Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Neanderthal Link???

I came across an add while surfing the net for funny news. The add was concerning the Neanderthal link to present humans... How human were they and in some sense the question begs to ask more. How animal were humans?

I've been thinking about feelings or human experience. Consciousness, we assume is limited to the higher life forms. The higher life forms being specifically hu[man]ity. The animal channel, the National Geographic channel are a few channels that show conscious thought of animals. I call to mind the different social behaviors of animals such as dolphins, dogs, elephants to name a few.

Maybe there isn't something that we can identify as retrospective thought in animals. Does not being able to identify retrospective or recollected thought in animals mean it doesn't exist? Of course not.

Biologically speaking... we are all of the Earth and maybe the mind and it's emergent consciousness isn't something out of this world but precisely of this world.

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Alex said...

Good morning. I'm enjoying reading your blogs. They really get one thinking. Keep it up! :) Have a good day.