Thursday, November 27, 2008

130. Red

130. Red

The other day somebody gave
me a red marble. It reminds
me of the doors of China. It
reminds me of a bottle of
folded origami stars. On the
top sat a small red marble.
The boy inside who laughs,
plays & wants to
see a smile on the face of
friends. The Peter Pan boy
has been forced into the
world hidden from sight. In
time... hurt & pain compile
to hide the son of the Earth.
Mr. & Mrs. Grim's Son still
lives. Some would say
he moves the world from
behind the scenes. Maybe
his playfulness manifests
in the world of colors...
Maybe, deep underneath
the hardened heart of
a cold & un-remorseful
soul is a boy like Mr. &
Mrs. Grim's Son... longing
to be caressed & accepted
for being. In becoming we
lose a bit of innocence and
we long to recapture it.
Grey carries a red marble
in his pocket to remember
Mr. & Mrs. Grim's Son.


Sakito said...

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sandi said...

Happy Thanksgiving friend! Glad to see you are still blogging.