Monday, January 5, 2009

An end to binge drinking... for a while.

How could I allow my vacation to slip away... one drink after another? On one day it seems that my vacation was beginning. A few drinks later it was the day before my vacation ended. In between the drinks were a few blank memories and hours of laying in bed trying to recover. There were many things that could have been accomplished. This marks the end to binge drinking... at least for awhile. Grey's liver needs recuperation. Grey's kidneys need proper liquids to filter and expunge. Grey's body needs proper nutrition to get his mind functioning as a healthy young male brain should be functioning.

Now drinking isn't down the drain forever all together. There are times of lapsing into the dark tunnel of drunkenness. A lapse into it can be revelatory. Now it's time to allow the creative spirit to unleash itself. It is time to focus the energy towards creativity, life & the pursuit of happiness?

All of Grey's anatomy has the right to equal benefits of health. We the anatomy of Grey's Republic here forth declare this day...

It hasn't fully sunk in that the year has progressed and it is now the year Two Thousand and Nine. Can you believe it folks? Where has the time gone?

During my youth I remember thinking that the year 2000 had so much to offer humanity. The imagination ventured to see the moon colonized. Humanity would be driving floating cars [like the ones from back to the future]. Seriously, back in the 1980's. Didn't you imagine a world of the future by the year 2010... at the least 2020? Now that seems like 360 days away. A little more than 51 weeks left till Michael J. Fox shows up with his Dalorian... back from where ever the fuck this time. It's amazing... time and aging. It boggles me to fathom.

The truth is, at the least from my subjective perspective... technology has advanced more in the last 30 years than it has in any given 300 years combined [that was a long sentence]. It's hard to imagine the world before computers, Internet, cell phones and big screen theaters.

Imagine with me of how information traveled across the populace just 200 years ago. Imagine how rumors of wars were heard months if not years later.

Today, information is instant. We hear of terrorism in Mumbai hours after it occurred. We watch buildings crumble as it happens and wonder in fear if we are at war.

All this reflecting leaves me wondering. What does the next 10 years hold for us/humanity?

Cheers to you all. I hope this year you find much to appreciate and embrace with full curiosity.

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CJ said...

Wow! You missed your vacation? I just wrote a piece about my one-night drinking binge (called "SENSELESS") that put me off alcohol for a VERY long time. One of the reasons I rarely drink now (and when I do, I don't drink much) is the memory of that night. I'm sort of afraid of losing control ---don't trust myself to keep a level head about me. Also, when I drink I just want to sleep and then I miss the party. Sounds like you don't have a car there, in Korea ---but if you do, please don't drink and drive, both for your own safety and that of others. How about a glass of water?

You can find "SENSELESS" on my new blog (last post of 2008):