Friday, September 19, 2008

Women with children and those without

Koreans love to drink soju. It's a cheap alcohol sold in any convenient store or restaurant. It doesn't have any particular taste that makes it stand out. There are two main brands of the stuff. One's called [loosely translated] 'like the first time' and the other is just 'cham so ju'. I can't tell the difference between the two. They taste, smell and intoxicate the same.

A co-worker and I decided to drink in front of the convenient store in our neighborhood. It's not illegal in Korea to drink in public. There are even tables and chairs in front of the convenient store to announce to anybody passing by... please loiter here.

While drinking our first bottle a guy we met the other day drove up. Joseph had met us a few weeks previous and asked if we were hungry. Sure.

We ate pork strips cooked in front of us. Actually, in Korea you will find a lot of restaurants that have the grill built into the tables. The costumers cook their own food. I'll have to take some pictures and post it some time. Yum, we ate and we drank. Mostly it was me drinking the cheap soju which costs about a $1.20 a bottle. It's 20 percent alcohol and it's drunk in shot classes.

Joseph proceeds to ask a few questions one of them being the following.
Q: Do you prefer Ajumah's [women with children] or Agashi's [women without children]?

Joseph is a bit older than myself and is quite blunt with his questions. I told him the truth. That I don't mess around with women who have children because I myself have no children. It isn't a logical answer but that's what I said.

There's something interesting about the question and the two types of women. Joseph's point being that women without children [agashi's] don't spend money. They like to be treated on dates. Women with children [ajumah's] on the other hand will spend money with you. Which makes sense for me being the working man that I am. I like to spend my time [my hours worked equates money] without feeling squeezed dry. Women aren't parasites. In Korea though, as a foreigner things can get a little shady.

However, with my opinion aside. It's an interesting social phenomena. Women with Children and those without.


Alex said...

Interesting blog and an unusual question for someone to ask. Hmm.

Missy said...

I'm a woman myself and I avoid dating men who have children. I don't have any myself and to be honest I don't want to be bothered. Also there would always be a nagging thought in head" What if he goes back her?"
Kids=Connection that I can't compete with. I really want to see the photos of tables with grilles made into them.

GeekyQuill said...

Women with or without children? Hmm... My advice, date women without children if you are planning to get married, unless you enjoy emotional storms and logistical earthquakes or if you have a an overactive sense of humor. (Seriously, that's a fabulous coping mechanism.) I'm allowed to say all this because I was a single mother prior to marriage. We now have a "blended" family. I'd call it "patchwork," actually, because they really don't blend unless by "blend" one means "pulverize."

thegreymadness said...

Naturally I have added you to follow as anyone that writes about consumption of alcohol in public whilst eating pork belly and discussing important dating advice re single women needs to be read and commented on.

Alex said...

Hey...just read your note...I am recovering from liver surgery. =/ I had a large tumor removed.

ROHIT said...

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Alex said...

Hope you're having a good Saturday! :) Thank you for the get well wishes. Nice of you.

Lonely Paul said...


Alex said...

Hope you have a good week!