Saturday, August 15, 2009

Short Film: The Fix (aka The Rat)

I found this really neat little film on the multi-web. You have to check out this team of film makers. Let me warn you in advance, It's a thriller. Also, when described as short it's literaly approximately six minutes. Enjoy! ---> Short Film: The Fix <---

On other fronts. If you could pick a song to describe how you feel today/this week what would be that song?

Today is a Good Day by Ice Cube


Anonymous said...

Hey luis, I watched the short film, jeeezzzzz, scared me right out of my chair!!!! lol
Hmmm, what song do I feel like? How about "Take it Easy" by the Eagles, sounds good to me :)

b luis grey said...

HopelessBeliever: I love that song!
The movie is well done for something put together in 48 hours. I like how it ends also. Leaves everything up to the imagination & I didn't have to see it. Sometimes those images on movies can be haunting.

Mo said...

Thanks again for the post! You also completely caught what we were going for.