Saturday, August 22, 2009

Korea, Work and My Wonderful Mom

Just when things were beginning to look grim and the humor mustered up was about rumors. At the opportune moment I made my jump from out of depression. It was like being on the verge of depression. Twenty days of looking and rejecting positions fineally led me to my previous employer. They were in an extremely difficult situation.

It wouldn't be proper to discuss it here but to give a general outlook. The new guy they hired to replace the guy who left earlier this week... got canned in two days. He turned out to be unacceptable to the school standards.

They needed somebody quick. I happen to be working a sub teaching position at the school for a week. Another co-worker/friend was back in Canada attending a sister's wedding.

It's a short term contract ending in February. Perfect!

The best part of this week. My mom.

When I was at the point of falling into a spiral of depression she called. She said, "things will be okay" (In Korean, because my mommy still speaks to me in Korean). "I will pray for you".

I love my mom.

For your entertainment. Korean music videos

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Anonymous said...

Hey Luis,

I'm glad you found a position and very glad you were able to avoid depression :)
I had a great mom too, she passed away about 3 years ago. I miss her so very much. Moms are really great aren't they?? They always seem to know just what you need to hear:) I hope my boys will think I was good for them in some way , when they grow up, although, I know I could never be as good as my mom was.
Mothers are a person to treasure and honor always.
Have a great day my friend,
and take care,
Julian :)