Sunday, November 2, 2008

AWOL = Absent With Out Leave

It's difficult to fulfill the one goal that depends entirely on me. It's an endeavor that I will not give up on so lightly. Although I've failed this time around, I will try again.

Today marks a the day that I attempt to write 31 consecutive days, again. In 31 days when I complete my goal I hope to mark the completion of a goal well achieved. This time around! AHHHH.

The past few days have been quite fun. Thursday evening I went out to eat dinner with a friend. She picked a nice little brunch/pasta place. Sure, it was late in the evening so we ate pasta. It was very spicy and delicious.

Friday night was filled with massive drinks of Whiskey and coke and somewhere along the night a shot of Tequila. Needless to say that I was well inebriated. I didn't make it home Saturday morning. I crashed at a friends house who lives in a satellite city next to Seoul.

Saturday began with Breakfast/Lunch in the afternoon and Off to Central Seoul to see a friend.

I eventually came back to Song-pa District to head over to my Aunt's house to eat dinner.

When I finally arrived home it was a little before 10 P.M. I downloaded episode five of The Office, watched it and went to sleep.

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Alex said...

Wow...sounds like you had a really great time! ;) PS I posted a video of me singing...brave of me, yes...but I'd love to hear your thoughts.