Monday, September 15, 2008

The Courage To Be

The world of blog has become larger than I could ever imagine. With so much being said and done it's hard to compose a thought of worth. In reflection, I shutter with the idea that it's difficult to be me. I shrivel in my seat exasperated by my defeat. The courage to be is the struggle to overcome my failure to conceive. The failure to actualize this attempt to be.

This Blog was created a year ago. A year without a post this blog remained. Desolate in a multi-verse of blogs, with subjects that are beyond categorization. The movement has been made. The blog has risen from the grave.

Harnessing mental and moral strength, the reader and I venture to believe. Man is not the slave of fear nor does the world fashion itself to despair. In a sigh of relief I do away with the sigh of defeat. For today, I find my courage to be.

Not with idea's of false humility. A disguise of pride. Nor the attempt to hide behind lies. I position my milieu in the margins of lines. I hope the reflection is honest and true. That the grays of life will become colors with clues to a world I believe is made all up in you.

I experience and write and the reader perceives. This is the world that defines. We are never just who we think we are. We are also who others believe. The courage comes when we are without shame and fear able to be. The courage of me is to be and let all my others believe.


Alex said...

Welcome to the blog world. Your first post was very moving..and touching, because of your honesty and struggles of who you are and the world around you.

Oberon said...

....thanks for the comments.....just write about your experiences....that will be enough.