Tuesday, November 4, 2008

124. Mr. President

124. Mr. President

If I were President, I’d have a heavy burden to

carry. It would feel like the titan with the atlas

on his shoulders. My student thinks that he can

have dinosaurs as a pet. I’d be worried about getting

the world out of debt. However, It’s almost impossible

to help all the people in the world. The gods would clash

over the states. All to gain status as a blue or red

state. With me as President, I’d keep all states in

the grey. I’d convert the entire world to the

color of love. They say that color is true. The world

would rejoice because finely we’d have a great

President in the states. Hooray! The world would

shout, for B. Luis Grey. The new color of love is

really grey! The irony of that cheer makes me want

to sneer. It’s clear, I couldn’t be President. No, not

this year.


sandi said...

very cool post

manumane said...

Thanks for your comment, Luis. Best wishes for the future, and especcially for your political involvement ;)

Alex said...

I love this post. You made me smile big! :)