Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visitors from the United States,

Saturday was long and lasted through the night, merging into Sunday afternoon.

Need rest. A lot of rest.

On a more exciting note concerning the Bloggers Block post:
One of my goals for 'grey image' is to attract visitors from all the states of the United States. I think that some of the territories should be included also, i.e. The Virgin Island Territories or Guam.

In order to accomplish
Bloggers Block goal # four I've decided to do a roll call by state. If you are from the United States and would like to represent your state and it hasn't been announced in the comments area below please comment to this post with a reference of the state you are visiting 'grey image'. I thank you in advance for all your participation.


sandi said...

You know CALIFORNIA is here!

Alex said...

And southern Illinois! ;) xo

Anonymous said...

Well, this is Oklahoma here. I was replying to your question about the playlist. If u get it from the same place I did, they give u a code to copy and paste in your blog. That is all I really know about it,I'm not the greatest about those kinds of things. Thank you for visiting my blog, please come back again, take care my new friend, Julian

Alex said...

Good morning...and thanks for stopping by to read my latest work. My attempt in thiw work is to share my deep, deep feelings of being madly in love with someone (and have been for a few years now)...trying to show how that love effects me so much it basically strips eveything I am inside to where I heart and soul exposed to them...FINALLY.
Does that help?

Have a good day.