Friday, November 14, 2008

128. Purple

128. Purple

Pearl Pull. The ideal girl.
The woman of my dreams
that I've never met.
Pearl Pull Grey has never
been seen because she
only exists in the place
of dreams. I once loved
a girl who was young
& lavender. I hoped she
would mature and become
my pearl...

Dear Ms. Pearl who dis-
appeared into the shadows.
I hope to meet again
with the victory over
our battles.

All the things that we
claim to matter doesn't
really matter. Rather the
things that are important
are the things that can't
be shattered.

The fragile things that
are easy to break are
the things we should
treasure without fear
or hate.

Pearl Pull, the unknown
bride is my disguise that
I claim to hide. My image
of a wife. She is not
alive, not yet. Not in
my eyes.


Alex said...

Good morning to you! :) I LOVE, LOVE this poem. The next to the last stanza really shone out to me. You are a talented writer!

And yes, I'd love to draw you a charicature. Tell me what you envision in to be like and I'll go from there.

Have a good Friday!

xyn said...

wow! a masterpiece for me.=) you are really good!

Alex said...

Stopping by to see how you are....where u be? ;)