Wednesday, November 5, 2008

125. Orange

125. Orange

Orange you glad to tell
a tale of animated figures
alive in your head? At the
least, you know your not
dead. Magnetic fields of
characters array, socially
interacting to pass the day

Candice O. Ranges meet
the rest of the world. We've
begun to get bored &
needed some inspiration to
entertain. Things here
were beginning to seem
a little mundane.

Whose who in this world
of ours? I see that your
Blue & he must be Green.
Are these the colors that
make up our dream?

Yellow, Hi nice to meet you.
Without your influence I
wouldn't be me. I wouldn't
be free. I wouldn't be
alive as part of this
dream. Thoughts are
aligned to be a stream...
of semantic pictures
of elaborate... Hmmm.
Seems redundant to say

Red sun so bright, your rays
of light have given me
life. Bless this form of
color to life...
Candice O. Ranges was
born in my thoughts tonight.


sakito said...

Thank you for your kind.
English Grammer is difficult but I want to use Natural English.
I must study English harder.
Thank you for your help.

Rhaingel said...

This is a nice post and a good poem. I love the line which runs thus: "Red sun so bright, your rays of light have given me life."

More powers to your blog and I am looking forward to your next creative poems. :D