Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mr. Mafioso

The sudden weather change in Korea has people getting sick with a day cold. It hit me Thursday which was handled with medicine and an early nights rest. An early nights rest ended up being at 11 p.m. The cold or the body aching had subsided but my throat was sore.

On Friday I kept a scarf wrapped around my neck. It was not going to allow the cold to strip me of my night out. By the end of the night my voice was gone. It sounded like the old mafia movies. I was digging it. In my minds eye the voice was seductive to the ladies.

I ended up crashing at my buddies pad that night. We woke up about noon and ordered some McDonald burgers before I took off to meet Gib.

Gib decided to invest into an iPod Touch which is the coolest little gadget since laptops and pocket size organizers. In some ways it's a combination of a pocket organizer/laptop/mp3 player and anything else that you could even begin to imagine. Okay, maybe not a space ship or an underwater diving device but I'm almost positive you can play those games on it.

While Gib was shopping for an iPod I was searching for a new set of headphones. The previous headphone saw it's last use yesterday. It put in a good year or so worth of music to my ears and I'm grateful for that. However, the new Panasonic headphones I purchased is great.

Today, I speak with a whispery mafioso voice. It will not stop me from going out tonight.

You know what I mean?... Forget about it.

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Sandi said...

get well friend. Maybe you can drink the cold away?