Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grey's Commitment Issue

Did anybody see the movie about a guy who ages backwards? It's quite an interesting movie. The story is intriguing and definitely worth your time. It doesn't end very happily. If anybody is planning on watching it remember, although it isn't happy it's well worth the time investment. It isn't exactly depressing either. A very well rounded story told on film. Check it out.

There was something about the movie that got me thinking about my own women situation. The issue involves... mainly commitment. Let me back track a little.

I'm not sure if it's true and maybe somebody from the world of the Multi-web can give some light to it. Do women settle? I mean, it seems that women are always speaking of their dreamy unfulfilled love with a guy. This usually takes place some time in their late teens or early twenties. Women talk of this dreamy unfulfilled love sometime after they are involved with somebody else. I'd say some women would trade their present life situations for a chance to relive their dreamy past. Some women have actually ventured to fulfill their dreamy love and have failed terribly. Later in life the dream of this unfulfilled love on their death beds.

The women that have crossed paths with me have long passed that dreamy love stage in their lives.

"There's no way that this is love." Grey says.

Now of course... this is all beside the point. The truth of Grey's matter is that he's got issues. The issue boils down to commitment.

It isn't quite clear to me if it's fear that prevents me from falling in love or my lack of interest to begin with. My lack of interest in love? No, this couldn't be it. Love and it's many aspects awakens my curiosity.

There is the other idea that hovers over my issue. The amount of people there are on this Earth. There are billions of people. As a pragmatist following the line of my favorite philosopher... Shouldn't all the women have their say and is that even possible? Of course not. I'd be dead and why would they want to take the time to speak their opinion to me? They wouldn't. Not every woman would have their say. Why? Not until the end of the world and no human is procreated again would their be an end of a woman's opinion.

Who wants to make a mistake? Not me. I don't want to marry the wrong person.

I'm pulled between the two spectrum's. Maybe there is no spectrum. It boils down to me being afraid.

Now... back to that dreamy unfulfilled love. Woman aren't the only one's with dreamy unfulfilled love. Is that the other side of the spectrum that divides this heart.

The variable amount of women sit on one side of the spectrum. The possibility of making a mistake and giving up on my dreamy love from the past.

My issue with commitment... fear. No more denying it.


Alex said...

Luis...what a brave post...so open and revealing. I hope that you can find your way through this and find true love.

I'm sure that there are women out there as you described. But I do believe there are women out there that are not like...looking for love...just like you.

Hang in there!

sandi said...

Face your fears my friend. Admitting is the first big step! I am proud of you!

Alex said...

Hey Luis....stopping by to see how you're doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Luis,
I think I understand what u mean, the possibility that u could love and be in love with someone, that u would give yourself to entirely for the rest of your life, big decision!!!! Who wants to make a mistake of that magnitude?? But it is good that u are being honest with yourself about the issues, just means u are that much closer to finding an answer my friend,:). take care,
Julian oxox

JenBun said...

I haven't seen the movie yet (but I want to!)...

But this post really resonates with me. I go back and forth about how I feel about love and forever, all the time.

Love comes to you when you're ready...