Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rumors about Korea

I've heard some pretty good rumors in Korea. The most common of them being the ever looming war to the North. Most of us living here in Seoul have gotten use to the threats and live life without any visible concern. In the back of our minds, somewhere hidden is the hope that it would never become actualized. Just the other day, as I lay in bed there were drills being performed. There were big sirens that sound and I suppose that's a pre-warning of a strike from the North.

As I lay in bed my hope was simple. This is a drill, not real... I'm still dizzy from last night's drinking. I'm not ready to flee, yet. A few more hours of bed, please.
Turns out it was only a drill. Thank goodness.

I've even heard some funny rumors about random things while here. Here's a list to give you an idea.

1. Kimchi (spicy, fermented cabbage) is a disinfectant.
2. Mutated fish live in the Han River.
3. Korean men blow dry their pubic hair
4. Korean woman are known to blow dry their pubic hair also.
5. Sexually transmitted diseases don't exist in Korea
6. Superman dreams about Chuck Norris
7. There are 10,000 North Korean spies in Seoul and surrounding area.
8. The Korean Marine Corp is the deadliest fighting unit in Asia.
9. In some places of Korea you have to squat to take a shit [very uncomfortable by the way].
10. The rumor about the National Assembly Building...

Yes, The rumor of the National Assembly Building. What is the rumor, you might be asking right about this time... or what is the National Assembly Building. Here's a quick description of the building on wiki  ---> National Assembly Building <---

It's a building with this huge green dome on the top of it. It looks like something from Washington D.C. but not white, it's green. The rumor states that when Korea is in dire need. That if North Korea did actually attack South Korea... drum roll...

The dome of the building will open up as Robot Taekwon V comes out with an army of replica's. This is a picture of what Robot Taekwon V looks like. 

Click here for snapshots.

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