Saturday, October 25, 2008



Rise and shine with the morning sun. I look out towards the sky and see that indeed the sun is out today. A perfect day to attend a wedding. This entry will be short and something dug up from my archives of poems to keep in step with 'blogger block' goal number 3. Write 31 consecutive days.

It's Saturday Morning and I skipped my usual Friday night of debauchery in favor of an American styled breakfast. This will take me to the part of Seoul, Korea where foreigners are known to congregate and hang out. One reason for this congregation towards Itaewon [the name of the neighborhood] is because it's located next to a U.S. military base. It is also in a central location in the City. Itaewon is also the center for foreigners and for me it's breakfast day, American style.

I'd like to take this time to welcome a new subscriber, Lucky Thirteen plus one. She's got an interesting story being blogged. Check her out! She's also helping out the cause to help 'grey image' to fulfill bloggers block goal number 2. Obtain 7 followers. Thank you Sandi.

And now... acrchived poem number 15:

15. Poetry:
They say I am a poet,
Until I am dead, no one knows it.
Drawn to the page my reader and thoughts
Casting a vision, un-tying the knots.

Deep in my stomach a gut wrenching voice;
A sound, a noise, in your soul my voice
You catch a glimpse of a life not your own,
Like one of many layed across a beach of stone.

Grown from the inner sacntum of Earth,
Meaningless to all, to a reader some worth.
Clasp the page make it say your name.
Surround it in frames pick away at my brain.

Artistry in words, This is poetry proclaimed.
Nonetheless, in the end, it's just words on a page.


sandi said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Alex said...

I really enjoy the style of your writing. Have you ever visited It's a place where writers of any sort can read and post their own works for others to read and critique. :)

have a super day! :)

xyn said...

you are a great writer.. i wish i can be great as you..=)