Monday, August 17, 2009

Tattoo's in Korea, Yeouido and The Han River

Yesterday, my buddy and I went to a swimming pool along the Han River in Yeouido. I love swimming in Korea for many reasons. Let's make a list for the fun of it.

1. It's much cooler in the water when the weather is 32 C.
2. Reason #1 is a good enough reason in itself.
3. The women look beautiful.
4. I love seeing bikini's and high heels together.
5. It's a great place to meet people
6. It's relaxing
7. It's exercise
8. Shit, what else is there to do on a hot sunny Sunday?
9. Choice between air conditioned building or swimming pool with half naked woman.
10. woman

Seriously, though... let me tell you about the Han River. The Han River a major river in South Korea that runs west through the center of Seoul. It divides Seoul into North of the River and South of the River. Some parts of the river is over 1 kilometer wide. That's one wide ass river and along the river are many, many, many beautiful bridges. Which could be an interesting project once I get my camera in action. Pictures of bridges expanding the Han River.

Yeouido on the other hand is an island developed more recently by the Korean Government and business investment sector. Prior to the Japanese occupation during the Josen/Chosen dynasty it was a small grass land that barely survived any flooding of the Han River. It literally means "you can have it". That's pretty funny considering it's now a major sector of Seoul and Korea. For your convenience I've linked to wiki.

The main reason for posting today, tattoo's. Korea in the past has shunned tattoo's. They were mainly considered gang affiliations and most people with tattoo's in the past were Korean or Japanese gangsters. I'm not sure if that's the case anymore. There are so many Korean's with tattoo's now. Mainly, the  younger generation and not just little tattoo's but sleeves and back tattoo's of dragons and monsters you'd find on buddhist temples.

It's more strange if you hear the laws concerning tattoo's. They are illegal in Korea. It is illegal for a person to be a tattoo artist. I guess that's relative. What I mean is that it is illegal to give tattoo's in Korea. Where the hell are these people getting their tattoo's? I can tell you. I've gotten a few tattoo's in Korea. They are these hidden dens where these talented artists gather to give tattoo's. Which brings me to my question for the audience of 'grey images'.

What sort of tattoo or tattoo's do you have? If you don't have one and don't want one then what sort of tattoo would you get if you were to get one?


Vodka Mom said...

I LOVED this post- you know teachers love field trips.

And yes, I have a tatoo..It's a tiny heart on my ankle and bears the name of my nephew. We lost him two years ago in a tragic car accident.

When I arrived at my sister's home, she immediately grabbed my hand and said, "We are getting tattoos." I said, "Honey, I love you, but can't we just get a pedicure?"

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your post today as well :) I do not have a tattoo right now, but I've been wanting to get one for a while now. I've just got to get the money saved up for it, LOL. I would like to have the snake chasing it's tail put on the back of my shoulder. For me , life is like running around in circles and chasing my own tail at times. LOL I know it probably sounds a little goofy, but that is the tat I would like to get someday.
Have a great day my friend,

Julian :)