... I just got back into town from Korea and I haven't had a chance to get that, yet. I just got my tabs but haven't had the time to take care of everything".

I don't know if the cop wasn't listening to what I said or just was in a good mood. Maybe he thought that I was harmless and he actually believed everything I said... which was the truth. 
Whatever the reason... his response, "Drive Safetly".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drive All Day

The entire day was spent driving. It's been over a year since I've driven a car. I spent the day getting my emissions test and getting my car registered with the State of Washington. They gave me new plates. I'm road legal now. That was Monday... Today has just begun.