Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random 25

A Facebook Trend. Decided to post it here on grey image.

1. McDonald's in Korea has delivery. It's not particularly good but the closest thing I can get to a good burger at home.

2. Driven across the continental United States. The trip followed this route...
Chicago - Boone N.C.
Boone N.C. - Ft. Worth Texas
Ft. Worth Texas - San Antonio TX
San Antonio - Dallas TX
Dallas TX - LA California.
LA California - Tacoma Washington

3. Lost my sanity before.

4. Enjoy reading philosophy books.

5. Not good at keeping in touch with my family even though they are missed so much.

6. Realize that people know more random things about me than I know about myself.

7. Favorite number: 18

8. Favorite color: Grey

9. Have issues with commitment, mostly relational, involving the opposite gender.

10. Am working on a Novella on and off.

11. Don't particularly like exclusive language that may marginalize anybody I know.

12. Think: religion can be the most damaging thing to society.

13. Belief: religion has done more good for more people than it has done bad.

14. Believe in the arguments for an Intelligent Designer.

15. The intelligent designer to me is the Ultimate Designer.

16. The Ultimate Designer is the name I call God.

17. Was in a lower grade than my younger sister in High school. Attendance issues.

18. Was involved with an Asian street gang in my youth/teens.

19. Attended Trinity International University in Northern Chicago.

20. Affirmation is the basis for social growth.

21. I have hope for society and the human population as a whole.

22. Love Guy Richie films.

23. Hardly ever get bored.

24. Looking forward to purchasing an Apple Notebook/Laptop this year.

25. I have a blog and am a consistent blogger.


Sandi said...

Those were great! I learned 23 New things about you. Thanks for sharing.

Paris said...

haha..loved them all but #25 made me laugh. :) Have a good weekend!

GeekyQuill said...

Interesting post.
What's the significance of the number 18?

b luis grey said...

There are a few reasons why 18 is my favorite number. The first being that it is the day I was born. The second reasons is that when you say 18 in Korean it's a curse words. That's funny.