Friday, November 7, 2008

126. Ken Harry Yellow

126. Ken Harry Yellow

A little bit of me with red
is Orange. it's also a term
used for coward. The truth
of the matter is that
in 2007, I was created
to hide behind. In my
mind's eye I could not meet
the line, the standard
of excellence aesthetically
denied. Criticism realized
that my enemy in time
was my own mind.

Fine, we're past that. Ken
Harry is one of many whom
without, there would not be
any. The series of ten
that are accredited is
not any less because of a
name invented. In the
end it all gets red/read.

If I want to be pink. I
can be Phillip Ink. Modes
of writing form the same
one writer. Pearl Pull is
a sister disguise. All colors
intended to be radiance
of surprise.

All this has been said in
explanation for Ken
Harry Yellow. With this
poem he says... Hello.

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